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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What?"
2.  "To M. Noirtier, No. 13 Coq-Heron, Paris."
3.  "And you took pleasure in beholding these dreadfulspectacles?"
4.  "His carelessness and indifference touch me to the heart,"said Julie. "Oh, Maximilian, Maximilian, you are certainlyconcealing something from us."
5.  "At least," said the abbe, "I now see how wrong such anopinion would have been. Alas, alas! I am fearfullyexhausted and debilitated by this attack."
6.  "How do you know he had a packet to leave at Porto-Ferrajo?"


1.  "Certainly," said Morrel, "I am at your service, count;still" --
2.  "To make a lunatic asylum of it, similar to that founded bythe Count of Pisani at Palermo. Do you know about thatinstitution?"
3.  "His excellency does not receive visitors to-day."
4.  "Sir," said Villefort, in the squeaky tone assumed bymagistrates in their oratorical periods, and of which theycannot, or will not, divest themselves in society, "sir, thesignal service which you yesterday rendered to my wife andson has made it a duty for me to offer you my thanks. I havecome, therefore, to discharge this duty, and to express toyou my overwhelming gratitude." And as he said this, the"eye severe" of the magistrate had lost nothing of itshabitual arrogance. He spoke in a voice of theprocureur-general, with the rigid inflexibility of neck andshoulders which caused his flatterers to say (as we havebefore observed) that he was the living statue of the law.
5.  but, like a phosphoric light, they rise but to mislead. Thestory has been told by the Corsican to some priest, who inhis turn has repeated it. M. de Monte Cristo may have heardit, and to enlighten himself -- but why should he wish toenlighten himself upon the subject?" asked Villefort, aftera moment's reflection, "what interest can this M. de MonteCristo or M. Zaccone, -- son of a shipowner of Malta,discoverer of a mine in Thessaly, now visiting Paris for thefirst time, -- what interest, I say, can he take indiscovering a gloomy, mysterious, and useless fact likethis? However, among all the incoherent details given to meby the Abbe Busoni and by Lord Wilmore, by that friend andthat enemy, one thing appears certain and clear in myopinion -- that in no period, in no case, in nocircumstance, could there have been any contact between himand me."
6.  "Child!" replied the count.


1.  "You know him, then?"
2.  "What? Who?"
3.  "I? Certainly not," replied the count. "No; I should onlyregret if the horse had not proved good."
4.  "When?"
5.   "Well, it appears that he has given you satisfactory reasonsfor his landing at Porto-Ferrajo?"
6.  Danglars took advantage of Caderousse's temper at themoment, to take him off towards Marseilles by the PorteSaint-Victor, staggering as he went.


1.  "My grief will kill me of itself."
2.  Chapter 89A Nocturnal Interview.
3.  "By no means," replied the young lady quickly; "but this isthe hour when we usually give M. Noirtier the unwelcome mealthat sustains his pitiful existence. You are aware, sir, ofthe deplorable condition of my husband's father?"
4、  "Of what?" asked the priest, anxiously and eagerly.
5、  "No, Bartolomeo, his father."




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      "So much the better. As Villefort observes, it is a greatact of folly to have left such a man between Corsica, wherehe was born, and Naples, of which his brother-in-law isking, and face to face with Italy, the sovereignty of whichhe coveted for his son."

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      "Forty," said Andrea, after a moment's hesitation, at theend of which he remembered that he might safely promise."That's all right," said the man; "hop in, and we're off!Who-o-o-p, la!"

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       "What?" said Albert, seeing that Beauchamp hesitated.

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      "My boy," said Caderousse sententiously, "one can talk whileeating. And then, you ungrateful being, you are not pleasedto see an old friend? I am weeping with joy." He was trulycrying, but it would have been difficult to say whether joyor the onions produced the greatest effect on the lachrymalglands of the old inn-keeper of the Pont-du-Gard. "Hold yourtongue, hypocrite," said Andrea; "you love me!"

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    {  "M. de Villefort!" cried the king, "is the messenger's nameM. de Villefort?"

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      Upon the eighth day he discerned a small vessel under fullsail approaching Monte Cristo. As it drew near, herecognized it as the boat he had given to Jacopo. Heimmediately signalled it. His signal was returned, and intwo hours afterwards the newcomer lay at anchor beside theyacht. A mournful answer awaited each of Edmond's eagerinquiries as to the information Jacopo had obtained. OldDantes was dead, and Mercedes had disappeared. Danteslistened to these melancholy tidings with outward calmness;but, leaping lightly ashore, he signified his desire to bequite alone. In a couple of hours he returned. Two of themen from Jacopo's boat came on board the yacht to assist innavigating it, and he gave orders that she should be steereddirect to Marseilles. For his father's death he was in somemanner prepared; but he knew not how to account for themysterious disappearance of Mercedes.}

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      "You recollect that sad night, when you were half-expiringon that bed in the red damask room, while I, scarcely lessagitated than you, awaited your delivery. The child wasborn, was given to me -- motionless, breathless, voiceless;we thought it dead." Madame Danglars moved rapidly, asthough she would spring from her chair, but Villefortstopped, and clasped his hands as if to implore herattention. "We thought it dead," he repeated; "I placed itin the chest, which was to take the place of a coffin; Idescended to the garden, I dug a hole, and then flung itdown in haste. Scarcely had I covered it with earth, whenthe arm of the Corsican was stretched towards me; I saw ashadow rise, and, at the same time, a flash of light. I feltpain; I wished to cry out, but an icy shiver ran through myveins and stifled my voice; I fell lifeless, and fanciedmyself killed. Never shall I forget your sublime courage,when, having returned to consciousness, I dragged myself tothe foot of the stairs, and you, almost dying yourself, cameto meet me. We were obliged to keep silent upon the dreadfulcatastrophe. You had the fortitude to regain the house,assisted by your nurse. A duel was the pretext for my wound.Though we scarcely expected it, our secret remained in ourown keeping alone. I was taken to Versailles; for threemonths I struggled with death; at last, as I seemed to clingto life, I was ordered to the South. Four men carried mefrom Paris to Chalons, walking six leagues a day; Madame deVillefort followed the litter in her carriage. At Chalons Iwas put upon the Saone, thence I passed on to he Rhone,whence I descended, merely with the current, to Arles; atArles I was again placed on my litter, and continued myjourney to Marseilles. My recovery lasted six months. Inever heard you mentioned, and I did not dare inquire foryou. When I returned to Paris, I learned that you, the widowof M. de Nargonne, had married M. Danglars.

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      "I won't go unless you give me the album," said the boy,seating himself doggedly in an arm-chair, according to hishabit of never giving way.

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       It was one of the magnificent autumn days which make amendsfor a short summer; the clouds which M. de Villefort hadperceived at sunrise had all disappeared as if by magic, andone of the softest and most brilliant days of Septembershone forth in all its splendor.

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    {  "You will describe it to me," replied Franz, "and therecital from your lips will make as great an impression onme as if I had witnessed it. I have more than once intendedwitnessing an execution, but I have never been able to makeup my mind; and you, Albert?"

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      Caderousse was thoughtful for a moment. It was easy toperceive he was revolving some unfortunate idea in his mind.Then suddenly, -- "How I should like to see all that," criedhe; "how beautiful it must be!"