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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, were it only out of curiosity."
2.  "You do not reply to my question," replied the inspectorimpatiently.
3.  "Let me see," continued the stranger, "I am one of yourlargest creditors."
4.  "Well," pursued Caderousse, "can you without expending onesou, put me in the way of getting fifteen thousand francs?No, fifteen thousand are not enough, -- I cannot againbecome an honest man with less than thirty thousand francs."
5.  "A visitor?" inquired Valentine, much agitated; "who is it?"
6.  "No, excellency," returned Bertuccio; "you will see that Ihad no time to learn it."


1.  "When you receive this, you will no longer have a husband.Oh, you need not be alarmed, you will only have lost him asyou have lost your daughter; I mean that I shall betravelling on one of the thirty or forty roads leading outof France. I owe you some explanations for my conduct, andas you are a woman that can perfectly understand me, I willgive them. Listen, then. I received this morning fivemillions which I paid away; almost directly afterwardsanother demand for the same sum was presented to me; I putthis creditor off till to-morrow and I intend leavingto-day, to escape that to-morrow, which would be rather toounpleasant for me to endure. You understand this, do younot, my most precious wife? I say you understand this,because you are as conversant with my affairs as I am;indeed, I think you understand them better, since I amignorant of what has become of a considerable portion of myfortune, once very tolerable, while I am sure, madame, thatyou know perfectly well. For women have infallibleinstincts; they can even explain the marvellous by analgebraic calculation they have invented; but I, who onlyunderstand my own figures, know nothing more than that oneday these figures deceived me. Have you admired the rapidityof my fall? Have you been slightly dazzled at the suddenfusion of my ingots? I confess I have seen nothing but thefire; let us hope you have found some gold among the ashes.With this consoling idea, I leave you, madame, and mostprudent wife, without any conscientious reproach forabandoning you; you have friends left, and the ashes I havealready mentioned, and above all the liberty I hasten torestore to you. And here, madame, I must add another word ofexplanation. So long as I hoped you were working for thegood of our house and for the fortune of our daughter, Iphilosophically closed my eyes; but as you have transformedthat house into a vast ruin I will not be the foundation ofanother man's fortune. You were rich when I married you, butlittle respected. Excuse me for speaking so very candidly,but as this is intended only for ourselves, I do not see whyI should weigh my words. I have augmented our fortune, andit has continued to increase during the last fifteen years,till extraordinary and unexpected catastrophes have suddenlyoverturned it, -- without any fault of mine, I can honestlydeclare. You, madame, have only sought to increase your own,and I am convinced that you have succeeded. I leave you,therefore, as I took you, -- rich, but little respected.Adieu! I also intend from this time to work on my ownaccount. Accept my acknowledgments for the example you haveset me, and which I intend following.
2.  "We will be with you at that time," said the major. The twoCavalcanti bowed to the count, and left the house. MonteCristo went to the window, and saw them crossing the street,arm in arm. "There go two miscreants;" said he, "it is apity they are not really related!" -- then, after an instantof gloomy reflection, "Come, I will go to see the Morrels,"said he; "I think that disgust is even more sickening thanhatred."
3.  "Oh, pardon me, sir; let me live!"
4.  "My dear Count," said Albert, "I will endeavor to returnyour politeness at Rome, and place my coupe at your disposaluntil your own be ready."
5.  "But what has the French Academy to do with all this?"
6.  "My carriage shall take you back."


1.  "Let me assure you, madame," said Lucien, "that had I reallythe sum you mention at my disposal, I would employ it moreprofitably than in troubling myself to obtain particularsrespecting the Count of Monte Cristo, whose only merit in myeyes consists in his being twice as rich as a nabob.However, I have turned the business over to Morcerf, so praysettle it with him as may be most agreeable to you; for myown part, I care nothing about the count or his mysteriousdoings."
2.  "I suppose so," said Andrea with a triumphant smile, "sinceI am accepted. But I must not forget one grand point."
3.  "Didn't I say that your police were good for nothing?"
4.  "What would your excellency like to eat?"
5.   "Besides what?" asked the Count.
6.  The journey was performed with that marvellous rapiditywhich the unlimited power of the count ever commanded. Townsfled from them like shadows on their path, and trees shakenby the first winds of autumn seemed like giants madlyrushing on to meet them, and retreating as rapidly when oncereached. The following morning they arrived at Chalons,where the count's steamboat waited for them. Without theloss of an instant, the carriage was placed on board and thetwo travellers embarked without delay. The boat was builtfor speed; her two paddle-wheels were like two wings withwhich she skimmed the water like a bird. Morrel was notinsensible to that sensation of delight which is generallyexperienced in passing rapidly through the air, and the windwhich occasionally raised the hair from his forehead seemedon the point of dispelling momentarily the clouds collectedthere.


1.  "Shall you be present in the reception room?"
2.  "There shall not be one a minute longer than you please,"said Dantes, who had followed the working of his thoughts asaccurately as though his brain were enclosed in crystal soclear as to display its minutest operations.
3.  "I told you true," replied he coldly.
4、  "Really? and what has procured me so fluttering adistinction?"
5、  "Alas! his plan is very simple. It depends on the distancehe may be from the city, whether he gives eight hours,twelve hours, or a day wherein to pay their ransom; and whenthat time has elapsed he allows another hour's grace. At thesixtieth minute of this hour, if the money is notforthcoming, he blows out the prisoner's brains with apistol-shot, or plants his dagger in his heart, and thatsettles the account."




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      "Go -- go at once."

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      There was a cry of "Shut up!" from the audience. Thismanifestation on the part of the spectators of their wish tobe allowed to hear the music, produced not the slightesteffect on the two young men, who continued theirconversation. "The countess was present at the races in theChamp-de-Mars," said Chateau-Renaud.

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       "One of the agents appointed to secure the safety of Paris?"

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      "Well, now then, the count?"

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    {  "Well; what of the postscript?"

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      "I shall never swim again," replied Faria. "This arm isparalyzed; not for a time, but forever. Lift it, and judgeif I am mistaken." The young man raised the arm, which fellback by its own weight, perfectly inanimate and helpless. Asigh escaped him.}

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      "Yes, as far as I am personally concerned."

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      "He? You are mistaken. M. Albert would not do us the honorto be jealous; he does not like Eugenie sufficiently.Besides, I care not for his displeasure."

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       "Well, then," said Franz, "let us to the Colosseum."

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    {  "Oh, nothing worth speaking of," said Morrel; "M. deChateau-Renaud exaggerates."

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      Morrel pulled the bell, but though he nearly broke the cordno one answered. He turned towards Noirtier; the pallor andanguish expressed on his countenance momentarily increased.