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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I understand," said Athos; "but why not Porthos? I shouldhave thought that his duchess--"
2.  The young woman continued to advance; and in addition to thelightness of her step, which had betrayed her, she emitted alittle cough which denoted a sweet voice. D'Artagnan believedthis cough to be a signal.
3.  The commissary designated by the same gesture Athos andBonacieux, "Let them be guarded more closely than ever.""And yet," said Athos, with his habitual calmness, "if it beMonsieur d'Artagnan who is concerned in this matter, I do notperceive how I can take his place."
4.  Kitty entered to bring some sherbet. Her mistress put on acharming face, and smiled on her graciously; but alas! thepoor girl was so sad that she did not even notice Milady'scondescension.
5.  Indeed, the name of Bernajoux was known to all the world,D'Artagnan alone excepted, perhaps; for it was one of those whichfigured most frequently in the daily brawls which all the edictsof the cardinal could not repress.
6.  But there, as he was alighting from his horse at the gate of theJolly Miller, without anyone--host, waiter, or hostler--coming tohold his stirrup or take his horse, D'Artagnan spied, though anopen window on the ground floor, a gentleman, well-made and ofgood carriage, although of rather a stern countenance, talkingwith two persons who appeared to listen to him with respect.D'Artagnan fancied quite naturally, according to his custom, thathe must be the object of their conversation, and listened. Thistime D'Artagnan was only in part mistaken; he himself was not inquestion, but his horse was. The gentleman appeared to beenumerating all his qualities to his auditors; and, as I havesaid, the auditors seeming to have great deference for thenarrator, they every moment burst into fits of laughter. Now, asa half-smile was sufficient to awaken the irascibility of theyoung man, the effect produced upon him by this vociferous mirthmay be easily imagined.


1.  One window was lighted.
2.  With every three shots at least two men fell; but the marchof those who remained was not slackened.
3.  M. de Treville entertained good company, wholly anticardinalst,though. It may easily be understood, therefore, that theconversation during the whole of dinner turned upon the twochecks that his Eminence's Guardsmen had received. Now, asD'Artagnan had been the hero of these two fights, it was upon himthat all the felicitations fell, which Athos, Porthos, and Aramisabandoned to him, not only as good comrades, but as men who hadso often had their turn that could very well afford him his.Toward six o'clock M. de Treville announced that it was time togo to the Louvre; but as the hour of audience granted by hisMajesty was past, instead of claiming the ENTREE by the backstairs, he placed himself with the four young men in theantechamber. The king had not yet returned from hunting. Ouryoung men had been waiting about half an hour, amid a crowd ofcourtiers, when all the doors were thrown open, and his Majestywas announced.
4.  "The devil! Why, people jest with death."
5.  The countenances of all gave evidence of terror, fornotwithstanding the friendly adieu of his Eminence, they plainlyperceived that the cardinal went away with rage in his heart.Athos alone smiled, with a self-possessed, disdainful smile.When the cardinal was out of hearing and sight, "That Grimaudkept bad watch!" cried Porthos, who had a great inclination tovent his ill-humor on somebody.
6.  Meanwhile, Lord de Winter, the deputies, the leaders of the expedition,the officers of Buckingham's household, had all made their way into thechamber. Cries of despair resounded on all sides. The news, whichfilled the palace with tears and groans, soon became known, and spreaditself throughout the city.


1.  "A proof?" cried Milady; "I will have ten."
2.  "Ah, monsieur," said Planchet, "I saw one fall at each of his twoshots, and he appeared to me, through the glass door, to befighting with his sword with the others."
3.  "Monseigneur," said D'Artagnan, quite confused, "I went--""Hunting at Windsor, or elsewhere--that concerns nobody. Iknow, because it is my office to know everything. On yourreturn you were received by an august personage, and Iperceive with pleasure that you preserve the souvenir shegave you."
4.  "What will you do with the letter, then?" asked Porthos."Come here, Grimaud," said Athos. Grimaud rose and obeyed. "Asa punishment for having spoken without permission, my friend, youwill please to eat this piece of paper; then to recompense youfor the service you will have rendered us, you shall afterwarddrink this glass of wine. First, here is the letter. Eatheartily."
5.   "But we are no longer in the city, sir," said she.The young officer preserved silence.
6.  When landing at Portsmouth, Milady was an Englishwoman whom thepersecutions of the French drove from La Rochelle; when landing atBoulogne, after a two days' passage, she passed for a Frenchwoman whomthe English persecuted at Portsmouth out of their hatred for France.Milady had, likewise, the best of passports-her beauty, her nobleappearance, and the liberality with which she distribute her pistoles.Freed from the usual formalities by the affable smile and gallantmanners of an old governor of the port, who kissed her hand, she onlyremained long enough at Boulogne to put into the post a letter,conceived in the following terms:


1.  "And those two equally fine thrusts at Bernajoux.""Truly!"
2.  "Yes, without the saddle."
3.  "Have the goodness to send mine to Athos's residence. I shoulddread some disagreeable encounter if I were to go home.""Be easy. Adieu, and a prosperous voyage. A PROPOS," said M. deTreville, calling him back.
4、  "Do that," cried she, "and you will have saved my life, you willhave saved my honor!"
5、  "I believe you," said Mme. Bonacieux; "but why, then, did you cry outso?"




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      "Pardon, monsieur, but I doubt whether he can see you at thismoment."

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      "Seven thousand livres, in louis of twelve francs.""Seven thousand livres!" cried Porthos. "That poor littlediamond was worth seven thousand livres?"

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       Cries were soon heard, and then moans, which someone appeared tobe endeavoring to stifle. There were no questions."The devil!" said D'Artagnan to himself. "It seems like a woman!They search her; she resists; they use force--the scoundrels!"In spite of his prudence, D'Artagnan restrained himself withgreat difficulty from taking a part in the scene that was goingon below.

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      This affirmation appeared to dispel all doubts with regard to thebaldric. They continued to admire it, but said no more about it;and with a rapid change of thought, the conversation passedsuddenly to another subject.

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    {  "Silence," said Felton, "I hear footsteps."

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      "In the first place, Monsieur Athos is arrested.""Arrested! Athos arrested! What for?"}

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      "Brave Athos!" murmured D'Artagnan, "and to think that we arecompelled to leave him; maybe the same fate awaits us two paceshence. Forward, Planchet, forward! You are a brave fellow.""As I told you, monsieur," replied Planchet, "Picards are foundout by being used. Besides, I am here in my own country, andthat excites me."

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      "Ah, ah!" said the listener, "not through doors, but throughwindows! Ah, this visit was expected. We shall see the windowsopen, and the lady enter by escalade. Very pretty!"But to the great astonishment of D'Artagnan, the shutter remainedclosed. Still more, the light which had shone for an instantdisappeared, and all was again in obscurity.

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       With these words he held out to the queen the two studs thecardinal had given him.

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    {  "Yes," said Aramis, "but that one word is the name of some town orvillage."

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      "Wretch!" cried Milady.