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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But you, Mademoiselle de Villefort, -- you, who arenecessary to M. Noirtier's happiness" --
2.  "While you assert that she is a queen, or at least aprincess. No; I hope that when he sees me leave you, he willcome out."
3.  "I promise you. Au revoir, Albert. Gentlemen, good morning."
4.  Furnished with this plunder, Andrea leaped with a lighterheart from the window, intending to slip through the handsof the gendarmes. Tall and well proportioned as an ancientgladiator, and muscular as a Spartan, he walked for aquarter of an hour without knowing where to direct hissteps, actuated by the sole idea of getting away from thespot where if he lingered he knew that he would surely betaken. Having passed through the Rue Mont Blanc, guided bythe instinct which leads thieves always to take the safestpath, he found himself at the end of the Rue Lafayette.There he stopped, breathless and panting. He was quitealone; on one side was the vast wilderness of theSaint-Lazare, on the other, Paris enshrouded in darkness."Am I to be captured?" he cried; "no, not if I can use moreactivity than my enemies. My safety is now a mere questionof speed." At this moment he saw a cab at the top of theFaubourg Poissonniere. The dull driver, smoking his pipe,was plodding along toward the limits of the FaubourgSaint-Denis, where no doubt he ordinarily had his station."Ho, friend!" said Benedetto.
5.  "In my office, or in the court, if you like, -- that is thesurest place."
6.  "Then I have leave?"


1.  The night was cold and still; the family had all retired torest but Villefort, who alone remained up, and worked tillfive o'clock in the morning, reviewing the lastinterrogatories made the night before by the examiningmagistrates, compiling the depositions of the witnesses, andputting the finishing stroke to the deed of accusation,which was one of the most energetic and best conceived ofany he had yet delivered.
2.  "Ah -- No. 27."
3.  Villefort rushed up-stairs to fetch him. "Take this," saidMadame de Villefort, giving her smelling-bottle toValentine. "They will, no doubt, bleed him; therefore I willretire, for I cannot endure the sight of blood;" and shefollowed her husband up-stairs. Morrel now emerged from hishiding-place, where he had remained quite unperceived, sogreat had been the general confusion. "Go away as quick asyou can, Maximilian," said Valentine, "and stay till I sendfor you. Go."
4.  "Yet I think I hear her piano."
5.  "Yes, your excellency. I did not look on Caderousse as a badman, and I thought him incapable of committing a crime, oreven a theft."
6.  "The Pharaon has gone down, then?" said Morrel in a hoarsevoice. The young girl did not speak; but she made anaffirmative sign with her head as she lay on her father'sbreast.


1.  "And have you replied to every one as you have to me?"
2.  Franz interrupted himself by saying, "My father was aroyalist; they need not have asked his sentiments, whichwere well known."
3.  "To-day?"
4.  "Yes, sir."
5.   "Pardieu, every one exists."
6.  "Is all safe and sound, M. Morrel, take my word for it; andI advise you not to take 25,000 francs for the profits ofthe voyage."


1.  "But," asked Madame Danglars, looking at her husband withuneasiness, "how could that prevent M. de Villefort" --
2.  "Now, then, do you wish for anything else?" said the patron.
3.  "When you say invisible," interrupted Albert, "it is only tokeep up the mystery; for whom do you take the blue domino atthe window with the white curtains?"
4、  "`This is the head of Ali Tepelini Pasha of Yanina.' I criedbitterly, and tried to raise my mother from the earth, butshe was dead! I was taken to the slave-market, and waspurchased by a rich Armenian. He caused me to be instructed,gave me masters, and when I was thirteen years of age hesold me to the Sultan Mahmood."
5、  "But," said Albert, emitting a volume of smoke and balancinghis chair on its hind legs, "only madmen, or blockheads likeus, ever do travel. Men in their senses do not quit theirhotel in the Rue du Helder, their walk on the Boulevard deGand, and the Cafe de Paris." It is of course understoodthat Albert resided in the aforesaid street, appeared everyday on the fashionable walk, and dined frequently at theonly restaurant where you can really dine, that is, if youare on good terms with its frequenters. Signor Pastriniremained silent a short time; it was evident that he wasmusing over this answer, which did not seem very clear."But," said Franz, in his turn interrupting his host'smeditations, "you had some motive for coming here, may I begto know what it was?"




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      "Haidee," replied the count, "you know that you are now inFrance, and are free."

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      Chapter 49Haidee.

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      "Grenoble and Lyons are faithful cities, and will oppose tohim an impassable barrier."

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    {  "This is the way such affairs are generally arranged when itis wished to do them stylishly: Your two solicitors appointa meeting, when the contract is signed, for the next or thefollowing day; then they exchange the two portions, forwhich they each give a receipt; then, when the marriage iscelebrated, they place the amount at your disposal as thechief member of the alliance."

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      "As long as I have known her -- always."}

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      "Have you brought it?"

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      "For long?"

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       "You, madame, remained under the arbor; do you not remember,that while you were seated on a stone bench, and while, as Itold you, Mademoiselle de Villefort and your young son wereabsent, you conversed for a considerable time withsomebody?"

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    {  "No, thank you; I shall remain and look over the accountswith Danglars. Have you been satisfied with him thisvoyage?"

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      "Have you brought it?"