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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The voice of the king was tremulous with anger. Everybody lookedand listened with astonishment, comprehending nothing of whatpassed.
2.  "Ah, my God!" whispered Mme. Bonacieux, "we shall hear no more.""On the contrary," said D'Artagnan, "we shall hear better."D'Artagnan raised the three or four boards which made his chamberanother ear of Dionysius, spread a carpet on the floor, went uponhis knees, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to stoop as he didtoward the opening.
3.  "Why, upon the frontiers of Artois and of Flanders. The siegeonce over, we shall be able to make a tour in that direction.""And that will not be long, it is to be hoped," said Porthos;"for they have this morning hanged a spy who confessed that theRochellais were reduced to the leather of their shoes. Supposingthat after having eaten the leather they eat the soles, I cannotsee much that is left unless they eat one another.""Poor fools!" said Athos, emptying a glass of excellent Bordeauxwine which, without having at that period the reputation it nowenjoys, merited it no less, "poor fools! As if the Catholicreligion was not the most advantageous and the most agreeable ofall religions! All the same," resumed he, after having clickedhis tongue against his palate, "they are brave fellows! But whatthe devil are you about, Aramis?" continued Athos. "Why, you aresqueezing that letter into your pocket!"
4.  "By five minutes."
5.  assassination."
6.  "Have you no information as to his abiding place?""None. One day, as I was conveying my wife back to the Louvre,he was coming out as she was going in, and she showed him to me.""The devil! The devil!" murmured D'Artagnan; "all this is vagueenough. From whom have you learned of the abduction of yourwife?"


1.  "You are mistaken, my Lord, blood will flow; and may that bloodfall back on those who cause it to flow!"
2.  At a hundred paces from the gates of Calais, D'Artagnan's horsegave out, and could not by any means be made to get up again, theblood flowing from his eyes and his nose. There still remainedPlanchet's horse; but he stopped short, and could not be made tomove a step.
3.  It was then nearly eight o'clock in the evening. Miladyperceived a bed; she calculated that the repose of a few hourswould not only refresh her head and her ideas, but still further,her complexion. A better idea, however, came into her mindbefore going to bed. She had heard something said about supper.She had already been an hour in this apartment; they could notlong delay bringing her a repast. The prisoner did not wish tolose time; and she resolved to make that very evening someattempts to ascertain the nature of the ground she had to workupon, by studying the characters of the men to whose guardianshipshe was committed.
4.  "Then, addressing the man who accompanied him, 'Executioner,'said he, 'do your duty.'"
5.  "The fact is," hazarded D'Artagnan, timidly, "I did not see thehandkerchief fall from the pocket of Monsieur Aramis. He had hisfoot upon it, that is all; and I thought from having his footupon it the handkerchief was his."
6.  "Listen. This is what has happened: My brother, who was coming to myassistance to take me away by force if it were necessary, met with theemissary of the cardinal, who was coming in search of me. He followedhim. At a solitary and retired part of the road he drew his sword, andrequired the messenger to deliver up to him the papers of which he wasthe bearer. The messenger resisted; my brother killed him.""Oh!" said Mme. Bonacieux, shuddering.


1.  The officer superintended all these details with the samecalmness Milady had constantly seen in him, never pronouncing aword himself, and making himself obeyed by a gesture of his handor a sound of his whistle.
2.  But D'Artagnan well suspected that that which was deferredwas not relinquished.
3.  "Never?"
4.  "Where we should have been seen all four conferringtogether, so that at the end of a quarter of an hour thecardinal would have been informed by his spies that we wereholding a council."
5.   "Capital! Adieu, Chevalier."
6.  "Ah, this time," cried D'Artagnan, springing to his sword, "thistime he will not escape me!"


1.  The queen bent in token of submission, and followed the ladieswho were to conduct her to her room. On his part the kingreturned to his apartment.
2.  "How so?"
3.  "No," said Porthos, "I expected some gentlemen of theneighborhood, who have just sent me word they could not come.You will take their places and I shall not lose by the exchange.HOLA, Mousqueton, seats, and order double the bottles!""Do you know what we are eating here?" said Athos, at the end often minutes.
4、  "Are you authorized by her Majesty to communicate it to me?""No, monsieur, for, on the contrary, I am desired to preserve theprofoundest mystery."
5、  While singing, Milady listened. The soldier on guard at her doorstopped, as if he had been changed into stone. Milady was thenable to judge of the effect she had produced.




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      "Nothing is impossible," replied Milady, "to true love.""Nothing, madame?"

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      D'Artagnan knew it was considered disobliging by anEnglishman to refuse to pledge him. He therefore drew nearto the table and took the second glass. He did not,however, lose sight of Milady, and in a mirror he perceivedthe change that came over her face. Now that she believedherself to be no longer observed, a sentiment resemblingferocity animated her countenance. She bit her handkerchiefwith her beautiful teeth.

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       "And now, gentlemen, that's well," continued the cardinal."I know what I wish to know; follow me."

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      "You see," said she, when the lackey had gone out, "everything is ready.The abbess suspects nothing, and believes that I am taken by order ofthe cardinal. This man goes to give his last orders; take the leastthing, drink a finger of wine, and let us be gone.""Yes," said Mme. Bonacieux, mechanically, "yes, let us be gone."Milady made her a sign to sit down opposite, poured her a small glass ofSpanish wine, and helped her to the wing of a chicken."See," said she, "if everything does not second us! Here is nightcoming on; by daybreak we shall have reached our retreat, and nobody canguess where we are. Come, courage! take something."Mme. Bonacieux ate a few mouthfuls mechanically, and just touched theglass with her lips.

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    {  "The fact is that I do not doubt your Eminence's genius--""Will repair the blunders of his agent--is that it?""That is exactly what I was going to say, if your Eminence hadlet me finish my sentence."

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      At eleven o'clock came in his turn Duhallier, captain of theGuards, bringing with him fifty archers, who were distributedimmediately through the Hotel de Ville, at the doors assignedthem.}

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      "Her lover."

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      *The reader may ask, "How came Planchet here?" when he was left"stiff as a rush" in London. In the intervening time Buckinghamperhaps sent him to Paris, as he did the horses.

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       That evening D'Artagnan went to present his respects to M.Dessessart, and inform him of his promotion.

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    {  "My chaise broke down coming into Lilliers."

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      "Undeniably, my friend. At nine o'clock, then, be ready here atthe hotel, I will come and take you."