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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "There is some building going on there," said Holmes, "that is wherewe are going."
2.  "Could you start at once?"
3.  "Yes, it came within a few minutes of your leaving."
4.  "It's nothing of the kind."
5.  "We were dashing along the smooth white country road, with thelong stretch of the Broads in front of us glimmering in the redlight of the setting sun. From a grove upon our left I could alreadysee the high chimneys and the flagstaff which marked the squire'sdwelling.
6.  The baronet shook his head impatiently. "It is easy to preach," saidhe. "Perhaps you would have felt differently if you had been in myposition. One cannot see all one's hopes and all one's plans shatteredat the last moment and make no effort to save them. It seemed to methat it would be no unworthy resting-place if we put her for thetime in one of the coffins of her husband's ancestors lying in what isstill consecrated ground. We opened such a coffin, removed thecontents, and placed her as you have seen her. As to the old relicswhich we took out, we could not leave them on the floor of thecrypt. Norlett and I removed them, and he descended at night andburned them in the central furnace. There is my story, Mr. Holmes,though how you forced my hand so that I have to tell it is more than Ican say."


1.  "You could have told us," growled Mr. Bellamy.
2.  "That was wise. You say Sir Robert was away yesterday. Has hereturned?"
3.  "Dear me," said he, "it was only this moment at breakfast that I wassaying to my friend, Dr. Watson, that sensational cases haddisappeared out of our papers."
4.  I saw the faithful little creature, an Airedale terrier, laid outupon the mat in the ball. The body was stiff and rigid, the eyesprojecting, and the limbs contorted. There was agony in every lineof it.
5.  "It's heavy- remarkably heavy," said he.
6.  "Exactly. But he received it on that day?"


1.  "'Well,' said she, 'I want a hundred pounds.'
2.  "They have always been the best of friends. They had the sametastes, the two of them, and she loved the horses as much as he did.Every day at the same hour she would drive down to see them- and,above all, she loved the Prince. He would prick up his ears when heheard the wheels on the gravel, and he would trot out each morningto the carriage to get his lump of sugar. But that's all over now.""Why?"
3.  "`What, be driven out of our own house by a practical joker?' saidI. `Why, we should have the whole county laughing at us.'"`Well, come to bed,' said she, `and we can discuss it in themorning.'
4.  "The boy's, then?"
5.   "Why did he try the window on the first occasion," I asked, "when hemight have entered by the door?"
6.  And yet it opened in the blackest disappointment. With high hopes westruck across the peaty, russet moor, intersected with a thousandsheep paths, until we came to the broad, light-green belt which markedthe morass between us and Holdernesse. Certainly, if the lad hadgone homeward, he must have passed this, and he could not pass itwithout leaving his traces. But no sign of him or the German couldbe seen. With a darkening face my friend strode along the margin,eagerly observant of every muddy stain upon the mossy surface.Sheep-marks there were in profusion, and at one place, some milesdown, cows had left their tracks. Nothing more.


1.  "I join in it because there is no other way in the world by whichjustice can be gained. What does the law of England care for therivers of blood shed years ago in San Pedro, or for the ship load oftreasure which this man has stolen? To you they are like crimescommitted in some other planet. But we know. We have learned the truthin sorrow and in suffering. To us there is no fiend in hell likeJuan Murillo, and no peace in life while his victims still cry forvengeance."
2.  "Surely," said I, "the man's appearance would go far with any jury?""That is a dangerous argument my dear Watson. You remember thatterrible murderer, Bert Stevens, who wanted us to get him off in'87? Was there ever a more mild-mannered, Sunday-school young man?""It is true."
3.  "But Holmes said that he was not going to Briarbrae."
4、  "Certainly."
5、  "What is it, then?" I asked.




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      "'It is nothing less than the ancient crown of the kings ofEngland.'

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      "There was no ticket in his pockets."

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      "Whom was it to?"

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    {  "Well now, Watson, suppose for a moment that we visualize you in thecharacter of a woman who, in a cold, premeditated fashion, is about toget rid of a rival. You have planned it. A note has been written.The victim has come. You have your weapon. The crime is done. It hasbeen workmanlike and complete. Do you tell me that after carryingout so crafty a crime you would now ruin your reputation as a criminalby forgetting to fling your weapon into those adjacent reed-beds whichwould forever cover it, but you must needs carry it carefully home andput it in your own wardrobe, the very first place that would besearched? Your best friends would hardly call you a schemer, Watson,and yet I could not picture you doing anything so crude as that.""In the excitement of the moment-"

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      "It does give a clue. Whoever wrote that note was the man whobrought William Kirwan out of his bed at that hour. But where is therest of that sheet of paper?"}

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      "'I was just looking for the offices when you came.'

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      Mr. Garrideb forced a laugh. "I've read of your tricks, Mr.Holmes, but I never thought I would be the subject of them. Where doyou read that?"

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       "Your last remark," said Holmes presently, "as to the possibility ofthere being an understanding between the burglar and the servant,and this being a note of appointment from one to the other, is aningenious and not entirely impossible supposition. But this writingopens up-" He sank his head into his hands again and remained for someminutes in the deepest thought. When he raised his face again I wassurprised to see that his cheek was tinged with colour, and his eyesas bright as before his illness. He sprang to his feet with all hisold energy.

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    {  "Only two hours, Watson. I promise you will go at six. Are youcontent to wait?"

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      "Rather fine, Watson, is it not?" said he. "There are points in itwhich please me. I think that you will agree with me that an interviewwith Mr. Arthur Harry Pinner in the temporary offices of theFranco-Midland Hardware Company, limited, would be a ratherinteresting experience for both of us."