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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But, monseigneur, I know nothing about them; I have never seenher."
2.  "Of Milady de Winter," replied D'Artagnan, "yes, of Milady de Winter, ofwhose crimes your Eminence is doubtless ignorant, since you have honoredher with your confidence."
3.  "There is something horribly mysterious under all this,Athos; this woman is one of the cardinal's spies, I am sureof that."
4.  "Remember at a later period and at a certain moment, if anymischance should happen to you," said Richelieu,
5.  "The devil! my dear Athos, you view things on the dark side,methinks."
6.  But D'Artagnan, whose ideas had taken quite another course,forgot himself like a fool, and answered gallantly that itwas too late to think about duels and sword thrusts.This coldness toward the only interests that occupied hermind terrified Milady, whose questions became more pressing.Then D'Artagnan, who had never seriously thought of thisimpossible duel, endeavored to turn the conversation; but hecould not succeed. Milady kept him within the limits shehad traced beforehand with her irresistible spirit and heriron will.


1.  "With whom is he, then?"
2.  Milady asked some questions about the carriage. It was a chaise drawnby three horses, driven by a postillion; Rochefort's lackey wouldprecede it, as courier.
3.  The king signed the order for release, and Treville carried itaway without delay. As he was about to leave the presence, thecardinal have him a friendly smile, and said, "A perfect harmonyreigns, sire, between the leaders and the soldiers of yourMusketeers, which must be profitable for the service andhonorable to all."
4.  "Who is this Athos?"
5.  At the hour appointed, Lord de Winter and the four friends repaired tothe convent; the bells tolled, the chapel was open, the grating of thechoir was closed. In the middle of the choir the body of the victim,clothed in her novitiate dress, was exposed. On each side of the choirand behind the gratings opening into the convent was assembled the wholecommunity of the Carmelites, who listened to the divine service, andmingled their chant with the chant of the priests, without seeing theprofane, or being seen by them.
6.  Then turning his eyes from Milady to the paper, he read: "'Orderto conduct--' The name is blank," interrupted Lord de Winter."If you have any preference you can point it out to me; and if itbe not within a thousand leagues of London, attention will bepaid to your wishes. I will begin again, then:


1.  Excitement was at its height among the Musketeers and theirallies, and they even began to deliberate whether they should notset fire to the hotel to punish the insolence of M. de laTremouille's domestics in daring to make a SORTIE upon the king'sMusketeers. The proposition had been made, and received withenthusiasm, when fortunately eleven o'clock struck. D'Artagnanand his companions remembered their audience, and as they wouldvery much have regretted that such an opportunity should be lost,they succeeded in calming their friends, who contented themselveswith hurling some paving stones against the gates; but the gateswere too strong. They soon tired of the sport. Besides, thosewho must be considered the leaders of the enterprise had quit thegroup and were making their way toward the hotel of M. deTreville, who was waiting for them, already informed of thisfresh disturbance.
2.  There only remained in the closet of the wounded duke Laporte andPatrick. A physician was sought for, but none was yet found."You will live, my Lord, you will live!" repeated the faithful servantof Anne of Austria, on his knees before the duke's sofa."What has she written to me?" said Buckingham, feebly, streaming withblood, and suppressing his agony to speak of her he loved, "what has shewritten to me? Read me her letter."
3.  "How, dear sister!" said Lord de Winter. "Did not yousentimentally inform me with that pretty mouth of yours, so cruelto me today, that you came to England solely for the pleasure ofseeing me at your ease, an enjoyment of which you told me you sosensibly felt the deprivation that you had risked everything forit--seasickness, tempest, captivity? Well, here I am; besatisfied. Besides, this time, my visit has a motive."Milady trembled; she thought Felton had told all. Perhaps neverin her life had this woman, who had experienced so many oppositeand powerful emotions, felt her heart beat so violently.She was seated. Lord de Winter took a chair, drew it toward her,and sat down close beside her. Then taking a paper out of hispocket, he unfolded it slowly.
4.  "Gentlemen," said Athos, "no divided attention, I beg; leteach one pick out his man."
5.   The Rochellais, then, had no hope but in Buckingham. Buckinghamwas their Messiah. It was evident that if they one day learnedpositively that they must not count on Buckingham, their couragewould fail with their hope.
6.  At first sight, nothing denoted the cardinal; and it wasimpossible for those who did not know his face to guess in whosepresence they were.


1.  "My God, yes, GAVE, that is the word," said Porthos; "for theanimal was worth at least a hundred and fifty louis, and thestingy fellow would only give me eighty."
2.  "What she?" asked Athos.
3.  Fortunately the storm began to subside, but still the sea wasdisturbed. The little boat bounded over the waves like a nut-shell.
4、  "What, he had done you the honor to remain here?""Yes, monsieur, in this house; and we are even a little uneasy--""On what account?"
5、  "Water, water!" cried D'Artagnan. "Water!"




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      "How, monsieur, an investigation of my papers--mine! Truly, thisis an indignity!"

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      "My dear Athos," said Aramis, "you speak like Nestor, whowas, as everyone knows, the wisest among the Greeks.""Well, then," said Athos, "it is agreed. Planchet and Bazinshall go. Everything considered, I am not sorry to retainGrimaud; he is accustomed to my ways, and I am particular.Yesterday's affair must have shaken him a little; his voyagewould upset him quite."

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       "In the street, facing your window, in the embrasure of thatdoor--a man wrapped in a cloak."

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      "There, now! Didn't I say so?" cried Planchet. "I was sure ofit--the cursed letter!"

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    {  D'Artagnan remained all day in his quarters, assigning as areason to himself that the weather was bad.

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      "Oh, today, I am no further than gratitude."}

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      The stranger went out.

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      "Why, I think there were not many intruders. Yes, Athos, Iknow what you mean: we shall do very well at the

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       "No, God forbid," said the cardinal; "only, at what hour was he with you?""Oh, as to that I can speak positively, your Eminence; for as hecame in I remarked that it was but half past nine by the clock,although I had believed it to be later."

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    {  "Your affair has become more complicated since yesterday evening,my good man, and I advise you to tell the whole truth; for yourrepentance alone can remove the anger of the cardinal.""Why, I am ready to tell everything," cried Bonacieux, "at least,all that I know. Interrogate me, I entreat you!""Where is your wife, in the first place?"

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      "Well, young man," said he, "we appear to pass rather gay nights!Seven o'clock in the morning! PESTE! You seem to reverseordinary customs, and come home at the hour when other people aregoing out."