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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  M. Coquenard knit his eyebrows because there were too manygood things. Porthos bit his lips because he saw not thewherewithal to dine. He looked to see if the dish of beanswas still there; the dish of beans had disappeared."A positive feast!" cried M. Coquenard, turning about in hischair, "a real feast, EPULCE EPULORUM. Lucullus dines withLucullus."
2.  Kitty drew a little note from her bosom.
3.  D'Artagnan related to Porthos the substance of his interview with thecardinal, and said, taking the commission from his pocket, "Here, myfriend, write your name upon it and become my chief."Porthos cast his eyes over the commission and returned it to D'Artagnan,to the great astonishment of the young man.
4.  "The devil!" said D'Artagnan, becoming angry again."I won back your harness, then your horse, then my harness, thenmy horse, and then I lost again. In brief, I regained yourharness and then mine. That's where we are. That was a superbthrow, so I left off there."
5.  The unfortunate queen, who was constantly threatened withdivorce, exile, and trial even, turned pale under her rouge, andcould not refrain from saying, "But why this visit, sire? Whatcan the chancellor have to say to me that your Majesty could notsay yourself?"
6.  "Never, monseigneur; I waited at the door."


1.  "No, I only suspect he has warned the queen against some freshmachinations of the cardinal."
2.  "It is he!" cried D'Artagnan and the citizen at the same time,each having recognized his man.
3.  58 ESCAPE
4.  "Allow me to give Grimaud some indispensable orders."Athos made a sign for his lackey to approach.
5.  This is the third time I have written to you to tell youthat I love you. Beware that I do not write to you a fourthtime to tell you that I detest you.
6.  "You will take your musketoon and your pistols."


1.  "What?"
2.  "Thanks, madame!" said Porthos, "but I don't like to abuseyour kindness; besides, I must think of my outfit!""That's true," said the procurator's wife, groaning, "thatunfortunate outfit!"
3.  "Then, I will presume to say that all my friends are in theking's Musketeers and Guards, and that by an inconceivablefatality my enemies are in the service of your Eminence; Ishould, therefore, be ill received here and ill regardedthere if I accepted what Monseigneur offers me."
4.  The soldier returned, and Felton gave him back his weapon.Then, through the grating to which she had drawn near, Milady sawthe young man make a sign with delirious fervor, and depart in anapparent transport of joy.
5.   At the same instant, four men, armed to the teeth, entered byside doors, and rushed upon Athos.
6.  "No; but you can place me in one of the provinces with somelady of your acquaintance--in your own country, forinstance."


1.  "You think, then, I have something to dread?" asked D'Artagnan."I mean to say, young man, that he who sleeps over a mine thematch of which is already lighted, may consider himself in safetyin comparison with you."
2.  Athos made him a sign to go to D'Artagnan's residence, andbring back some clothes. Grimaud replied by another signthat be understood perfectly, and set off.
3.  All at once she uttered a loud cry of joy, and darted toward the door;she had recognized the voice of D'Artagnan.
4、  "Well, we shall find their muskets, their cartridges, andtheir flasks; and instead of four musketoons and twelveballs, we shall have fifteen guns and a hundred charges tofire."
5、  "Here is the story, monseigneur," resumed the trembling host;"for I now recollect you. It was you who rode off at the momentI had that unfortunate difference with the gentleman you speakof."




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      Now, whenever the king halted, the Musketeers halted. Itfollowed that D'Artagnan, who was as yet purely and simplyin the Guards, found himself, for the time at least,separated from his good friends--Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.This separation, which was no more than an unpleasantcircumstance, would have certainly become a cause of seriousuneasiness if he had been able to guess by what unknowndangers he was surrounded.

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      "Ah!" said Bonacieux, "they took good care not to tell me that;and my wife, on her part, has sworn to me by all that's sacredthat she does not know. But you," continued M. Bonacieux, in atine of perfect good fellowship, "what has become of you allthese days? I have not seen you nor your friends, and I don'tthink you could gather all that dust that I saw Planchet brushoff your boots yesterday from the pavement of Paris.""You are right, my dear Monsieur Bonacieux, my friends and I havebeen on a little journey."

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       They made a halt for an hour to refresh their horses. Aramisdischarged his bill, placed Bazin in the cart with his comrades,and they set forward to join Porthos.

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      "But," cried the bandit, "that is only another way ofkilling me. How can I go and fetch that letter under thefire of the bastion?"

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    {  "You are right; only let me know where to find you that I may not runneedlessly about the neighborhood."

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      "Merciful heaven! No, monsieur! We keep him in the cellar! Youdo not know what he is about in the cellar. Ah! If you couldbut persuade him to come out, monsieur, I should owe you thegratitude of my whole life; I should adore you as my patronsaint!"}

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      "Amen!" said D'Artagnan, getting into his saddle.As they went from the Hotel des Gardes, they separated, leavingthe street at opposite ends, one having to quit Paris by theBarriere de la Villette and the other by the Barriere Montmartre,to meet again beyond St. Denis--a strategic maneuver which,having been executed with equal punctuality, was crowned with themost fortunate results. D'Artagnan and Planchet enteredPierrefitte together.

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      "Hush!" said Athos, speaking in a low voice. "We have heardall it was necessary we should hear; besides, I don'tprevent you from listening, but I must be gone."

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       "Ah, traitor," cried Buckingham, "you have killed me!""Murder!" screamed Patrick.

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    {  Planchet went in search of the postillion who had driven her, and foundhim. He had taken the lady as far as Fromelles; and from Fromellesshe had set out for Armentieres. Planchet took the crossroad, and byseven o'clock in the morning he was at Armentieres.There was but one tavern, the Post. Planchet went and presented himselfas a lackey out of a place, who was in search of a situation. He hadnot chatted ten minutes with the people of the tavern before he learnedthat a woman had come there alone about eleven o'clock the night before,had engaged a chamber, had sent for the master of the hotel, and toldhim she desired to remain some time in the neighborhood.Planchet had no need to learn more. He hastened to the rendezvous,found the lackeys at their posts, placed them as sentinels at all theoutlets of the hotel, and came to find Athos, who ha just received thisinformation when his friends returned.

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      "But, for heaven's sake-" resumed Aramis.