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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You keep the registers of entries and departures?"
2.  "Most assuredly; although I might easily have accepted it,for it was I who put into his hands the first silver he everearned; but now M. Dantes has no longer any occasion forassistance -- he is about to become a captain."
3.  "Ma foi, I have called three times without once seeing him.Still, his sister did not seem uneasy, and told me thatthough she had not seen him for two or three days, she wassure he was well."
4.  "Do not fear, I have little to prepare." Monte Cristo smiledas he nodded to Albert, then remained a moment absorbed indeep meditation. But passing his hand across his forehead asif to dispel his revery, he rang the bell twice andBertuccio entered. "Bertuccio," said he, "I intend goingthis evening to Normandy, instead of to-morrow or the nextday. You will have sufficient time before five o'clock;despatch a messenger to apprise the grooms at the firststation. M. de Morcerf will accompany me." Bertuccio obeyedand despatched a courier to Pontoise to say thetravelling-carriage would arrive at six o'clock. FromPontoise another express was sent to the next stage, and insix hours all the horses stationed on the road were ready.Before his departure, the count went to Haidee's apartments,told her his intention, and resigned everything to her care.Albert was punctual. The journey soon became interestingfrom its rapidity, of which Morcerf had formed no previousidea. "Truly," said Monte Cristo, "with your posthorsesgoing at the rate of two leagues an hour, and that absurdlaw that one traveller shall not pass another withoutpermission, so that an invalid or ill-tempered traveller maydetain those who are well and active, it is impossible tomove; I escape this annoyance by travelling with my ownpostilion and horses; do I not, Ali?"
5.  "But how could you have these fish brought to France?"
6.  "That is unfortunate," returned Monte Cristo.


1.  "We gather from all this, baron, that Captain Morrel savedyour life."
2.  "A wealthy signor, who travels for his pleasure."
3.  "No; these grand lords on the other side of the Alpsfrequently marry into plain families; like Jupiter, theylike to cross the race. But do you wish to marry Andrea, mydear M. Danglars, that you are asking so many questions?"
4.  "Fernand," answered Mercedes, shaking her head, "a womanbecomes a bad manager, and who shall say she will remain anhonest woman, when she loves another man better than herhusband? Rest content with my friendship, for I say oncemore that is all I can promise, and I will promise no morethan I can bestow."
5.  "You shall see," said Eugenie. And with her left handseizing the thick mass, which her long fingers couldscarcely grasp, she took in her right hand a pair of longscissors, and soon the steel met through the rich andsplendid hair, which fell in a cluster at her feet as sheleaned back to keep it from her coat. Then she grasped thefront hair, which she also cut off, without expressing theleast regret; on the contrary, her eyes sparkled withgreater pleasure than usual under her ebony eyebrows. "Oh,the magnificent hair!" said Louise, with regret.
6.  "Nay," answered Monte Cristo, with the most gentlemanly air,"'tis not for such trifling sums as these that your bankinghouse is to be incommoded. Then, you can let me have somemoney, can you not?"


1.  "It is the declaration of Cardinal Spada, and the will solong sought for," replied Edmond, still incredulous.
2.  And Albert took out of a little pocket-book with goldenclasps, a remnant of his old fancies, or perhaps a tendersouvenir from one of the mysterious and veiled ladies whoused to knock at his little door, -- Albert took out of thispocket-book a note of 1,000 francs.
3.  "Which way?"
4.  "Ah, that is my affair. What advantage should I have overyou, if knowing your secret I were to tell you mine?"Danglars bit his lips. "Then," said he, "you are ready topay the official visits, which are absolutelyindispensable?"
5.   "Oh, don't let us talk of that, M. Morrel."
6.  "That is extremely kind of you," said Monte Cristo with atone of perfect indifference.


1.  "I mean that they have killed an enemy, which is a verydifferent thing," returned the captain.
2.  "Then that explains all," said Monte Cristo. "Yourgrandfather knows, then, that a poisoner lives here; perhapshe even suspects the person. He has been fortifying you, hisbeloved child, against the fatal effects of the poison,which has failed because your system was already impregnatedwith it. But even this would have availed little against amore deadly medium of death employed four days ago, which isgenerally but too fatal."
3.  "No," said Villefort; "only return again at eleven o'clock;at twelve the -- the -- oh, heavens, my poor, poor child!"and the procureur again becoming a man, lifted up his eyesand groaned.
4、  "Well?"
5、  "Why, you are like No. 34. They said he was so accustomed todarkness that he could see a pin in the darkest corner ofhis dungeon."




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      "`Monsieur,' I said, `my brother was assassinated yesterdayin the streets of Nimes, I know not by whom, but it is yourduty to find out. You are the representative of justicehere, and it is for justice to avenge those she has beenunable to protect.' -- `Who was your brother?' asked he. --`A lieutenant in the Corsican battalion.' -- `A soldier ofthe usurper, then?' -- `A soldier of the French army.' --`Well,' replied he, `he has smitten with the sword, and hehas perished by the sword.' -- `You are mistaken, monsieur,'I replied; `he has perished by the poniard.' -- `What do youwant me to do?' asked the magistrate. -- `I have alreadytold you -- avenge him.' -- `On whom?' -- `On hismurderers.' -- `How should I know who they are?' -- `Orderthem to be sought for.' -- `Why, your brother has beeninvolved in a quarrel, and killed in a duel. All these oldsoldiers commit excesses which were tolerated in the time ofthe emperor, but which are not suffered now, for the peoplehere do not like soldiers of such disorderly conduct.' --`Monsieur,' I replied, `it is not for myself that I entreatyour interference -- I should grieve for him or avenge him,but my poor brother had a wife, and were anything to happento me, the poor creature would perish from want, for mybrother's pay alone kept her. Pray, try and obtain a smallgovernment pension for her.'

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      "Ah," said Morrel. Beauchamp pulled out his watch. "It isonly five minutes past eight," said he to Morrel; "there isnot much time lost yet."

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       "How old?"

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      "Really, You were only before sparkling, but now you arebrilliant; take compassion on us, or, like Jupiter, you willwither us up."

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    {  "It was you who sent for me?"

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      "I will go to you, and we will fly; but from this momentuntil then, let us not tempt providence, let us not see eachother. It is a miracle, it is a providence that we have notbeen discovered. If we were surprised, if it were known thatwe met thus, we should have no further resource."}

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      "Oh, mon Dieu," said Monte Cristo, "and I have forgotten mysmelling-bottle!"

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       "`Signed, Beaurepaire, Deschamps, and Lecharpal.'"

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    {  "To the Champs Elysees," said the general; "the Count ofMonte Cristo's. Hurry!" The horses bounded beneath the whip;and in five minutes they stopped before the count's door. M.de Morcerf opened the door himself, and as the carriagerolled away he passed up the walk, rang, and entered theopen door with his servant.

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      "It was Danglars who wrote the denunciation with his lefthand, that his writing might not be recognized, and Fernandwho put it in the post."