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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well," said Monte Cristo, "you may believe me if you like,but it is my opinion that a crime has been committed in thishouse."
2.  "Sir," said Franz, "I regret much that such a question hasbeen raised in the presence of Mademoiselle Valentine; Ihave never inquired the amount of her fortune, which,however limited it may be, exceeds mine. My family hassought consideration in this alliance with M. de Villefort;all I seek is happiness." Valentine imperceptibly thankedhim, while two silent tears rolled down her cheeks."Besides, sir," said Villefort, addressing himself to hisfuture son-in-law, "excepting the loss of a portion of yourhopes, this unexpected will need not personally wound you;M. Noirtier's weakness of mind sufficiently explains it. Itis not because Mademoiselle Valentine is going to marry youthat he is angry, but because she will marry, a union withany other would have caused him the same sorrow. Old age isselfish, sir, and Mademoiselle de Villefort has been afaithful companion to M. Noirtier, which she cannot be whenshe becomes the Baroness d'Epinay. My father's melancholystate prevents our speaking to him on any subjects, whichthe weakness of his mind would incapacitate him fromunderstanding, and I am perfectly convinced that at thepresent time, although, he knows that his granddaughter isgoing to be married, M. Noirtier has even forgotten the nameof his intended grandson." M. de Villefort had scarcely saidthis, when the door opened, and Barrois appeared.
3.  "Do you promise?"
4.  "Mother, I must go," said Albert in a firm, calm voice; "youlove me too well to wish me to remain useless and idle withyou; besides, I have signed."
5.  "But this fire?" continued Franz. "It seems to me ratherreassuring than otherwise; men who did not wish to be seenwould not light a fire."
6.  "My father knows me," replied Villefort; "he is quite surethat his wishes will be held sacred by me; besides, heunderstands that in my position I cannot plead against thepoor." The eye of Noirtier beamed with triumph. "What do youdecide on, sir?" asked the notary of Villefort.


1.  Villefort had, as we have said, hastened back to Madame deSaint-Meran's in the Place du Grand Cours, and on enteringthe house found that the guests whom he had left at tablewere taking coffee in the salon. Renee was, with all therest of the company, anxiously awaiting him, and hisentrance was followed by a general exclamation.
2.  "Ah, ha, you are acquainted with the young viscount, areyou?"
3.  "Count," said the banker, "things are constantly occurringin the world to induce us to lay aside our most establishedopinions, or at all events to cause us to remodel themaccording to the change of circumstances, which may haveplaced affairs in a totally different light to that in whichwe at first viewed them."
4.  "You speak first."
5.  The marchioness raised her head at this word, and beholdingthe man who so forcibly reminded her of her deeply-regrettedchild, who still lived for her in Valentine, she felttouched at the name of mother, and bursting into tears, shefell on her knees before an arm-chair, where she buried hervenerable head. Villefort left her to the care of the women,while old Barrois ran, half-scared, to his master; fornothing frightens old people so much as when death relaxesits vigilance over them for a moment in order to strike someother old person. Then, while Madame de Saint-Meran remainedon her knees, praying fervently, Villefort sent for a cab,and went himself to fetch his wife and daughter from Madamede Morcerf's. He was so pale when he appeared at the door ofthe ball-room, that Valentine ran to him, saying --
6.  "Go, go!" exclaimed Dantes.


1.  "Because you are not feverish or delirious to-night, butthoroughly awake; midnight is striking, which is the hourmurderers choose."
2.  "It really was I whom your excellency expected at seveno'clock this evening?"
3.  "No, my life has been passed in frivolity; I wish to forgetit myself."
4.  "Come," said Danglars, "you appear to me a good sort offellow, and hang me, I should like to help you, but" --
5.   "And will that be the first time you ever took thatjourney?"
6.  "I have been advised of it."


1.  "The fact is, mademoiselle," said Barrois, "I am dying withthirst, and since you are so kind as to offer it me, Icannot say I should at all object to drinking your health ina glass of it."
2.  "And in what manner has this congeniality of mind beenevinced?"
3.  "Then he will be able to give us an answer to-night."
4、  At first sight the exterior of the house at Auteuil gave noindications of splendor, nothing one would expect from thedestined residence of the magnificent Count of Monte Cristo;but this simplicity was according to the will of its master,who positively ordered nothing to be altered outside. Thesplendor was within. Indeed, almost before the door opened,the scene changed. M. Bertuccio had outdone himself in thetaste displayed in furnishing, and in the rapidity withwhich it was executed. It is told that the Duc d'Antinremoved in a single night a whole avenue of trees thatannoyed Louis XIV.; in three days M. Bertuccio planted anentirely bare court with poplars, large spreading sycamoresto shade the different parts of the house, and in theforeground, instead of the usual paving-stones, half hiddenby the grass, there extended a lawn but that morning laiddown, and upon which the water was yet glistening. For therest, the orders had been issued by the count; he himselfhad given a plan to Bertuccio, marking the spot where eachtree was to be planted, and the shape and extent of the lawnwhich was to take the place of the paving-stones. Thus thehouse had become unrecognizable, and Bertuccio himselfdeclared that he scarcely knew it, encircled as it was by aframework of trees. The overseer would not have objected,while he was about it, to have made some improvements in thegarden, but the count had positively forbidden it to betouched. Bertuccio made amends, however, by loading theante-chambers, staircases, and mantle-pieces with flowers.
5、  "Albert, Albert," said Madame de Morcerf, in a tone of mildreproof, "what are you saying? Ah, count, he esteems you sohighly, tell him that he has spoken amiss." And she took twoor three steps forward. Monte Cristo watched her with an airso thoughtful, and so full of affectionate admiration, thatshe turned back and grasped his hand; at the same time sheseized that of her son, and joined them together.




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      "And makes you resemble the Prince of Wales or the Duke ofReichstadt."

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      "I think he entered the service."

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       "No, Louis XVIII."

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    {  "We shall see. I will no longer detain you, M. de Villefort,for you must be fatigued after so long a journey; go andrest. Of course you stopped at your father's?" A feeling offaintness came over Villefort.

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      "The hypocrite!" murmured Danglars.}

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      Chapter 106Dividing the Proceeds.

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      "It is possible such may be the master's intention."

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       Albert vented his anger on a pile of newspapers, which hesent flying all over the office by switching them violentlywith his stick; after which ebullition he departed -- not,however, without walking several times to the door of thepress-room, as if he had half a mind to enter. While Albertwas lashing the front of his carriage in the same mannerthat he had the newspapers which were the innocent agents ofhis discomfiture, as he was crossing the barrier heperceived Morrel, who was walking with a quick step and abright eye. He was passing the Chinese Baths, and appearedto have come from the direction of the Porte Saint-Martin,and to be going towards the Madeleine. "Ah," said Morcerf,"there goes a happy man!" And it so happened Albert was notmistaken in his opinion.

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    {  "Oh, well," said the count, "I do not think you have yetknown the want of money." Andrea was so surprised that hepondered the matter for a moment. Then, arousing from hisrevery, -- "Now, sir, I have one request to make to you,which you will understand, even if it should be disagreeableto you."

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      The count from the moment of first entering thedrawing-room, had not once lost sight of the expression ofthe young man's countenance; he had admired the assurance ofhis look and the firmness of his voice; but at these words,so natural in themselves, "Your father is indeed here, andis seeking you," young Andrea started, and exclaimed, "Myfather? Is my father here?"