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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Capital," exclaimed Albert; "your breakfast shall bewaiting."
2.  As he thought thus, he looked alternately at the window withred curtains and the three windows with white curtains. Thelight had almost disappeared from the former; doubtlessMadame de Villefort had just put out her lamp, and thenightlamp alone reflected its dull light on the window. Atthe extremity of the building, on the contrary, he saw oneof the three windows open. A wax-light placed on themantle-piece threw some of its pale rays without, and ashadow was seen for one moment on the balcony. Morrelshuddered; he thought he heard a sob.
3.  "When one thinks," said Caderousse, letting his hand drop onthe paper, "there is here wherewithal to kill a man moresure than if we waited at the corner of a wood toassassinate him! I have always had more dread of a pen, abottle of ink, and a sheet of paper, than of a sword orpistol."
4.  "Directly I have given my card to the count, who haspromised to pay us a visit at Rue Meslay, No. 14."
5.  "What a confounded time this first act takes. I believe, onmy soul, that they never mean to finish it."
6.  "`"General," said the chief of the assembly, "one man mayinsult fifty -- it is the privilege of weakness. But he doeswrong to use his privilege. Follow my advice, swear, and donot insult." The general, again daunted by the superiorityof the chief, hesitated a moment; then advancing to thepresident's desk, -- "What is the form, said he.


1.  "Oh, I obtained, or rather claimed that; we had concededenough for them to yield us that."
2.  "Why, your excellency," returned the landlord, chuckling andrubbing his hands with infinite complacency, "I think I maytake upon myself to say I neglect nothing to deserve thesupport and patronage of the noble visitors to this poorhotel."
3.  Franz, Albert, and the count continued to descend the Corso.As they approached the Piazza del Popolo, the crowd becamemore dense, and above the heads of the multitude two objectswere visible: the obelisk, surmounted by a cross, whichmarks the centre of the square, and in front of the obelisk,at the point where the three streets, del Babuino, delCorso, and di Ripetta, meet, the two uprights of thescaffold, between which glittered the curved knife of themandaia. At the corner of the street they met the count'ssteward, who was awaiting his master. The window, let at anexorbitant price, which the count had doubtless wished toconceal from his guests, was on the second floor of thegreat palace, situated between the Via del Babuino and theMonte Pincio. It consisted, as we have said, of a smalldressing-room, opening into a bedroom, and, when the door ofcommunication was shut, the inmates were quite alone. Onchairs were laid elegant masquerade costumes of blue andwhite satin. "As you left the choice of your costumes tome," said the count to the two friends, "I have had thesebrought, as they will be the most worn this year; and theyare most suitable, on account of the confetti (sweetmeats),as they do not show the flour."
4.  "Sir, you have distracted me; I shall be fined."
5.  "I again reminded her that you were a friend, and that sheneed not conceal anything from you."
6.  "Or, that the sea should become dry, as in the days ofPharaoh, and even then my vessels would become caravans."


1.  "Oh, no, monsieur," said Villefort with a bitter smile; "itis only a loss of money which I have sustained -- nothingworth mentioning, I assure you."
2.  "Is this the same lemonade of which you partook?"
3.  "Ah, indeed? Then that explains everything that isextraordinary," said Andrea. "He is, then, the sameEnglishman whom I met -- at -- ah -- yes, indeed. Well,monsieur, I am at your service."
4.  "No; I do not understand," said Danglars.
5.   "No," said Monte Cristo; "since, as I told you before, I donot wish to comprehend it. The moment I understand it therewill no longer exist a telegraph for me; it will he nothingmore than a sign from M. Duchatel, or from M. Montalivet,transmitted to the prefect of Bayonne, mystified by twoGreek words, tele, graphein. It is the insect with blackclaws, and the awful word which I wish to retain in myimagination in all its purity and all its importance."
6.  We have already said that there was something in the countwhich attracted universal attention wherever he appeared. Itwas not the coat, unexceptional in its cut, though simpleand unornamented; it was not the plain white waistcoat; itwas not the trousers, that displayed the foot so perfectlyformed -- it was none of these things that attracted theattention, -- it was his pale complexion, his waving blackhair, his calm and serene expression, his dark andmelancholy eye, his mouth, chiselled with such marvellousdelicacy, which so easily expressed such high disdain, --these were what fixed the attention of all upon him. Manymen might have been handsomer, but certainly there could benone whose appearance was more significant, if theexpression may be used. Everything about the count seemed tohave its meaning, for the constant habit of thought which hehad acquired had given an ease and vigor to the expressionof his face, and even to the most trifling gesture, scarcelyto be understood. Yet the Parisian world is so strange, thateven all this might not have won attention had there notbeen connected with it a mysterious story gilded by animmense fortune.


1.  "I have not the honor of knowing Madame Danglars; but I havealready met M. Lucien Debray."
2.  "No, sir," said Albert, coldly; "there are circumstances inwhich one cannot, except through cowardice, -- I offer youthat refuge, -- refuse to admit certain persons at least."
3.  "No he will not, for he will tell you, what is very true,that perhaps there were fifty officers in the Greek armybearing the same name."
4、  "He has simply a mahogany secretary, in which the key isalways kept."
5、  "Come, come," said Monte Cristo, "confess honestly that youhave not perfect confidence in Thomson & French. Iunderstand, and foreseeing that such might be the case, Itook, in spite of my ignorance of affairs, certainprecautions. See, here are two similar letters to that youhave yourself received; one from the house of Arstein &Eskeles of Vienna, to Baron Rothschild, the other drawn byBaring of London, upon M. Laffitte. Now, sir, you have butto say the word, and I will spare you all uneasiness bypresenting my letter of credit to one or other of these twofirms." The blow had struck home, and Danglars was entirelyvanquished; with a trembling hand he took the two lettersfrom the count, who held them carelessly between finger andthumb, and proceeded to scrutinize the signatures, with aminuteness that the count might have regarded as insulting,had it not suited his present purpose to mislead the banker."Oh, sir," said Danglars, after he had convinced himself ofthe authenticity of the documents he held, and rising as ifto salute the power of gold personified in the man beforehim, -- "three letters of unlimited credit! I can be nolonger mistrustful, but you must pardon me, my dear count,for confessing to some degree of astonishment."




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      No sooner had Villefort left the salon, than he assumed thegrave air of a man who holds the balance of life and deathin his hands. Now, in spite of the mobility of hiscountenance, the command of which, like a finished actor, hehad carefully studied before the glass, it was by no meanseasy for him to assume an air of judicial severity. Exceptthe recollection of the line of politics his father hadadopted, and which might interfere, unless he acted with thegreatest prudence, with his own career, Gerard de Villefortwas as happy as a man could be. Already rich, he held a highofficial situation, though only twenty-seven. He was aboutto marry a young and charming woman, whom he loved, notpassionately, but reasonably, as became a deputy attorney ofthe king; and besides her personal attractions, which werevery great, Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran's family possessedconsiderable political influence, which they would, ofcourse, exert in his favor. The dowry of his wife amountedto fifty thousand crowns, and he had, besides, the prospectof seeing her fortune increased to half a million at herfather's death. These considerations naturally gaveVillefort a feeling of such complete felicity that his mindwas fairly dazzled in its contemplation.

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      "Is there anything else I can assist you in discovering,besides the villany of your friends?" inquired the abbe witha laugh.

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       "Perhaps," said one of the previous speakers, "as he was achurchman, they may go to some expense in his behalf."

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      "Your excellency is perfectly right in so thinking," saidthe man; "I came here direct from the Castle of St. Angelo,and I had an immense deal of trouble before I could get achance to speak to Beppo."

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    {  "I will do so. If Beauchamp be disposed to retract, youought at least to give him the opportunity of doing it ofhis own free will, -- the satisfaction to you will be thesame. If, on the contrary, he refuses to do so, it will thenbe quite time enough to admit two strangers into yoursecret."

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      "And to have ideas," added Madame Danglars.}

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      "Valentine reposes within the walls of Paris, and to leaveParis is like losing her a second time."

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      "And you say that you dug your way a distance of fifty feetto get here?"

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       "Yes," said he, "I made a vow, to our Lady of the Grotto notto cut my hair or beard for ten years if I were saved in amoment of danger; but to-day the vow expires."

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    {  "Who?"

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      "Shall you have time?"