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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You said I did real well in Chicago," she rejoined.
2.  "I don't think I do," she said.
3.  "By fours, right! Right, I said, right! For heaven's sake, get onto yourself! Right!" and in saying this he would lift the lastsounds into a vehement roar.
4.  "You did," he answered, seeing that he was arousing opposition,"but Chicago isn't New York, by a big jump."
5.  One day, in the middle of the winter, the sharpest spell of theseason set in. It broke grey and cold in the first day, and onthe second snowed. Poor luck pursuing him, he had secured butten cents by nightfall, and this he had spent for food. Atevening he found himself at the Boulevard and Sixty-seventhStreet, where he finally turned his face Bowery-ward. Especiallyfatigued because of the wandering propensity which had seized himin the morning, he now half dragged his wet feet, shuffling thesoles upon the sidewalk. An old, thin coat was turned up abouthis red ears--his cracked derby hat was pulled down until itturned them outward. His hands were in his pockets.
6.  "I don't believe," she exclaimed, looking into her purse atbreakfast, "that I'll have enough to pay the rent."


1.  "Are you?" said her mother.
2.  Carrie listened with eager ears. These things never came upbetween her and Hurstwood. Nevertheless, she began to suggestone thing and another, which Hurstwood agreed to without anyexpression of opinion. He noticed the new tendency on Carrie'spart, and finally, hearing much of Mrs. Vance and her delightfulways, suspected whence the change came. He was not inclined tooffer the slightest objection so soon, but he felt that Carrie'swants were expanding. This did not appeal to him exactly, but hecared for her in his own way, and so the thing stood. Still,there was something in the details of the transactions whichcaused Carrie to feel that her requests were not a delight tohim. He did not enthuse over the purchases. This led her tobelieve that neglect was creeping in, and so another small wedgewas entered.
3.  "No."
4.  "I think so," she answered.
5.  Back in the dining-room she sat in her chair and rocked. Herlittle hands were folded tightly as she thought. Through a fogof longing and conflicting desires she was beginning to see. Oh,ye legions of hope and pity--of sorrow and pain! She was rocking,and beginning to see.
6.  "Why, no," said Carrie. "Of course I didn't."


1.  In walking a few blocks to fix upon some probable place, sheagain encountered the firm of Storm and King, and this timemanaged to get in. Some gentlemen were conferring close at hand,but took no notice of her. She was left standing, gazingnervously upon the floor. When the limit of her distress hadbeen nearly reached, she was beckoned to by a man at one of themany desks within the near-by railing.
2.  "I came to tell you that--that I can't take the money."
3.  "And her name?"
4.  Carrie swallowed this story in all its pristine beauty. Shesincerely wished he could get through the summer. He looked sohopeless.
5.   Vance led the way through lanes of shining tables, at which wereseated parties of two, three, four, five, or six. The air ofassurance and dignity about it all was exceedingly noticeable tothe novitiate. Incandescent lights, the reflection of their glowin polished glasses, and the shine of gilt upon the walls,combined into one tone of light which it requires minutes ofcomplacent observation to separate and take particular note of.The white shirt fronts of the gentlemen, the bright costumes ofthe ladies, diamonds, jewels, fine feathers--all were exceedinglynoticeable.
6.  He noted particularly in each the "protection guaranteed." Itsignified to him the unassailable power of the companies.


1.  "That girl knows how to carry herself," said the manager, anotherevening. He began to think that he should like to talk with her.If he hadn't made it a rule to have nothing to do with themembers of the chorus, he would have approached her mostunbendingly.
2.  "Thanks," said the captain, turning to the two remainingapplicants. "Now we have some for to-morrow night," he added.
3.  "Yes, that is a great resort for Chicago people. The hotels areswell. You are not familiar with this part of the country, areyou?"
4、  In Monday's second mail he encountered a very legal-lookingletter, which held his interest for some time. It bore theimprint of the law offices of McGregor, James and Hay, and with avery formal "Dear Sir," and "We beg to state," went on to informhim briefly that they had been retained by Mrs. Julia Hurstwoodto adjust certain matters which related to her sustenance andproperty rights, and would he kindly call and see them about thematter at once.
5、  While she was waiting to be noticed, the door of the hall bedroomopened and from it issued two very mannish-looking women, verytightly dressed, and wearing white collars and cuffs. After themcame a portly lady of about forty-five, light-haired, sharp-eyed,and evidently good-natured. At least she was smiling.




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      He was referring to some property which he said he had, and whichrequired so much attention, adjustment, and what not, thatsomehow or other it interfered with his free moral, personalactions.

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      "We'll look to-day, if you want to," she said.

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       Chapter XIX

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      Hurstwood turned away and set his lips so as best to express andconceal his feelings.

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    {  So his going was crystallising into staying. What was she to donow? Evidently she would be facing the world in the same old waywithin a day or two. Her clothes would get poor. She put hertwo hands together in her customary expressive way and pressedher fingers. Large tears gathered in her eyes and broke hotacross her cheeks. She was alone, very much alone.

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      "Remember, I'll be looking till you find your sister."}

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      "He's not coming to dinner to-night," said Carrie.

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      "Well, my dear," he asked, "how did you come out?"

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       "Yes, I saw George," returned Drouet. "Great old boy, isn't he?We had quite a time there together."

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    {  "That fellow at the door there didn't want to let me in, until Ipaid him. I knew it was you, all right. Say, you've got a greatshow. You do your part fine. I knew you would. I just happenedto be passing to night and thought I'd drop in for a few minutes.I saw your name on the programme, but I didn't remember it untilyou came on the stage. Then it struck me all at once. Say, youcould have knocked me down with a feather. That's the same nameyou used out there in Chicago, isn't it?"

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      Carrie took the instructions affably. She saw what Drouet liked;in a vague way she saw where he was weak. It lessens a woman'sopinion of a man when she learns that his admiration is sopointedly and generously distributed. She sees but one object ofsupreme compliment in this world, and that is herself. If a manis to succeed with many women, he must be all in all to each.