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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How on earth do you know that?" I asked.
2.  We had sprung into the dog-cart, and Holmes, after turning thehorse, gave it a sharp cut with the whip, and we flew back along theroad. As we turned the curve, the whole stretch of road between theHall and the heath was opened up. I grasped Holmes's arm."That's the man!" I gasped.
3.  "No, I have not."
4.  "You have furnished me with seven, but of course I must test thembefore I can pronounce upon their value."
5.  In rapid succession we passed through the fringe of fashionableLondon, hotel London, theatrical London, literary London, commercialLondon, and, finally, maritime London, till we came to a riversidecity of a hundred thousand souls, where the tenement houses swelterand reek with the outcasts of Europe. Here, in a broad thoroughfare, once the abode of wealthy City merchants, we found the sculptureworks for which we searched. Outside was a considerable yard full ofmonumental masonry. Inside was a large room in which fifty workerswere carving or moulding. The manager, a big blond German, received uscivilly and gave a clear answer to all Holmes's questions. A referenceto his books showed that hundreds of casts had been taken from amarble copy of Devine's head of Napoleon, but that the three which hadbeen sent to Morse Hudson a year or so before had been half of a batchof six, the other three being sent to Harding Brothers, of Kensington.There was no reason why those six should be different from any ofthe other casts. He could suggest no possible cause why anyoneshould wish to destroy them- in fact, he laughed at the idea. Theirwholesale price was six shillings, but the retailer would get twelveor more. The cast was taken in two moulds from each side of theface, and then these two profiles of plaster of Paris were joinedtogether to make the complete bust. The work was usually done byItalians, in the room we were in. When finished, the busts were put ona table in the passage to dry, and afterwards stored. That was allhe could tell us.
6.  "Only as much as we can deduce."


1.  "I will fly, Mr. Holmes. I will leave the country, sir. Thenthe charge against him will break down."
2.  The Five Orange Pips
3.  Our guide's answer was a singular one. He snatched off the darkbeard which had disguised him and threw it on the ground, disclosing along, sallow, clean-shaven face below it. Then he raised hisrevolver and covered the young ruffian, who was advancing upon himwith his dangerous riding crop swinging in his hand.
4.  "But what has happened?"
5.  "Do not trouble about my feelings. I am not hysterical, nor given tofainting. I simply wish to hear your real, real opinion.""Upon what point?"
6.  -THE END-


1.  "Perhaps," said Holmes thoughtfully, "perhaps." He relapsed into asilent reverie, which lasted until the slow train drew up at last inWoolwich Station. There he called a cab and drew Mycroft's paperfrom his pocket.
2.  "You speak of danger. You have evidently seen more in these roomsthan was visible to me."
3.  "'"You're not going away in an unkind spirit Hudson, I hope," saidmy father with a tameness which made my blood boil.
4.  The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
5.   "When did you enter the room?"
6.  "Capital! Between your brandy and your bandage, I feel a new man.I was very weak, but I have had a good deal to go through.""Perhaps you had better not speak of the matter. It is evidentlytrying to your nerves."


1.  "I do not understand how you know these things," she said. "GiuseppeGorgiano- how did he--" She paused, and then suddenly her face litup with pride and delight. "Now I see it! My Gennaro! My splendid,beautiful Gennaro, who has guarded me safe from all harm, he did it,with his own strong hand he killed the monster! Oh, Gennaro, howwonderful you are! What woman could ever be worthy of such a man?""Well, Mrs. Lucca," said the prosaic Gregson, laying his hand uponthe lady's sleeve with as little sentiment as if she were a NottingHill hooligan, "I am not very clear yet who you are or what you are;but you've said enough to make it very clear that we shall want you atthe Yard."
2.  "So I trust, Watson, so I trust" said Holmes, gravely. "There issome deep intrigue going on round that little woman, and it is ourduty to see that no one molests her upon that last journey. I think,Watson, that we must spare time to run down together on Saturdaymorning and make sure that this curious and inclusive investigationhas no untoward ending."
3.  "I hope we may clear him, Miss Turner," said Sherlock Holmes. "Youmay rely upon my doing all that I can."
4、  Ryder passed his tongue over his parched lips. "I will tellyou it just as it happened, sir," said he. "When Horner had beenarrested, it seemed to me that it would be best for me to get awaywith the stone at once, for I did not know at what moment thepolice might not take it into their heads to search me and myroom. There was no place about the hotel where it would be safe.I went out, as if on some commission, and I made for my sister'shouse. She had married a man named Oakshott, and lived in BrixtonRoad, where she fattened fowls for the market. All the way thereevery man I met seemed to me to be a policeman or a detective;and, for all that it was a cold night, the sweat was pouring downmy face before I came to the Brixton Road. My sister asked mewhat was the matter, and why I was so pale; but I told her that Ihad been upset by the jewel robbery at the hotel. Then I wentinto the back yard and smoked a pipe, and wondered what it wouldbe best to do.
5、  "'Where to?'




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      He was incoherent in his agitation. Holmes soothed him with a fewwords and thrust him into an armchair.

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       Again she turned on me those glorious eyes.

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      "Deserted you?"

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    {  "And yet the motives of women are so inscrutable. You remember thewoman at Margate whom I suspected for the same reason. No powder onher nose- that proved to be the correct solution. How can you build onsuch a quicksand? Their most trivial action may mean volumes, or theirmost extraordinary conduct may depend upon a hairpin or a curlingtongs. Good-morning, Watson."

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      "Well, then, of course I saw it all, and I ran off as hard asmy feet would carry me to this man Breckinridge; but he had soldthe lot at once, and not one word would he tell me as to wherethey had gone. You heard him yourselves to-night. Well, he hasalways answered me like that. My sister thinks that I am goingmad. Sometimes I think that I am myself. And now--and now I ammyself a branded thief, without ever having touched the wealth forwhich I sold my character. God help me! God help me!" He burstinto convulsive sobbing, with his face buried in his hands.There was a long silence, broken only by his heavy breathing,and by the measured tapping of Sherlock Holmes's finger-tips uponthe edge of the table. Then my friend rose and threw open thedoor.}

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      Sir James carried away both it and the precious saucer. As I wasmyself overdue, I went down with him into the street. A brougham waswaiting for him. He sprang in, gave a hurried order to the cockadedcoachman, then drove swiftly away. He flung his overcoat half out ofthe window to cover the armorial bearings upon the panel, but I hadseen them in the glare of our fanlight none the less. I gasped withsurprise. Then I turned back and ascended the stair to Holmes's room."I have found out who our client is," I cried, bursting with mygreat news. "Why, Holmes, it is-"

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       "Come in, Sherlock! Come in, sir," said he blandly, smiling at oursurprised faces. "You don't expect such energy from me, do you,Sherlock? But somehow this can attracts me."

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    {  With a motherly tenderness the gaunt woman put her arm round hermistress and led her from the room.

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      A week passed. The inquest had thrown no light upon the matter andhad been adourned for further evidence. Stackhurst had made discreetinquiry about his subordinate, and there had been a superficial searchof his room, but without result. Personally, I had gone over the wholeground again, both physically and mentally, but with no newconclusions. In all my chronicles the reader will find no case whichbrought me so completely to the limit of my powers. Even myimagination could conceive no solution to the mystery. And thenthere came the incident of the dog.