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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Chapter 88The Insult.
2.  "Ah, that is just what I cannot tell you; if I did, I shouldmake you as wise as myself, which it is not my intention todo."
3.  "Not out of my armory, for at Terracina I was plundered evenof my hunting-knife."
4.  "He died."
5.  "Then you really lost by that affair in Spain?"
6.  * Lake Maggiore.


1.  `Foul deeds will rise,Tho, all the earth o'erwhelm them to men's eyes;'
2.  Dantes passed through all the stages of torture natural toprisoners in suspense. He was sustained at first by thatpride of conscious innocence which is the sequence to hope;then he began to doubt his own innocence, which justified insome measure the governor's belief in his mental alienation;and then, relaxing his sentiment of pride, he addressed hissupplications, not to God, but to man. God is always thelast resource. Unfortunates, who ought to begin with God, donot have any hope in him till they have exhausted all othermeans of deliverance.
3.  "I?" said Mercedes, blushing as rapidly as she had turnedpale, and again becoming paler than ever.
4.  "What is that?"
5.  "Ah!" said the abbe, in a peculiar tone, "he is happy."
6.  "Thank you, my dear Beauchamp, thank you for the excellentfeeling which prompts your advice; but it cannot be. I havetold you my wish, or rather my determination. You understandthat, interested as I am in this affair, I cannot see it inthe same light as you do. What appears to you to emanatefrom a celestial source, seems to me to proceed from one farless pure. Providence appears to me to have no share in thisaffair; and happily so, for instead of the invisible,impalpable agent of celestial rewards and punishments, Ishall find one both palpable and visible, on whom I shallrevenge myself, I assure you, for all I have suffered duringthe last month. Now, I repeat, Beauchamp, I wish to returnto human and material existence, and if you are still thefriend you profess to be, help me to discover the hand thatstruck the blow."


1.  "Oh, you are a thorough democrat," said Monte Cristo,smiling.
2.  "Hush," said the count, "do not joke in so loud a tone;Haidee may hear you, perhaps."
3.  "At what hour shall we come?" asked the young man.
4.  "Yes."
5.   And at these words the young girl fixed her imperious lookon the Catalan, who, as if fascinated by it, came slowlytowards Edmond, and offered him his hand. His hatred, like apowerless though furious wave, was broken against the strongascendancy which Mercedes exercised over him. Scarcely,however, had he touched Edmond's hand than he felt he haddone all he could do, and rushed hastily out of the house.
6.  "I tell you he will never return. I know his character; heis inflexible in any resolutions formed for his owninterests. If he could have made any use of me, he wouldhave taken me with him; he leaves me in Paris, as ourseparation will conduce to his benefit; -- therefore he hasgone, and I am free forever," added Madame Danglars, in thesame supplicating tone. Debray, instead of answering,allowed her to remain in an attitude of nervous inquiry."Well?" she said at length, "do you not answer me?"


1.  "Yes. It may be worn at Via Reggio; but that costume,however elegant in itself, has long been out of fashion inParis."
2.  "I do not know who could if I could not," said Caderousse."Why, I lived almost on the same floor with the poor oldman. Ah, yes, about a year after the disappearance of hisson the poor old man died."
3.  "Who is he?"
4、  "So, then, Gaetano," said Franz, "this is, then, allreality; there exists a man who has received me in thisisland, entertained me right royally, and his departed whileI was asleep?"
5、  "Dear Benedetto," said he, "I think he will not be sorry toinherit his fortune, and he who hastens the day when he cantouch his five hundred thousand will not be his worstfriend."




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      "You are most kind; but as regards myself, I can find nomerit I possess, save that, as a millionaire, I might havebecome a partner in the speculations of M. Aguado and M.Rothschild; but as my motive in travelling to your capitalwould not have been for the pleasure of dabbling in stocks,I stayed away till some favorable chance should presentitself of carrying my wish into execution. Your offer,however, smooths all difficulties, and I have only to askyou, my dear M. de Morcerf" (these words were accompanied bya most peculiar smile), "whether you undertake, upon myarrival in France, to open to me the doors of thatfashionable world of which I know no more than a Huron or anative of Cochin-China?"

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      "Indeed?" said the count with an air of surprise, remarkablywell counterfeited; "I really did not remember."

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       His words were re-echoed by the whole party, with vociferouscheers.

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      "A thousand thanks for your kindness, viscount," returnedthe Count of Monte Cristo "but I suppose that M. Bertucciohas suitably employed the four hours and a half I have givenhim, and that I shall find a carriage of some sort ready atthe door." Albert was used to the count's manner ofproceeding; he knew that, like Nero, he was in search of theimpossible, and nothing astonished him, but wishing to judgewith his own eyes how far the count's orders had beenexecuted, he accompanied him to the door of the house. MonteCristo was not deceived. As soon as he appeared in the Countof Morcerf's ante-chamber, a footman, the same who at Romehad brought the count's card to the two young men, andannounced his visit, sprang into the vestibule, and when hearrived at the door the illustrious traveller found hiscarriage awaiting him. It was a coupe of Koller's building,and with horses and harness for which Drake had, to theknowledge of all the lions of Paris, refused on the previousday seven hundred guineas. "Monsieur," said the count toAlbert, "I do not ask you to accompany me to my house, as Ican only show you a habitation fitted up in a hurry, and Ihave, as you know, a reputation to keep up as regards notbeing taken by surprise. Give me, therefore, one more daybefore I invite you; I shall then be certain not to fail inmy hospitality."

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    {  "Ah, father," said Albert with a smile, "it is evident youdo not know the Count of Monte Cristo; he despises allhonors, and contents himself with those written on hispassport."

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      "There is, then, one," said Monte Cristo, "whom you do notcondemn like poor Danglars?"}

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      "Ah, now you are trying to penetrate into the mysteries ofIsis, in which I am not initiated. When M. Andrea Cavalcantihas become one of the family, you can ask him thatquestion." The carriage stopped. "Here we are," said MonteCristo; "it is only half-past ten o'clock, come in."

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      The two coffins were placed on trestles previously preparedfor their reception in the right-hand crypt belonging to theSaint-Meran family. Villefort, Franz, and a few nearrelatives alone entered the sanctuary.

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       "Bravo! an excellent idea. We will disguise ourselves asmonster pulchinellos or shepherds of the Landes, and weshall have complete success."

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    {  The magistrates freely discussed their political views; themilitary part of the company talked unreservedly of Moscowand Leipsic, while the women commented on the divorce ofJosephine. It was not over the downfall of the man, but overthe defeat of the Napoleonic idea, that they rejoiced, andin this they foresaw for themselves the bright and cheeringprospect of a revivified political existence.

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      "No, no, I will be on the ground at the proper time; but inmy opinion (and I have a right to dictate the preliminaries,as it is I who have received the provocation) -- in myopinion the time ought not to be yet. I know you to be wellskilled in the management of the sword, while I am onlymoderately so; I know, too, that you are a good marksman --there we are about equal. I know that a duel between us twowould be a serious affair, because you are brave, and I ambrave also. I do not therefore wish either to kill you, orto be killed myself without a cause. Now, I am going to puta question to you, and one very much to the purpose too. Doyou insist on this retractation so far as to kill me if I donot make it, although I have repeated more than once, andaffirmed on my honor, that I was ignorant of the thing withwhich you charge me, and although I still declare that it isimpossible for any one but you to recognize the Count ofMorcerf under the name of Fernand?"