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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "All?"
2.  "He hopes so, Maximilian." The young man's head fell on hisbreast.
3.  "By the same sign, which, at the same time, tells myright-hand correspondent that I am ready, while it givesnotice to my left-hand correspondent to prepare in histurn."
4.  "You well know, madame, was my arrest; but you do not knowhow long that arrest lasted. You do not know that I remainedfor fourteen years within a quarter of a league of you, in adungeon in the Chateau d'If. You do not know that every dayof those fourteen years I renewed the vow of vengeance whichI had made the first day; and yet I was not aware that youhad married Fernand, my calumniator, and that my father haddied of hunger!"
5.  "From day to day he lived on alone, and more and moresolitary. M. Morrel and Mercedes came to see him, but hisdoor was closed; and, although I was certain he was at home,he would not make any answer. One day, when, contrary to hiscustom, he had admitted Mercedes, and the poor girl, inspite of her own grief and despair, endeavored to consolehim, he said to her, -- `Be assured, my dear daughter, he isdead; and instead of expecting him, it is he who is awaitingus; I am quite happy, for I am the oldest, and of courseshall see him first.' However well disposed a person may be,why you see we leave off after a time seeing persons who arein sorrow, they make one melancholy; and so at last oldDantes was left all to himself, and I only saw from time totime strangers go up to him and come down again with somebundle they tried to hide; but I guessed what these bundleswere, and that he sold by degrees what he had to pay for hissubsistence. At length the poor old fellow reached the endof all he had; he owed three quarters' rent, and theythreatened to turn him out; he begged for another week,which was granted to him. I know this, because the landlordcame into my apartment when he left his. For the first threedays I heard him walking about as usual, but, on the fourthI heard nothing. I then resolved to go up to him at allrisks. The door was closed, but I looked through thekeyhole, and saw him so pale and haggard, that believing himvery ill, I went and told M. Morrel and then ran on toMercedes. They both came immediately, M. Morrel bringing adoctor, and the doctor said it was inflammation of thebowels, and ordered him a limited diet. I was there, too,and I never shall forget the old man's smile at thisprescription. From that time he received all who came; hehad an excuse for not eating any more; the doctor had puthim on a diet." The abbe uttered a kind of groan. "The storyinterests you, does it not, sir?" inquired Caderousse.
6.  "To the king?"


1.  "Yes."
2.  "I shall remember old friends, I can tell you that."
3.  "He comes to fetch his wife and daughter."
4.  "No."
5.  "Did you bring it to your master directly it was made?"
6.  "How very astonishing!" cried he at length. "Why yourwriting exactly resembles that of the accusation."


1.  "Yes, monsieur, I believe so; for until now, no man hasfound himself in a position similar to mine. The dominionsof kings are limited either by mountains or rivers, or achange of manners, or an alteration of language. My kingdomis bounded only by the world, for I am not an Italian, or aFrenchman, or a Hindu, or an American, or a Spaniard -- I ama cosmopolite. No country can say it saw my birth. God aloneknows what country will see me die. I adopt all customs,speak all languages. You believe me to be a Frenchman, for Ispeak French with the same facility and purity as yourself.Well, Ali, my Nubian, believes me to be an Arab; Bertuccio,my steward, takes me for a Roman; Haidee, my slave, thinksme a Greek. You may, therefore, comprehend, that being of nocountry, asking no protection from any government,acknowledging no man as my brother, not one of the scruplesthat arrest the powerful, or the obstacles which paralyzethe weak, paralyzes or arrests me. I have only twoadversaries -- I will not say two conquerors, for withperseverance I subdue even them, -- they are time anddistance. There is a third, and the most terrible -- that ismy condition as a mortal being. This alone can stop me in myonward career, before I have attained the goal at which Iaim, for all the rest I have reduced to mathematical terms.What men call the chances of fate -- namely, ruin, change,circumstances -- I have fully anticipated, and if any ofthese should overtake me, yet it will not overwhelm me.Unless I die, I shall always be what I am, and therefore itis that I utter the things you have never heard, even fromthe mouths of kings -- for kings have need, and otherpersons have fear of you. For who is there who does not sayto himself, in a society as incongruously organized as ours,`Perhaps some day I shall have to do with the king'sattorney'?"
2.  "You say, sir" -- said the king.
3.  "That is perfectly admirable; but what do you do, count,with all these horses?"
4.  "Ah, I forgot," said Louis, smiling in a manner which provedthat all these questions were not made without a motive; "Iforgot you and M. Noirtier are not on the best termspossible, and that is another sacrifice made to the royalcause, and for which you should be recompensed."
5.   "I believe not. But what are you about there? You werewriting."
6.  "Well, then," said Dantes, "What shall you teach me first? Iam in a hurry to begin. I want to learn."


1.  "But she saw no one?"
2.  "By my grandfather. Oh, Morrel, pray love him for all hisgoodness to us!" Morrel swore to love him with all his soul;and at that moment he could safely promise to do so, for hefelt as though it were not enough to love him merely as afriend or even as a father. "But tell me, Valentine, how hasit all been effected? What strange means has he used tocompass this blessed end?"
3.  "I? -- not in the least, I beg you to believe. Recollectwhat I told you when you asked me to propose you. `Oh, Inever make matches, my dear prince, it is my settledprinciple.'" Andrea bit his lips.
4、  "Ah, sir," said Caderousse with a sigh, "it is easy toperceive I am not a rich man; but in this world a man doesnot thrive the better for being honest." The abbe fixed onhim a searching, penetrating glance.
5、  "How once?" stammered Debray; "what do you mean?"




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      The abbe sank upon Edmond's bed. while Edmond himselfremained standing. Escape had never once occurred to him.There are, indeed, some things which appear so impossiblethat the mind does not dwell on them for an instant. Toundermine the ground for fifty feet -- to devote three yearsto a labor which, if successful, would conduct you to aprecipice overhanging the sea -- to plunge into the wavesfrom the height of fifty, sixty, perhaps a hundred feet, atthe risk of being dashed to pieces against the rocks, shouldyou have been fortunate enough to have escaped the fire ofthe sentinels; and even, supposing all these perils past,then to have to swim for your life a distance of at leastthree miles ere you could reach the shore -- weredifficulties so startling and formidable that Dantes hadnever even dreamed of such a scheme, resigning himselfrather to death. But the sight of an old man clinging tolife with so desperate a courage, gave a fresh turn to hisideas, and inspired him with new courage. Another, older andless strong than he, had attempted what he had not hadsufficient resolution to undertake, and had failed onlybecause of an error in calculation. This same person, withalmost incredible patience and perseverance, had contrivedto provide himself with tools requisite for so unparalleledan attempt. Another had done all this; why, then, was itimpossible to Dantes? Faria had dug his way through fiftyfeet, Dantes would dig a hundred; Faria, at the age offifty, had devoted three years to the task; he, who was buthalf as old, would sacrifice six; Faria, a priest andsavant, had not shrunk from the idea of risking his life bytrying to swim a distance of three miles to one of theislands -- Daume, Rattonneau, or Lemaire; should a hardysailer, an experienced diver, like himself, shrink from asimilar task; should he, who had so often for mereamusement's sake plunged to the bottom of the sea to fetchup the bright coral branch, hesitate to entertain the sameproject? He could do it in an hour, and how many times hadhe, for pure pastime, continued in the water for more thantwice as long! At once Dantes resolved to follow the braveexample of his energetic companion, and to remember thatwhat has once been done may be done again.

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      "What game shall I find there!"

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       "I think that if you would take the trouble of reflecting,you could find a way of simplifying the negotiation," saidFranz.

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      "No," replied the countess, "it was certainly empty duringthe first act;" then, resuming the subject of their previousconversation, she said, "And so you really believe it wasyour mysterious Count of Monte Cristo that gained theprize?"

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    {  "Ah, Beauchamp, I see you know something already; you willrestore me to life."

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      "And one which will go far to efface the recollection of hisfather's conduct," added the incorrigible marquise.}

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      "I will do anything you desire, except relinquish mydetermination of finding out who this man is. I have morereasons than you can imagine for desiring to know who he is,from whence he came, and whither he is going."

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      "A great pity," said Monte Cristo.

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       "Sixty thousand francs per year. I thought I was right inbelieving that Cavalcanti to be a stingy fellow. How can ayoung man live upon 5,000 francs a month?"

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    {  "Come, Barrois," said the young girl, "take some of thislemonade; I see you are coveting a good draught of it."

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      "But," exclaimed Monte Cristo, "why was I absent? And whywere you alone?"