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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, doubtless," replied D'Artagnan, who had never been able tocram the first rudiments of that language into his head, and whohad by his ignorance driven his master to despair, "yes,doubtless there is one."
2.  "Perfectly well."
3.  The host obeyed. Athos called Grimaud, pointed to a largebasket which lay in a corner, and made a sign to him to wrapthe viands up in the napkins.
4.  The second commissary was as much bewildered as the first hadbeen by the simple and firm declaration of the Musketeer, uponwhom he was anxious to take the revenge which men of the robelike at all times to gain over men of the sword; but the name ofM. de Treville, and that of M. de la Tremouille, commanded alittle reflection.
5.  "But that's impossible! He is at the siege of La Rochelle with thecardinal. He will not return till after the taking of the city.""Ah, you fancy so! But is there anything impossible for my D'Artagnan,the noble and loyal gentleman?"
6.  The dark space frightened her.


1.  This confirmed Milady in her opinion that the abbess was rather royalistthan cardinalist. Milady therefore continued, coloring her narrationsmore and more.
2.  "I am sorry for that," said D'Artagnan; "for as I am in greathaste likewise, I wish to beg you to render me a service.""What?"
3.  Milady heard these few words and caught at a shadow of hope."D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan!" cried she; "remember that I loved you!"The young man rose and took a step toward her.
4.  "The queen immediately exhibited strong emotion; and despite therouge with which her face was covered evidently turned pale--""And then, and then?"
5.  But she was greatly embarrassed. She did not know whether the abbesswas a royalist or a cardinalist; she therefore confined herself to aprudent middle course. But the abbess, on her part, maintained areserve still more prudent, contenting herself with making a profoundinclination of the head every time the fair traveler pronounced the nameof his Eminence.
6.  "The devil!" cried D'Artagnan.


1.  "It is the first time I have had the honor of seeing you.""And on your honor, you have no cause of hatred against me?""None, I swear to you."
2.  "I will tell him that."
3.  "Give him alms, Bazin, and bid him pray for a poor sinner.""This mendicant insists upon speaking to you, and pretendsthat you will be very glad to see him."
4.  "Well, come!" said the young man, laughing, "she thinks I amworth something. A hundred louis? Well, that was atemptation for two wretches like you. I understand why youaccepted it, and I grant you my pardon; but upon onecondition."
5.   "Monsieur Porthos," said she, "I can assure you that you haveseverely punished me; and if in the time to come you should findyourself in a similar situation, you have but to apply to me.""Fie, madame, fie!" said Porthos, as if disgusted. "Let us nottalk about money, if you please; it is humiliating.""Then you no longer love me!" said the procurator's wife, slowlyand sadly.
6.  And without waiting for the answer of the newcomer to this proofof affection, M. de Treville seized his right hand and pressed itwith all his might, without perceiving that Athos, whatever mightbe his self-command, allowed a slight murmur of pain to escapehim, and if possible, grew paler than he was before.The door had remained open, so strong was the excitement producedby the arrival of Athos, whose wound, though kept as a secret,was known to all. A burst of satisfaction hailed the last wordsof the captain; and two or three heads, carried away by theenthusiasm of the moment, appeared through the openings of thetapestry. M. de Treville was about to reprehend this breach ofthe rules of etiquette, when he felt the hand of Athos, who hadrallied all his energies to contend against pain, at lengthovercome by it, fell upon the floor as if he were dead."A surgeon!" cried M. de Treville, "mine! The king's! The best! Asurgeon! Or, s'blood, my brave Athos will die!"


1.  D'Artagnan refused; but thinking the opportunity a good one,dream of his life had been to become a Musketeer. The threefriends were likewise greatly delighted.
2.  But D'Artagnan well suspected that that which was deferredwas not relinquished.
3.  "Well?"
4、  "That my orders go far, madame; and that I am authorized to seekfor the suspected paper, even on the person of your Majesty.""What horror!" cried the queen.
5、  Milady continued:




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      "And how do you know there is a young woman whom I love, andthat I believed that woman dead?" asked D'Artagnan."By that letter which my comrade has in his pocket.""You see, then," said D'Artagnan, "that I must have thatletter. So no more delay, no more hesitation; or elsewhatever may be my repugnance to soiling my sword a secondtime with the blood of a wretch like you, I swear by myfaith as an honest man--" and at these words D'Artagnan madeso fierce a gesture that the wounded man sprang up."Stop, stop!" cried he, regaining strength by force ofterror. "I will go--I will go!"

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      Milady knew she might be watched, so she continued her prayers tothe end; and it appeared to her that the soldier who was on dutyat her door did not march with the same step, and seemed tolisten. For the moment she wished nothing better. She arose,came to the table, ate but little, and drank only water.An hour after, her table was cleared; but Milady remarked thatthis time Felton did not accompany the soldiers. He feared,then, to see her too often.

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      "Silence!" said D'Artagnan, taking her hand, which, withoutthinking of it, she abandoned to him.

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    {  "Or rather you insult me," continued she, pressing with herstiffened hands the two arms of her easy chair, and raisingherself upon her wrists.

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      "This is the gentleman I am going to fight with," said Athos,pointing to D'Artagnan with his hand and saluting him with thesame gesture.}

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      "Oh, oh!" said D'Artagnan, "Mousqueton has not caught thesebottles with his lasso. Besides, here is a piquant FRICANDEAUand a fillet of beef."

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      "What did you answer him?"

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       "Why that question, my dear host?" asked D'Artagnan. "Do youintend to sit up for me?"

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    {  She was sent by her mistress to the false De Wardes. Hermistress was mad with love, intoxicated with joy. Shewished to know when her lover would meet her a second night;and poor Kitty, pale and trembling, awaited D'Artagnan'sreply. The counsels of his friend, joined to the cries ofhis own heart, made him determine, now his pride was savedand his vengeance satisfied, not to see Milady again. As areply, he wrote the following letter:

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      "My God, that's all. I shall be about again in a few days.""Why did you not have yourself conveyed to Paris? You must becruelly bored here."