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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Meanwhile, Morrel had traversed the anteroom and found thestaircase, which, being carpeted, prevented his approachbeing heard, and he had regained that degree of confidencethat the presence of M. de Villefort even would not havealarmed him. He was quite prepared for any such encounter.He would at once approach Valentine's father and acknowledgeall, begging Villefort to pardon and sanction the love whichunited two fond and loving hearts. Morrel was mad. Happilyhe did not meet any one. Now, especially, did he find thedescription Valentine had given of the interior of the houseuseful to him; he arrived safely at the top of thestaircase, and while he was feeling his way, a sob indicatedthe direction he was to take. He turned back, a door partlyopen enabled him to see his road, and to hear the voice ofone in sorrow. He pushed the door open and entered. At theother end of the room, under a white sheet which covered it,lay the corpse, still more alarming to Morrel since theaccount he had so unexpectedly overheard. By its side, onher knees, and with her head buried in the cushion of aneasy-chair, was Valentine, trembling and sobbing, her handsextended above her head, clasped and stiff. She had turnedfrom the window, which remained open, and was praying inaccents that would have affected the most unfeeling; herwords were rapid, incoherent, unintelligible, for theburning weight of grief almost stopped her utterance. Themoon shining through the open blinds made the lamp appear toburn paler, and cast a sepulchral hue over the whole scene.Morrel could not resist this; he was not exemplary forpiety, he was not easily impressed, but Valentine suffering,weeping, wringing her hands before him, was more than hecould bear in silence. He sighed, and whispered a name, andthe head bathed in tears and pressed on the velvet cushionof the chair -- a head like that of a Magdalen by Correggio-- was raised and turned towards him. Valentine perceivedhim without betraying the least surprise. A heartoverwhelmed with one great grief is insensible to minoremotions. Morrel held out his hand to her. Valentine, as heronly apology for not having met him, pointed to the corpseunder the sheet, and began to sob again. Neither dared forsome time to speak in that room. They hesitated to break thesilence which death seemed to impose; at length Valentineventured.
2.  "This is not to the purpose," said Eugenie; "let us speakcandidly, sir; I admire candor."
3.  "And why?"
4.  "Then, in order not to hinder you, I will get up with you ifyou please in your carriage, and Tom shall follow with myphaeton in tow."
5.  "You know how little I require," said the old man.
6.  "No," replied the count; "I was forced to go out of my roadto obtain some information near Nimes, so that I wassomewhat late, and therefore I did not choose to stop."


1.  Franz, astonished, advanced a step. "To me, sir?" said he.
2.  At the expiration of a year the governor was transferred; hehad obtained charge of the fortress at Ham. He took with himseveral of his subordinates, and amongst them Dantes'jailer. A new governor arrived; it would have been tootedious to acquire the names of the prisoners; he learnedtheir numbers instead. This horrible place contained fiftycells; their inhabitants were designated by the numbers oftheir cell, and the unhappy young man was no longer calledEdmond Dantes -- he was now number 34.
3.  "I am glad to hear it, baron, -- for I must claim theprivilege of addressing you after the manner of yourservants. I have acquired the bad habit of calling personsby their titles from living in a country where barons arestill barons by right of birth. But as regards the letter ofadvice, I am charmed to find that it has reached you; thatwill spare me the troublesome and disagreeable task ofcoming to you for money myself. You have received a regularletter of advice?"
4.  "With pleasure, sir; twenty francs are not to be despised.Tell me what I am to do for this."
5.  "Let us hope, my child," cried the marquis, "that M. deVillefort may prove the moral and political physician ofthis province; if so, he will have achieved a noble work."
6.  "And you have lost it; how stupid!"


1.  "Ah, yes, most assuredly," said the eyes of the paralytic,for he closed them with an expression which Valentine couldnot mistake. "Thank you, thank you," murmured she. The oldman's declaration that Valentine was not the destinedinheritor of his fortune had excited the hopes of Madame deVillefort; she gradually approached the invalid, and said:"Then, doubtless, dear M. Noirtier, you intend leaving yourfortune to your grandson, Edward de Villefort?" The winkingof the eyes which answered this speech was most decided andterrible, and expressed a feeling almost amounting tohatred.
2.  "But where is the doctor?" exclaimed Villefort; "where ishe?" Madame de Villefort now deliberately descended thestaircase. In one hand she held her handkerchief, with whichshe appeared to be wiping her face, and in the other abottle of English smelling-salts. Her first look on enteringthe room was at Noirtier, whose face, independent of theemotion which such a scene could not fail of producing,proclaimed him to be in possession of his usual health; hersecond glance was at the dying man. She turned pale, and hereye passed quickly from the servant and rested on themaster.
3.  "Quick! quick!" returned the abbe, "listen to what I have tosay." Dantes looked in fear and wonder at the lividcountenance of Faria, whose eyes, already dull and sunken,were surrounded by purple circles, while his lips were whiteas those of a corpse, and his very hair seemed to stand onend.
4.  "Yes, devotion; for that is, I believe, the phrase forhopeful ambition."
5.   "No, my life has been passed in frivolity; I wish to forgetit myself."
6.  "Yes, I recognized Mademoiselle Danglars. I was not awarethat you were so intimate with her."


1.  Chapter 75A Signed Statement.
2.  "Come, come," continued the count, "I see you are still thesame, -- an assassin."
3.  "You will breakfast with me, will you not, Morrel?" said thecount, to turn the conversation.
4、  Albert stood pale and motionless to hear what his motherwould decide after she had finished reading this letter.Mercedes turned her eyes with an ineffable look towardsheaven. "I accept it," said she; "he has a right to pay thedowry, which I shall take with me to some convent!" Puttingthe letter in her bosom, she took her son's arm, and with afirmer step than she even herself expected she wentdown-stairs.
5、  "So that now, if there were anything to inherit from him,they may do so with easy conscience. He is dead, and nomistake about it."




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      "He is extremely prudent and thoughtful"

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      "To be my second."

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       "On your honor is that true?" cried Albert.

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      "It is probable," said Albert.

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    {  "What have you seen? -- come, tell me!"

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      "Edmond Dantes. It appears, sir, that this Edmond Dantes hadprocured tools, or made them, for they found a tunnelthrough which the prisoners held communication with oneanother."}

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      "They have not found; but they are on the track."

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      "Valentine, the time has arrived when you must answer me.And remember my life depends on your answer. What do youintend doing?" Valentine held down her head; she wasoverwhelmed.

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       "Sort of wooden tablets hung up at the corners of streetsthe evening before an execution, on which is pasted up apaper containing the names of the condemned persons, theircrimes, and mode of punishment. The reason for so publiclyannouncing all this is, that all good and faithful Catholicsmay offer up their prayers for the unfortunate culprits,and, above all, beseech of heaven to grant them a sincererepentance."

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    {  The day after that in which the scene we have just describedhad taken place on the road between Bellegarde andBeaucaire, a man of about thirty or two and thirty, dressedin a bright blue frock coat, nankeen trousers, and a whitewaistcoat, having the appearance and accent of anEnglishman, presented himself before the mayor ofMarseilles. "Sir," said he, "I am chief clerk of the houseof Thomson & French, of Rome. We are, and have been theseten years, connected with the house of Morrel & Son, ofMarseilles. We have a hundred thousand francs or thereaboutsloaned on their securities, and we are a little uneasy atreports that have reached us that the firm is on the brinkof ruin. I have come, therefore, express from Rome, to askyou for information."

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      "He did not credit it at the period which I knew him," saidMonte Cristo, touched to the heart by the accents of Julie'svoice; "but, perhaps, since then he has had proofs thatgratitude does exist."