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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Try me, gentlemen," said he, "and I swear to you by my honorthat I will not go hence if we are conquered."
2.  "How can I?"
3.  "You say she is in a convent?" replied Porthos.
4.  "They will come for her tomorrow or the day after, with an order fromthe queen."
5.  Milady recoiled, uttering a cry. D'Artagnan, believing she might havemeans of flight and fearing she should escape, drew a pistol from hisbelt; but Athos raised his hand.
6.  "Where you please, after you have put me on shore at Portsmouth.""What are you going to do at Portsmouth?" asked Milady."Accomplish the orders of Lord de Winter," said Felton, with agloomy smile.


1.  "But the queen will perhaps refuse to obey."
2.  Athos remained a Musketeer under the command of D'Artagnan till the year1633, at which period, after a journey he made to Touraine, he also quitthe service, under the pretext of having inherited a small property inRoussillon.
3.  "Row!" said he to the sailors.
4.  "But," said Porthos, "I think I have an idea, in my turn.""Silence for Monsieur Porthos's idea!" said Aramis."I will ask leave of absence of Monsieur de Treville, onsome pretext or other which you must invent; I am not veryclever at pretexts. Milady does not know me; I will getaccess to her without her suspecting me, and when I catch mybeauty, I will strangle her."
5.  "In French, EN AVANT. It is the password. He will give you ahorse all saddled, and will point out to you the road you oughtto take. You will find, in the same way, four relays on yourroute. If you will give at each of these relays your address inParis, the four horses will follow you thither. You already knowtwo of them, and you appeared to appreciate them like a judge.They were those we rode on; and you may rely upon me for theothers not being inferior to them. These horses are equipped forthe field. However proud you may be, you will not refuse toaccept one of them, and to request your three companions toaccept the others--that is, in order to make war against us.Besides, the end justified the means, as you Frenchmen say, doesit not?"
6.  The quarters of Monsieur were at Dompierre; the quarters ofthe king were sometimes at Estree, sometimes at Jarrie; thecardinal's quarters were upon the downs, at the bridge of LaPierre, in a simple house without any entrenchment. So thatMonsieur watched Bassompierre; the king, the Duc


1.  "You will not sign that order, my Lord!" said Felton, making a steptoward the duke.
2.  "Nor I," said Athos.
3.  D'Artagnan bowed with respect.
4.  "Oh, that is not my secret."
5.   "We are much more likely to be killed," said Athos, "if wedo not go."
6.  The Rochellais, then, had no hope but in Buckingham. Buckinghamwas their Messiah. It was evident that if they one day learnedpositively that they must not count on Buckingham, their couragewould fail with their hope.


1.  "Then he is there? I shall find him there?"
2.  "No high-sounding words! Let us sit down and chat quietly, asbrother and sister ought to do."
3.  "Ah, monsieur!" said the young man, "I meet you, then, at last! Thistime you shall not escape me!"
4、  "Come, come, enough of such compliments!" cried Porthos."Remember, we are waiting for our turns."
5、  The three friends burst into laughter.




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      "That's well," said D'Artagnan. "lead us, Grimaud."Grimaud took his course across the country, and acted as guide to thecavalcade.

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      "A woman of mark!" said Porthos, with his loud laugh.Athos started, passed his hand over his brow to remove thedrops of perspiration that burst forth, and rose in his turnwith a nervous movement he could not repress.

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       "What vessel is that?" asked Milady.

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      The four muskets made but one report, but four men fell.The drum immediately beat, and the little troop advanced atcharging pace.

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    {  "To London."

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      "That I may relate my misfortunes for you to treat them asfables; that I may tell you my projects for you to go and betraythem to my persecutor? No, sir. Besides, of what importance toyou is the life or death of a condemned wretch? You are onlyresponsible for my body, is it not so? And provided you producea carcass that may be recognized as mine, they will require nomore of you; nay, perhaps you will even have a double reward.""I, madame, I?" cried Felton. "You suppose that I would everaccept the price of your life? Oh, you cannot believe what yousay!"}

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      "Name a few of those whom you know, and you will see if they are myfriends."

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      "My dear Athos," said Aramis, "you speak like Nestor, whowas, as everyone knows, the wisest among the Greeks.""Well, then," said Athos, "it is agreed. Planchet and Bazinshall go. Everything considered, I am not sorry to retainGrimaud; he is accustomed to my ways, and I am particular.Yesterday's affair must have shaken him a little; his voyagewould upset him quite."

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       "Alas, monseigneur, we were not in the plot, as you will soonsee. Monsieur your friend (pardon for not calling him by thehonorable name which no doubt he bears, but we do not know thatname), Monsieur your friend, having disabled two men with hispistols, retreated fighting with his sword, with which he disableone of my men, and stunned me with a blow of the flat side ofit."

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    {  "This is serious," answered the three friends; "it is a familyaffair. It is with valets as with wives, they must be placed atonce upon the footing in which you wish them to remain. Reflectupon it."

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      It is by more order and for the good of the state that thebearer of this has done what he has done.