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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is of no use for you to know anything about it," said theyoung woman, whom an instinctive mistrust now impelled to drawback. "It was about one of those purchases that interest women--a purchase by which much might have been gained."But the more the young woman excused herself, the more importantBonacieux thought the secret which she declined to confide tohim. He resolved then to hasten immediately to the residence ofthe Comte de Rochefort, and tell him that the queen was seekingfor a messenger to send to London.
2.  At the moment she entered, the curtain of a small gallery whichto that time had been closed, was drawn, and the pale face of thecardinal appeared, he being dresses as a Spanish cavalier. Hiseyes were fixed upon those of the queen, and a smile of terriblejoy passed over his lips; the queen did not wear her diamondstuds.
3.  In a short time the two unfortunate beasts, who had noteaten anything since the morning, made such a noise inraising and letting fall the knocker that the procuratorordered his errand boy to go and inquire in the neighborhoodto whom this horse and mule belonged.
4.  "That is true, that is true, my child," said the queen, "you areright."
5.  Mme. Bonacieux looked earnestly at the young man."And if I give you this password," said she, "would you forget itas soon as you used it?"
6.  "Felton, I bring misfortune to all who surround me! Felton,abandon me! Felton, let me die!"


1.  "It is some superior officer making his night rounds," saidAthos. "What do you wish, gentlemen?"
2.  After breakfast, it was agreed that they should meet againin the evening at Athos's lodging, and there finish theirplans.
3.  "I am ready."
4.  "Ah, ah!" said D'Artagnan, half rising and bowing; "you are mylandlord?"
5.  Milady saw the trouble. She felt by intuition the flame of theopposing passions which burned with the blood in the veins of theyoung fanatic. As a skillful general, seeing the enemy ready tosurrender, marches toward him with a cry of victory, she rose,beautiful as an antique priestess, inspired like a Christianvirgin, her arms extended, her throat uncovered, her hairdisheveled, holding with one hand her robe modestly drawn overher breast, her look illumined by that fire which had alreadycreated such disorder in the veins of the young Puritan, and wenttoward him, crying out with a vehement air, and in her melodiousvoice, to which on this occasion she communicated a terribleenergy:
6.  "But, my good gentleman," resumed the old man, upon whom thismute despair certainly produced a greater effect than cries andtears would have done, "do not take on so; they did not kill her,and that's a comfort."


1.  At the same time D'Artagnan felt that Planchet slipped anote into his hand.
2.  The king called the cardinal.
3.  A black point floated on the sea. That was the sloop. While theboat was advancing with all the speed its four rowers could giveit, Felton untied the cord and then the handkerchief which boundMilady's hands together. When her hands were loosed he took somesea water and sprinkled it over her face.
4.  "You will win."
5.   Notwithstanding all the pains he took, D'Artagnan was unable tolearn any more concerning his three new-made friends. He formed,therefore, the resolution of believing for the present all thatwas said of their past, hoping for more certain and extendedrevelations in the future. In the meanwhile, he looked uponAthos as an Achilles, Porthos as an Ajax, and Aramis as a Joseph.As to the rest, the life of the four young friends was joyousenough. Athos played, and that as a rule unfortunately.Nevertheless, he never borrowed a sou of his companions, althoughhis purse was ever at their service; and when he had played uponhonor, he always awakened his creditor by six o'clock the nextmorning to pay the debt of the preceding evening.Porthos had his fits. On the days when he won he was insolentand ostentatious; if he lost, he disappeared completely forseveral days, after which he reappeared with a pale face andthinner person, but with money in his purse.
6.  Mme. Bonacieux looked at the young man, restrained for a minuteby a last hesitation; but there was such an ardor in his eyes,such persuasion in his voice, that she felt herself constrainedto confide in him. Besides, she found herself in circumstanceswhere everything must be risked for the sake of everything. Thequeen might be as much injured by too much reticence as by toomuch confidence; and--let us admit it--the involuntary sentimentwhich she felt for her young protector decided her to speak."Listen," said she; "I yield to your protestations, I yield toyour assurances. But I swear to you, before God who hears us,that if you betray me, and my enemies pardon me, I will killmyself, while accusing you of my death."


1.  "Your wound?"
2.  "Stop--"
3.  She saw nothing; she listened, and she heard nothing."Where am I to die?" said she.
4、  "Oh, it is a proof that the Lord is on our side, Felton," repliedMilady. "They have closed up the grating with a board.""That is well; God has made them senseless," said Felton."But what must I do?" asked Milady.
5、  "No, monsieur, no; I am not called Louis the Just without reason.Tomorrow, then, monsieur--tomorrow."




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      This time there was no longer any doubt; it was at the Traitor'sCross that lesser criminals were executed. Bonacieux hadflattered himself in believing himself worthy of St. Paul or ofthe Place de Greve; it was at the Traitor's Cross that hisjourney and his destiny were about to end! He could not yet seethat dreadful cross, but he felt somehow as if it were coming tomeet him. When he was within twenty paces of it, he heard anoise of people and the carriage stopped. This was more thanpoor Bonacieux could endure, depressed as he was by thesuccessive emotions which he had experienced; he uttered a feeblegroan which night have been taken for the last sigh of a dyingman, and fainted.

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      "A PROPOS, you have probably one or two friends?""I have three, who would be honored by joining in the sportwith me."

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       "There are five of them," said Athos, half aloud, "and we are butthree; we shall be beaten again, and must die on the spot, for,on my part, I declare I will never appear again before thecaptain as a conquered man."

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      "Well, don't be alarmed if I return at one, two or three o'clockin the morning; indeed, do not be alarmed if I do not come atall."

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    {  "May you tell me whither?"

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      "And what have you done with your ecclesiastics?" askedD'Artagnan.}

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      "My brother met some emissaries of the cardinal in the uniform ofMusketeers. You would have been summoned to the gate; you would havebelieved yourself about to meet friends; you would have been abducted,and conducted back to Paris."

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      Milady made no reply, but became as pale as a corpse."Oh, I see you prefer peregrination. That's well madame; andthere is an old proverb that says, 'Traveling trains youth.' Myfaith! you are not wrong after all, and life is sweet. That'sthe reason why I take such care you shall not deprive me of mine.There only remains, then, the question of the five shillings tobe settled. You think me rather parsimonious, don't you? That'sbecause I don't care to leave you the means of corrupting yourjailers. Besides, you will always have your charms left toseduce them with. Employ them, if your check with regard toFelton has not disgusted you with attempts of that kind.""Felton has not told him," said Milady to herself. "Nothing islost, then."

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       Grimaud was on his legs again as if by a spring. Athos thenmade him a sign to take up his basket and to walk on first.Grimaud obeyed. All that Grimaud gained by this momentarypantomime was to pass from the rear guard to the vanguard.Arrived at the bastion, the four friends turned round.More than three hundred soldiers of all kinds were assembledat the gate of the camp; and in a separate group might bedistinguished M. de Busigny, the dragoon, the Swiss, and thefourth bettor.

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    {  "Yes, it was pronounced in my hearing once. Stop--but--it is verystrange--oh, my God, my head swims! I cannot see!""Help, help, my friends! her hands are icy cold," cried D'Artagnan."She is ill! Great God, she is losing her senses!"While Porthos was calling for help with all the power of his strongvoice, Aramis ran to the table to get a glass of water; but he stoppedat seeing the horrible alteration that had taken place in thecountenance of Athos, who, standing before the table, his hair risingfrom his head, his eyes fixed in stupor, was looking at one of theglasses, and appeared a prey to the most horrible doubt."Oh1' said Athos, "oh, no, it is impossible! God would not permit sucha crime!"

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      "Come in," said the officer.