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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He sprang up and shook me by the hand.
2.  I saw an intent look pass over Holmes's face.
3.  "It all depends upon the behaviour of Dr. Watson's revolver," saidmy friend. Here it is. Now, officer, can you give me ten yards ofstring?"
4.  "Not so, Lestrade. I do not propose to appear in the matter atall. To you, and to you only, belongs the credit of the remarkablearrest which you have effected. Yes, Lestrade, I congratulate you!With your usual happy mixture of cunning and audacity, you have gothim."
5.  The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet.
6.  "It is my business to follow the details of Continental crime. Whocould possibly have read what happened at Prague and have any doubtsas to the man's guilt! It was a purely technical legal point and thesuspicious death of a witness that saved him! I am sure that he killedhis wife when the so-called 'accident' happened in the Splugen Pass asif I had seen him do it. I knew, also, that he had come to England andhad a presentiment that sooner or later he would find me some workto do. Well, what has Baron Gruner been up to? I presume it is notthis old tragedy which has come up again?"


1.  "He will be home, sir, at a quarter to one."
2.  "There you are," said Holmes, smiling. "It was a dangerous, recklessattempt in which I seem to trace the influence of young Alec. Havingfound nothing, they tried to divert suspicion by making it appear tobe an ordinary burglary, to which end they carried off whatever theycould lay their hands upon. That is all clear enough, but there wasmuch that was still obscure. What I wanted, above all, was to getthe missing part of that note. I was certain that Alec had torn it outof the dead man's hand, and almost certain that he must have thrust itinto the pocket of his dressing-gown. Where else could he have put it?The only question was whether it was still there. It was worth aneffort to find out, and for that object we all went up to the house."The Cunninghams joined us, as you doubtless remember, outside thekitchen door. It was, of course, of the very first importance thatthey should not be reminded of the existence of this paper,otherwise they would naturally destroy it without delay. The inspectorwas about to tell them the importance which we attached to it when, bythe luckiest chance in the world, I tumbled down in a sort of fitand so changed the conversation."
3.  "It is to him that this trophy belongs."
4.  The brother scribbled a note upon a leaf of his pocket-book, and,ringing the bell, he handed it to the waiter.
5.  "Nothing except that he is an old soldier."
6.  "Now and again I drive down to Sotheby's or Christie's. OtherwiseI very seldom leave my room. I am not too strong, and my researchesare very absorbing. But you can imagine, Mr. Holmes, what a terrificshock- pleasant but terrific- it was for me when I heard of thisunparalleled good fortune. It only needs one more Garrideb to completethe matter, and surely we can find one. I had a brother, but hi isdead, and female relatives are disqualified. But there must surelybe others in the world. I had heard that you handled strange cases,and that was why I sent to you. Of course, this American gentlemanis quite right, and I should have taken his advice first, but Iacted for the best."


1.  "It is dated from Grosvenor Mansions, written with a quill pen,and the noble lord has had the misfortune to get a smear of ink uponthe outer side of his right little finger," remarked Holmes as hefolded up the epistle.
2.  "`Oh, at his new offices. He did tell me the address. Yes,17 King Edward Street, near St. Paul's.'
4.  "The inquest is just over. The medical evidence showed
5.   "`Ten to two.'
6.  "I should," said Lord Holdhurst with a wry face.


1.  "I don't know what there was about that face, Mr. Holmes, but itseemed to send a chill right down my back. I was some little wayoff, so that I could not make out the features, but there wassomething unnatural and inhuman about the face. That was theimpression that I had, and I moved quickly forward to get a nearerview of the person who was watching me. But as I did so the facesuddenly disappeared, so suddenly that it seemed to have beenplucked away into the darkness of the room. I stood for five minutesthinking the business over and trying to analyze my impressions. Icould not tell if the face was that of a man or a woman. It had beentoo far from me for that. But its colour was what had impressed memost. It was of a livid chalky white, and with something set and rigidabout it which was shockingly unnatural. So disturbed was I that Idetermined to see a little more of the new inmates of the cottage. Iapproached and knocked at the door, which was instantly opened by atall, gaunt woman with a harsh, forbidding face.
2.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, you would hardly say it was a face at all. That'show it looked. Our milkman got a glimpse of her once peeping out ofthe upper window, and he dropped his tin and the milk all over thefront garden. that is the kind of face it is. When I saw her- Ihappened on her unawares- she covered up quick, and then she said,'Now, Mrs. Merrilow, you know at last why it is that I never raisemy veil.'"
3.  "'You don't know me?' he asked.
4、  Holmes smiled and rubbed his hands, We were, I may say, seated inthe old sitting-room of the ancient hotel, with a bottle of the famousvintage of which Holmes had spoken on the table between us."Well, now, let us take the dates first," said he, his finger-tipstogether and his manner as if he were addressing a class. "Thisexcellent young man's diary shows that there was trouble upon July 2d,and from then onward it seems to have been at nine-day intervals,with, so far as I remember, only one exception. Thus the last outbreakupon Friday was on September 3rd, which also falls into the series, asdid August 26th, which preceded it. The thing is beyond coincidence."I was forced to agree.
5、  "No, sir, I do not desire any particulars. My son here"-indicating a powerful young man, with a heavy, sullen face, in thecorner of the sitting-room- "is of one mind with me that Mr.McPherson's attentions to Maud were insulting. Yes, sir, the word'marriage' was never mentioned, and yet there were letters andmeetings, and a great deal more of which neither of us couldapprove. She has no mother, and we are her only guardians. We aredetermined-"




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      For two days the Hon. Philip Green (he was, I may mention, the sonof the famous admiral of that name who commanded the Sea of Azof fleetin the Crimean War) brought us no news. On the evening of the third herushed into our sitting-room, pale, trembling, with every muscle ofhis powerful frame quivering with excitement.

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      -THE END-

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       "'Certainly not. But why?'

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      "I am about to tell you, Mr. Holmes, all that actually occurred, foryou already know so much that it is clearly to my interest that youshould know all. I have already explained the relationship in whichI stood to the Tregennis family. For the sake of the sister I wasfriendly with the brothers. There was a family quarrel about moneywhich estranged this man Mortimer, but it was supposed to be madeup, and I afterwards met him as I did the others. He was a sly,subtle, scheming man, and several things arose which gave me asuspicion of him, but I had no cause for any positive quarrel."One day, only a couple of weeks ago, he came down to my cottage andI showed him some of my African curiosities. Among other things Iexhibited this powder, and I told him of its strange properties, howit stimulates those brain centres which control the emotion of fear,and how either madness or death is the fate of the unhappy nativewho is subjected to the ordeal by the priest of his tribe. I toldhim also how powerless European science would be to detect it. Howhe took it I cannot say, for I never left the room, but there is nodoubt that it was then, while I was opening cabinets and stooping toboxes, that he managed to abstract some of the devil's-foot root. Iwell remember how he plied me with questions as to the amount andthe time that was needed for its effect, but I little dreamed thathe could have a personal reason for asking.

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    {  Holmes sat for some little time in silence.

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      "'I remembered hearing of his case, for it was one which had made animmense sensation throughout the country some time before my ownarrest. He was a man of good family and of great ability, but ofincurably vicious habits, who had by an ingenious system of fraudobtained huge sums of money from the leading London merchants."'"Ha, ha! You remember my case!" said he proudly.}

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      The puckered eyelids had begun to quiver, and now a pair of vacantgray eyes looked up at us. An instant later the man had scrambled onto his feet, his face crimson with shame.

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      "That seems very suggestive. Had you any indication that food wasconveyed from the one house to the other?"

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       "There you have it," said Sherlock Holmes, knocking out the ashes ofhis after breakfast pipe and slowly refilling it. "That is thegentleman I await. As to the story, you have hardly time to master allthese papers, so I must give it to you in a nutshell if you are totake an intelligent interest in the proceedings. This man is thegreatest financial power in the world, and a man, as I understand,of most violent and formidable character. He married a wife, thevictim of this tragedy, of whom I know nothing save that she waspast her prime, which was the more unfortunate as a very attractivegoverness superintended the education of two young children. These arethe three people concerned, and the scene is a grand old manorhouse, the centre of a historical English state. Then as to thetragedy. The wife was found in the grounds nearly half a mile from thehouse, late at night, clad in her dinner dress, with a shawl overher shoulders and a revolver bullet through her brain. No weapon wasfound near her and there was no local clue as to the murder. No weaponnear her, Watson- mark that! The crime seems to have been committedlate in the evening, and the body was found by a gamekeeper abouteleven o'clock, when it was examined by the police and by a doctorbefore being carried up to the house. Is this too condensed, or canyou follow it clearly?"

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    {  "Then, sir, prepare for war."

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      "Yes, sir. They must get it back, sir. Why, we had the PrimeMinister and the Home Secretary both sitting on that very sofa. Mr.Holmes was very nice to them. He soon put them at their ease andpromised he would do all he could. Then there is Lord Cantlemere-""Ah!"