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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That you must not fail to call upon him in the course of theday; and then he added in a low voice, 'Tell your master that hisEminence is very well disposed toward him, and that his fortuneperhaps depends upon this interview.'"
2.  "In the street, facing your window, in the embrasure of thatdoor--a man wrapped in a cloak."
3.  It was near midnight; the moon, lessened by its decline, and reddened bythe last traces of the storm, arose behind the little town ofArmentieres, which showed against its pale light the dark outline of itshouses, and the skeleton of its high belfry. In front of them the Lysrolled its waters like a river of molten tin; while on the other sidewas a black mass of trees, profiled on a stormy sky, invaded by largecoppery clouds which created a sort of twilight amid the night. On theleft was an old abandoned mill, with its motionless wings, from theruins of which an owl threw out its shrill, periodical, and monotonouscry. On the right and on the left of the road, which the dismalprocession pursued, appeared a few low, stunted trees, which looked likedeformed dwarfs crouching down to watch men traveling at this sinisterhour.
4.  At the turning of the counterscarp they found themselveswithin about sixty paces of the bastion. They saw no one,and the bastion seemed abandoned.
5.  "And me, too!" said D'Artagnan.
6.  "And, now, when are we to go?" asked Athos.


1.  "I am in a fever," said she; "I have not slept a single instantduring all this long night. I suffer horribly. Are you likelyto be more humane to me than others were yesterday? All I ask ispermission to remain abed."
2.  "May I be permitted to inform my wife?" said he.
3.  "He resides in a quiet quarter," continued Aramis; "his tastesand his profession require it. Now, at the moment when I lefthis house--"
4.  D'Artagnan, however, stupefied, cast down, annihilated by allthat happened, stood, with crossed arms, before the Musketeer andMme. Bonacieux.
5.  "Yes, that was it," said D'Artagnan, "the story of a tall, fairlady, with blue eyes."
6.  "You mean to say that he deceives me; you mean to say that hebetrays me? You accuse him, then? Come, speak; avow freely thatyou accuse him!"


1.  Kitty guessed what was passing in the mind of the young man,and heaved a deep sigh.
2.  "Yes, monsieur, we are cousins," said Porthos, without beingdisconcerted, as he had never reckoned upon being receivedenthusiastically by the husband.
3.  "Oh, delightful! In this way we shall not be separated for an instant.""Well, go down to her, then, to make your request. I feel my head alittle confused; I will take a turn in the garden.""Go and where shall I find you?"
4.  D'Artagnan was not willing to abandon his companion thus,and stooped to raise him and assist him in regaining thelines; but at this moment two shots were fired. One ballstruck the head of the already-wounded guard, and the otherflattened itself against a rock, after having passed withintwo inches of D'Artagnan.
5.   "Eight days later she had seduced the son of the jailer, and escaped.The young priest was condemned to ten years of imprisonment, and to bebranded. I was executioner of the city of Lille, as this woman hassaid. I was obliged to brand the guilty one; and he, gentlemen, was mybrother!
6.  "That's it!" said D'Artagnan, "I had forgotten that he was only aMusketeer for a time."


1.  "My faith!" replied D'Artagnan, recognizing Athos, who, after thedressing performed by the doctor, was returning to his ownapartment. "I did not do it intentionally, and not doing itintentionally, I said 'Excuse me.' It appears to me that this isquite enough. I repeat to you, however, and this time on my wordof honor--I think perhaps too often--that I am in haste, greathaste. Leave your hold, then, I beg of you, and let me go wheremy business calls me."
2.  "That has cured me of beautiful, poetical, and loving women,"said Athos, after a considerable pause, raising his head, andforgetting to continue the fiction of the count. "God grant youas much! Let us drink."
3.  "That woman was once a young girl, as beautiful as she is today. Shewas a nun in the convent of the Benedictines of Templemar. A youngpriest, with a simple and trustful heart, performed the duties of thechurch of that convent. She undertook his seduction, and succeeded; shewould have seduced a saint.
4、  "He gave me his hand, and called me his friend. His friend! Doyou hear that, madame? I am the friend of the great cardinal!""Of the great cardinal!"
5、  "Ah, wooi, a vager!" cried the Swiss.




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      "Besides, in what manner can I make advances first?""By doing a thing which you know will be agreeable to her.""What is that?"

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      An old proverb says, "Like master, like man." Let us pass, then,from the valet of Athos to the valet of Porthos, from Grimaud toMousqueton.

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       An elegant carriage waited below, and as it was drawn by twoexcellent horses, they were soon at the Place Royale.Milady Clarik received D'Artagnan ceremoniously. Her hotelwas remarkably sumptuous, and while the most part of theEnglish had quit, or were about to quit, France on accountof the war, Milady had just been laying out much money uponher residence; which proved that the general measure whichdrove the English from France did not affect her."You see," said Lord de Winter, presenting D'Artagnan to hissister, "a young gentleman who has held my life in hishands, and who has not abused his advantage, although wehave been twice enemies, although it was I who insulted him,and although I am an Englishman. Thank him, then, madame,if you have any affection for me."

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      "What is that stupid fellow troubling himself about?" criedthe cavalier whom Milady had designated as her brother,stooping down to the height of the coach window. "Why doesnot he go about his business?"

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    {  P.S. You may behave politely to the bearer, who is a countand a grandee of Spain!

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      "It is of no use for you to know anything about it," said theyoung woman, whom an instinctive mistrust now impelled to drawback. "It was about one of those purchases that interest women--a purchase by which much might have been gained."But the more the young woman excused herself, the more importantBonacieux thought the secret which she declined to confide tohim. He resolved then to hasten immediately to the residence ofthe Comte de Rochefort, and tell him that the queen was seekingfor a messenger to send to London.}

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      "And besides, it will be a chance for displaying our newequipments," said Porthos.

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      "Bring in the Monsieur d'Artagnan," said the commissary to theguards. The two guards led in Athos.

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       "Ah, ah!" said the listener, "not through doors, but throughwindows! Ah, this visit was expected. We shall see the windowsopen, and the lady enter by escalade. Very pretty!"But to the great astonishment of D'Artagnan, the shutter remainedclosed. Still more, the light which had shone for an instantdisappeared, and all was again in obscurity.

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    {  "Yes, yes," said Athos; "but they are only civilians--verybad marksmen, who will be sure not to hit me."

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      The city, notwithstanding the incredible perseverance of itsmayor, had attempted a sort of mutiny for a surrender; the mayorhad hanged the mutineers. This execution quieted the ill-disposed, who resolved to allow themselves to die of hunger--thisdeath always appearing to them more slow and less sure thanstrangulation.