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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah," cried Albert, "it is very lucky that M. Morrel comesto aid me; you are vexed, are you not, that he thus gives aclew to the labyrinth?"
2.  Franz heard the words of the count but imperfectly, and heperhaps did not fully appreciate this new attention to theirwishes; for he was wholly absorbed by the spectacle that thePiazza del Popolo presented, and by the terrible instrumentthat was in the centre. It was the first time Franz had everseen a guillotine, -- we say guillotine, because the Romanmandaia is formed on almost the same model as the Frenchinstrument.* The knife, which is shaped like a crescent,that cuts with the convex side, falls from a less height,and that is all the difference. Two men, seated on themovable plank on which the victim is laid, were eating theirbreakfasts, while waiting for the criminal. Their repastconsisted apparently of bread and sausages. One of themlifted the plank, took out a flask of wine, drank some, andthen passed it to his companion. These two men were theexecutioner's assistants. At this sight Franz felt theperspiration start forth upon his brow. The prisoners,transported the previous evening from the Carcere Nuovo tothe little church of Santa Maria del Popolo, had passed thenight, each accompanied by two priests, in a chapel closedby a grating, before which were two sentinels, who wererelieved at intervals. A double line of carbineers, placedon each side of the door of the church, reached to thescaffold, and formed a circle around it, leaving a pathabout ten feet wide, and around the guillotine a space ofnearly a hundred feet. All the rest of the square was pavedwith heads. Many women held their infants on theirshoulders, and thus the children had the best view. TheMonte Pincio seemed a vast amphitheatre filled withspectators; the balconies of the two churches at the cornerof the Via del Babuino and the Via di Ripetta were crammed;the steps even seemed a parti-colored sea, that was impelledtowards the portico; every niche in the wall held its livingstatue. What the count said was true -- the most curiousspectacle in life is that of death. And yet, instead of thesilence and the solemnity demanded by the occasion, laughterand jests arose from the crowd. It was evident that theexecution was, in the eyes of the people, only thecommencement of the Carnival. Suddenly the tumult ceased, asif by magic, and the doors of the church opened. Abrotherhood of penitents, clothed from head to foot in robesof gray sackcloth, with holes for the eyes, and holding intheir hands lighted tapers, appeared first; the chiefmarched at the head. Behind the penitents came a man of vaststature and proportions. He was naked, with the exception ofcloth drawers at the left side of which hung a large knifein a sheath, and he bore on his right shoulder a heavy ironsledge-hammer. This man was the executioner. He had,moreover, sandals bound on his feet by cords. Behind theexecutioner came, in the order in which they were to die,first Peppino and then Andrea. Each was accompanied by twopriests. Neither had his eyes bandaged. Peppino walked witha firm step, doubtless aware of what awaited him. Andrea wassupported by two priests. Each of them, from time to time,kissed the crucifix a confessor held out to them. At thissight alone Franz felt his legs tremble under him. He lookedat Albert -- he was as white as his shirt, and mechanicallycast away his cigar, although he had not half smoked it. Thecount alone seemed unmoved -- nay, more, a slight colorseemed striving to rise in his pale cheeks. His nostrilsdilated like those of a wild beast that scents its prey, andhis lips, half opened, disclosed his white teeth, small andsharp like those of a jackal. And yet his features wore anexpression of smiling tenderness, such as Franz had neverbefore witnessed in them; his black eyes especially werefull of kindness and pity. However, the two culpritsadvanced, and as they approached their faces became visible.Peppino was a handsome young man of four or five and twenty,bronzed by the sun; he carried his head erect, and seemed onthe watch to see on which side his liberator would appear.Andrea was short and fat; his visage, marked with brutalcruelty, did not indicate age; he might be thirty. In prisonhe had suffered his beard to grow; his head fell on hisshoulder, his legs bent beneath him, and his movements wereapparently automatic and unconscious.
3.  "By heaven, M. Bertuccio, you make use of heraldic terms;where did you study heraldry?"
4.  "If you do not overtake him before we reach Bourget youshall have twenty francs; if not before Louvres, thirty."
5.  "Just the same as though you prayed that a physician mightonly be called upon to prescribe for headaches, measles, andthe stings of wasps, or any other slight affection of theepidermis. If you wish to see me the king's attorney, youmust desire for me some of those violent and dangerousdiseases from the cure of which so much honor redounds tothe physician."
6.  "Why, do you not recollect the name of the celebrated banditby whom I was made prisoner?"


1.  "It seems to me," said Danglars, in his coarse tone,ill-concealed by a forced smile, "that you have already gothorses enough." Madame Danglars seldom allowed remarks ofthis kind to pass unnoticed, but, to the surprise of theyoung people, she pretended not to hear it, and saidnothing. Monte Cristo smiled at her unusual humility, andshowed her two immense porcelain jars, over which woundmarine plants, of a size and delicacy that nature alonecould produce. The baroness was astonished. "Why," said she,"you could plant one of the chestnut-trees in the Tuileriesinside! How can such enormous jars have been manufactured?"
2.  Madame Danglars had often heard of the terror to which themagistrate alluded, but without the evidence of her owneyesight she could never have believed that the sentimenthad been carried so far. "You too, then, are unhappy?" shesaid. "Yes, madame," replied the magistrate.
3.  But in less than five minutes the staircase groaned beneathan extraordinary weight. Morrel was seen carrying, withsuperhuman strength, the arm-chair containing Noirtierup-stairs. When he reached the landing he placed thearm-chair on the floor and rapidly rolled it intoValentine's room. This could only have been accomplished bymeans of unnatural strength supplied by powerful excitement.But the most fearful spectacle was Noirtier being pushedtowards the bed, his face expressing all his meaning, andhis eyes supplying the want of every other faculty. Thatpale face and flaming glance appeared to Villefort like afrightful apparition. Each time he had been brought intocontact with his father, something terrible had happened."See what they have done!" cried Morrel, with one handleaning on the back of the chair, and the other extendedtowards Valentine. "See, my father, see!"
4.  "How do you know that?" asked the guide in astonishment.
5.  "At what point shall I begin my story, your excellency?"asked Bertuccio.
6.  "Shall we watch by the corpse?"


1.  "Within the last week he has been made one of the learnedassembly."
2.  "It was the only letter you had?"
3.  "If you like; but tell me, my dear Lucien, what it is thatconstitutes a princess. Why, diamonds -- and she is coveredwith them."
4.  "Yes," said the count, "yes."
5.   "They have not found; but they are on the track."
6.  "But if I am not hungry?" said the young man.


1.  The doctor, without shaking hands with Villefort, withoutadding a word to what he had said, went out, amid the tearsand lamentations of the whole household. The same eveningall Villefort's servants, who had assembled in the kitchen,and had a long consultation, came to tell Madame deVillefort that they wished to leave. No entreaty, noproposition of increased wages, could induce them to remain;to every argument they replied, "We must go, for death is inthis house." They all left, in spite of prayers andentreaties, testifying their regret at leaving so good amaster and mistress, and especially Mademoiselle Valentine,so good, so kind, and so gentle. Villefort looked atValentine as they said this. She was in tears, and, strangeas it was, in spite of the emotions he felt at the sight ofthese tears, he looked also at Madame de Villefort, and itappeared to him as if a slight gloomy smile had passed overher thin lips, like a meteor seen passing inauspiciouslybetween two clouds in a stormy sky.
2.  "With what?"
3.  "My dear grandmother," interrupted Valentine, "considerdecorum -- the recent death. You would not have me marryunder such sad auspices?"
4、  "What next? what more do you want?"
5、  "Go, then," she said with a charming smile, whichaccompanied him until he had disappeared. Monte Cristo soonran up the staircase conducting from the ground-floor toMaximilian's room; when he reached the landing he listenedattentively, but all was still. Like many old housesoccupied by a single family, the room door was panelled withglass; but it was locked, Maximilian was shut in, and it wasimpossible to see what was passing in the room, because ared curtain was drawn before the glass. The count's anxietywas manifested by a bright color which seldom appeared onthe face of that imperturbable man.




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      "That his experiments have very considerably advanced thecause of science, doubtless?"

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      "Until that time," continued the young girl in a calm andself-possessed tone of voice, "we will conform tocircumstances, and be guided by the wishes of our friends,so long as those wishes do not tend finally to separate us;in a word, and I repeat it, because it expresses all I wishto convey, -- we will wait."

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       "But you said," replied Madame Danglars, "he would requireit as a proof."

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      "It is not worth while."

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    {  "Yes, miserable wretch!" cried Morcerf, "it is your fault."Danglars retreated a few steps. "My fault?" said he; "youmust be mad! What do I know of the Grecian affair? Have Itravelled in that country? Did I advise your father to sellthe castle of Yanina -- to betray" --

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      "I was called to see him on his dying bed, that I mightadminister to him the consolations of religion."}

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      "Then here is my master's card, -- the Baron Danglars. Youwill take it to the count, and say that, although in hasteto attend the Chamber, my master came out of his way to havethe honor of calling upon him."

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      "A gentleman, and a diplomatist."

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       "Wretch!" exclaimed Haidee, her eyes flashing with rage; "hesold my father to the Turks, and the fortune he boasts ofwas the price of his treachery! Did not you know that, mydear lord?"

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    {  "Ah, yes, the hashish is beginning its work. Well, unfurlyour wings, and fly into superhuman regions; fear nothing,there is a watch over you; and if your wings, like those ofIcarus, melt before the sun, we are here to ease your fall."He then said something in Arabic to Ali, who made a sign ofobedience and withdrew, but not to any distance. As to Franza strange transformation had taken place in him. All thebodily fatigue of the day, all the preoccupation of mindwhich the events of the evening had brought on, disappearedas they do at the first approach of sleep, when we are stillsufficiently conscious to be aware of the coming of slumber.His body seemed to acquire an airy lightness, his perceptionbrightened in a remarkable manner, his senses seemed toredouble their power, the horizon continued to expand; butit was not the gloomy horizon of vague alarms, and which hehad seen before he slept, but a blue, transparent, unboundedhorizon, with all the blue of the ocean, all the spangles ofthe sun, all the perfumes of the summer breeze; then, in themidst of the songs of his sailors, -- songs so clear andsonorous, that they would have made a divine harmony hadtheir notes been taken down, -- he saw the Island of MonteCristo, no longer as a threatening rock in the midst of thewaves, but as an oasis in the desert; then, as his boat drewnearer, the songs became louder, for an enchanting andmysterious harmony rose to heaven, as if some Loreley haddecreed to attract a soul thither, or Amphion, theenchanter, intended there to build a city.

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      "Listen, if you please, till I have finished speaking,"replied Monte Cristo. "You receive 1,500 francs per annumfor your services here -- more than many a brave subaltern,who continually risks his life for his country, obtains. Youlive in a manner far superior to many clerks who work tentimes harder than you do for their money. Then, thoughyourself a servant, you have other servants to wait uponyou, take care of your clothes, and see that your linen isduly prepared for you. Again, you make a profit upon eacharticle you purchase for my toilet, amounting in the courseof a year to a sum equalling your wages."