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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And shall you dine there?"
2.  "Yes, I promise you, as faithfully as you have promised methat this horrible marriage shall not take place, and thatif you are dragged before a magistrate or a priest, you willrefuse."
3.  "But," exclaimed the young girl, "why am I thus pursued?"
4.  "Well, gentlemen, the reason people die so multitudinously(I like the word) at M. de Villefort's is that there is anassassin in the house!" The two young men shuddered, for thesame idea had more than once occurred to them. "And who isthe assassin;" they asked together.
5.  An ironical smile passed over Albert's lips. Mercedes saw itand with the double instinct of woman and mother guessedall; but as she was prudent and strong-minded she concealedboth her sorrows and her fears. Albert was silent; aninstant after, the countess resumed: "You came to inquireafter my health; I will candidly acknowledge that I am notwell. You should install yourself here, and cheer mysolitude. I do not wish to be left alone."
6.  The Young Amelia had a very active crew, very obedient totheir captain, who lost as little time as possible. He hadscarcely been a week at Leghorn before the hold of hisvessel was filled with printed muslins, contraband cottons,English powder, and tobacco on which the excise hadforgotten to put its mark. The master was to get all thisout of Leghorn free of duties, and land it on the shores ofCorsica, where certain speculators undertook to forward thecargo to France. They sailed; Edmond was again cleaving theazure sea which had been the first horizon of his youth, andwhich he had so often dreamed of in prison. He left Gorgoneon his right and La Pianosa on his left, and went towardsthe country of Paoli and Napoleon. The next morning going ondeck, as he always did at an early hour, the patron foundDantes leaning against the bulwarks gazing with intenseearnestness at a pile of granite rocks, which the rising suntinged with rosy light. It was the Island of Monte Cristo.The Young Amelia left it three-quarters of a league to thelarboard, and kept on for Corsica.


1.  "It was an impossibility; for the last week M. de Villeforthas secluded himself. It is natural enough; this strangechain of domestic afflictions, followed by the no lessstrange death of his daughter" --
2.  "How?"
3.  "I assure you he is my most intimate friend, and M. deChateau-Renaud has also the honor of his acquaintance."
4.  "Never mind what he says, Morcerf," said Debray, "do youmarry her. You marry a money-bag label, it is true; well,but what does that matter? It is better to have a blazonless and a figure more on it. You have seven martlets onyour arms; give three to your wife, and you will still havefour; that is one more than M. de Guise had, who so nearlybecame King of France, and whose cousin was Emperor ofGermany."
5.  The young woman hid her face in her hands. "Oh, sir," shestammered, "I beseech you, do not believe appearances."
6.  "Both, sir; one with a letter, and the other put it in thepost."


1.  However, the morning of the appointment, the young man hadestablished himself in the small salon down-stairs. There,on a table, surrounded at some distance by a large andluxurious divan, every species of tobacco known, -- from theyellow tobacco of Petersburg to the black of Sinai, and soon along the scale from Maryland and Porto-Rico, to Latakia,-- was exposed in pots of crackled earthenware of which theDutch are so fond; beside them, in boxes of fragrant wood,were ranged, according to their size and quality, pueros,regalias, havanas, and manillas; and, in an open cabinet, acollection of German pipes, of chibouques, with their ambermouth-pieces ornamented with coral, and of narghiles, withtheir long tubes of morocco, awaiting the caprice or thesympathy of the smokers. Albert had himself presided at thearrangement, or, rather, the symmetrical derangement, which,after coffee, the guests at a breakfast of modern days loveto contemplate through the vapor that escapes from theirmouths, and ascends in long and fanciful wreaths to theceiling. At a quarter to ten, a valet entered; he composed,with a little groom named John, and who only spoke English,all Albert's establishment, although the cook of the hotelwas always at his service, and on great occasions thecount's chasseur also. This valet, whose name was Germain,and who enjoyed the entire confidence of his young master,held in one hand a number of papers, and in the other apacket of letters, which he gave to Albert. Albert glancedcarelessly at the different missives, selected two writtenin a small and delicate hand, and enclosed in scentedenvelopes, opened them and perused their contents with someattention. "How did these letters come?" said he.
2.  "Then I am also a puzzle to your mother? I should havethought her too reasonable to be led by imagination."
3.  "You are not Busoni? -- you are not Monte Cristo? Oh,heavens -- you are, then, some secret, implacable, andmortal enemy! I must have wronged you in some way atMarseilles. Oh, woe to me!"
4.  "The time and place are but ill-suited for an introduction."said Albert; "but we are not superstitious. M. Morrel, allowme to present to you M. Franz d'Epinay, a delightfultravelling companion, with whom I made the tour of Italy. Mydear Franz, M. Maximilian Morrel, an excellent friend I haveacquired in your absence, and whose name you will hear memention every time I make any allusion to affection, wit, oramiability." Morrel hesitated for a moment; he feared itwould be hypocritical to accost in a friendly manner the manwhom he was tacitly opposing, but his oath and the gravityof the circumstances recurred to his memory; he struggled toconceal his emotion and bowed to Franz. "Mademoiselle deVillefort is in deep sorrow, is she not?" said Debray toFranz.
5.   "And you have a letter?"
6.  "To me, to you, to us! Take it; buy some provisions; behappy, and to-morrow we shall have more."


1.  "Be careful; advice is worse than a service."
2.  And with this raillery Andrea went out, leaving the twogirls a prey to their own feelings of shame, and to thecomments of the crowd. An hour after they stepped into theircalash, both dressed in feminine attire. The gate of thehotel had been closed to screen them from sight, but theywere forced, when the door was open, to pass through athrong of curious glances and whispering voices. Eugenieclosed her eyes; but though she could not see, she couldhear, and the sneers of the crowd reached her in thecarriage. "Oh, why is not the world a wilderness?" sheexclaimed, throwing herself into the arms of Mademoiselled'Armilly, her eyes sparkling with the same kind of ragewhich made Nero wish that the Roman world had but one neck,that he might sever it at a single blow. The next day theystopped at the Hotel de Flandre, at Brussels. The sameevening Andrea was incarcerated in the Conciergerie.
3.  "Disappeared," said Caderousse, "yes, as the sun disappears,to rise the next day with still more splendor."
4、  "Who, then, urged you to write? Tell me."
5、  "You know that we shall fight till one of us is dead," saidthe general, whose teeth were clinched with rage. "Until oneof us dies," repeated Monte Cristo, moving his head slightlyup and down.




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      "I do not."

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      "It expresses my meaning, and that is all I want. Well,three days after that you talked politics with M. Debray,and you fancied from his words that Don Carlos had returnedto Spain. Well, I sold my shares, the news got out, and I nolonger sold -- I gave them away, next day I find the newswas false, and by this false report I have lost 700,000francs."

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       "Let him follow me; I will take him to his cell."

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      "A letter?"

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    {  "Valentine," he answered, "during my long watch over you,all I have observed has been what people visited you, whatnourishment was prepared, and what beverage was served;then, when the latter appeared dangerous to me, I entered,as I have now done, and substituted, in the place of thepoison, a healthful draught; which, instead of producing thedeath intended, caused life to circulate in your veins."

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      "As I was on my way here, a vessel was coming into port."}

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      "And who was the winner?"

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      The baron, followed by the count, traversed a long series ofapartments, in which the prevailing characteristics wereheavy magnificence and the gaudiness of ostentatious wealth,until he reached the boudoir of Madame Danglars -- a smalloctagonal-shaped room, hung with pink satin, covered withwhite Indian muslin. The chairs were of ancient workmanshipand materials; over the doors were painted sketches ofshepherds and shepherdesses, after the style and manner ofBoucher; and at each side pretty medallions in crayons,harmonizing well with the furnishings of this charmingapartment, the only one throughout the great mansion inwhich any distinctive taste prevailed. The truth was, it hadbeen entirely overlooked in the plan arranged and followedout by M. Danglars and his architect, who had been selectedto aid the baron in the great work of improvement solelybecause he was the most fashionable and celebrated decoratorof the day. The decorations of the boudoir had then beenleft entirely to Madame Danglars and Lucien Debray. M.Danglars, however, while possessing a great admiration forthe antique, as it was understood during the time of theDirectory, entertained the most sovereign contempt for thesimple elegance of his wife's favorite sitting-room, where,by the way, he was never permitted to intrude, unless,indeed, he excused his own appearance by ushering in somemore agreeable visitor than himself; and even then he hadrather the air and manner of a person who was himselfintroduced, than that of being the presenter of another, hisreception being cordial or frigid, in proportion as theperson who accompanied him chanced to please or displeasethe baroness.

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       When he opened his eyes Dantes found himself on the deck ofthe tartan. His first care was to see what course they weretaking. They were rapidly leaving the Chateau d'If behind.Dantes was so exhausted that the exclamation of joy heuttered was mistaken for a sigh.

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    {  He had entered Villefort's office expecting that themagistrate would tremble at the sight of him; on thecontrary, he felt a cold shudder all over him when he sawVillefort sitting there with his elbow on his desk, and hishead leaning on his hand. He stopped at the door; Villefortgazed at him as if he had some difficulty in recognizinghim; then, after a brief interval, during which the honestshipowner turned his hat in his hands, --

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      "Are you well fed?" said the inspector.