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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I was once very fond of it, but I do not indulge now."
2.  "Woman's, yes; my mother is not woman, but a woman."
3.  "May not Barrois, the old servant, have made a mistake, andhave given Madame de Saint-Meran a dose prepared for hismaster?"
4.  "Repeat your father's name," said the president. Not awhisper, not a breath, was heard in that vast assembly;every one waited anxiously.
5.  "I know nothing certain; at that period of his life, I lostsight of my young comrade."
6.  "No, stay here and try to make Barrois drink the rest ofthis glass of ether and water. I will go myself and fetchthe lemonade." D'Avrigny bounded towards the door, flew downthe back staircase, and almost knocked down Madame deVillefort, in his haste, who was herself going down to thekitchen. She cried out, but d'Avrigny paid no attention toher; possessed with but one idea, he cleared the last foursteps with a bound, and rushed into the kitchen, where hesaw the decanter about three parts empty still standing onthe waiter, where it had been left. He darted upon it as aneagle would seize upon its prey. Panting with loss ofbreath, he returned to the room he had just left. Madame deVillefort was slowly ascending the steps which led to herroom. "Is this the decanter you spoke of?" asked d'Avrigny.


1.  "As being the friends Edmond esteemed most faithful anddevoted to him."
2.  "Do you hear him, Valentine?" exclaimed Haidee; "he saysthat through me he will suffer -- through me, who wouldyield my life for his." The count withdrew for a moment."Have I discovered the truth?" he said; "but whether it befor recompense or punishment, I accept my fate. Come,Haidee, come!" and throwing his arm around the young girl'swaist, he pressed the hand of Valentine, and disappeared.
3.  "Directly, sir." The valet re-appeared almost instantly,and, having shaved his master, assisted him to dressentirely in black. When he had finished, he said, --
4.  "I believe so; however, he regrets your absence extremely .He says you were the sun of Rome, and that without you allappears dark and cloudy; I do not know if he does not evengo so far as to say that it rains."
5.  "But who are you, then?" asked Caderousse, fixing his dyingeyes on the count. "Look well at me!" said Monte Cristo,putting the light near his face. "Well, the abbe -- the AbbeBusoni." Monte Cristo took off the wig which disfigured him,and let fall his black hair, which added so much to thebeauty of his pallid features. "Oh?" said Caderousse,thunderstruck, "but for that black hair, I should say youwere the Englishman, Lord Wilmore."
6.  And yet, as she could scarcely breathe, she rose and wenttowards a looking-glass. "I am frightful to-night," shesaid. Debray rose, smiling, and was about to contradict thebaroness upon this latter point, when the door openedsuddenly. M. Danglars appeared; Debray reseated himself. Atthe noise of the door Madame Danglars turned round, andlooked upon her husband with an astonishment she took notrouble to conceal. "Good-evening, madame," said the banker;"good-evening, M. Debray."


1.  "In the street."
2.  "Yes, that is true; but I should not have recollected it ifyou had not reminded me."
3.  "Oh, well, he will add, `We are warranted in believing thatthis Fernand is not the illustrious Count of Morcerf, whoalso bears the same Christian name.'"
4.  "You are aware that may be bought."
5.   "How can you find out?"
6.  "Heaven keep me from jesting with that which is far dearerto me than life itself! But listen to me, Valentine, and Iwill tell you all about it. I became weary of ranging fieldsand scaling walls, and seriously alarmed at the ideasuggested by you, that if caught hovering about here yourfather would very likely have me sent to prison as a thief.That would compromise the honor of the French army, to saynothing of the fact that the continual presence of a captainof Spahis in a place where no warlike projects could besupposed to account for it might well create surprise; so Ihave become a gardener, and, consequently, adopted thecostume of my calling."


1.  "Let it be a million," said Caderousse; "you can never haveso much as I wish you."
2.  The jailer, therefore, only grumbled. Then he looked aboutfor something to pour the soup into; Dantes' entire dinnerservice consisted of one plate -- there was no alternative.
3.  "Yes, but we will talk of it."
4、  The four or five remaining hours before nine o'clockarrived, Andrea employed in riding, paying visits, --designed to induce those of whom he had spoken to appear atthe banker's in their gayest equipages, -- dazzling them bypromises of shares in schemes which have since turned everybrain, and in which Danglars was just taking the initiative.In fact, at half-past eight in the evening the grand salon,the gallery adjoining, and the three other drawing-rooms onthe same floor, were filled with a perfumed crowd, whosympathized but little in the event, but who allparticipated in that love of being present wherever there isanything fresh to be seen. An Academician would say that theentertainments of the fashionable world are collections offlowers which attract inconstant butterflies, famished bees,and buzzing drones.
5、  Dantes concealed two or three of the sharpest fragments inhis bed, leaving the rest on the floor. The breaking of hisjug was too natural an accident to excite suspicion. Edmondhad all the night to work in, but in the darkness he couldnot do much, and he soon felt that he was working againstsomething very hard; he pushed back his bed, and waited forday.




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      "Then you forget me, so much the better."

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      Fernand rose impatiently. "Let him run on," said Danglars,restraining the young man; "drunk as he is, he is not muchout in what he says. Absence severs as well as death, and ifthe walls of a prison were between Edmond and Mercedes theywould be as effectually separated as if he lay under atombstone."

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      "I would reform her; it would be rendering a service to herfuture son-in-law."

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    {  "Oh," cried Andrea, leaping with joy. Then he mentallyadded, -- "Still my unknown protector! I am not forgotten.They wish for secrecy, since we are to converse in a privateroom. I understand, Bertuccio has been sent by myprotector."

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      "All, sir."}

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      "Do you wish to know why he bought it?"

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      "Did you ever meet him previously to coming hither?"

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       "Do you think the Count of Monte Cristo had ever been inFrance before he made this visit to Paris?"

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    {  "I also," replied Mercedes, "am going, and I acknowledge Ihad depended on your accompanying me; have I deceivedmyself?"

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      "Alas, yes!" said Caderousse very uneasily.