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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie became disgusted. "Such a man," she said to herselffrequently. More and more she visited. She put most of herspare money in clothes, which, after all, was not an astonishingamount. At last the opera she was with announced its departurewithin four weeks. "Last two weeks of the Great Comic Operasuccess ----The--------," etc., was upon all billboards and inthe newspapers, before she acted.
2.  "Well," he said, jokingly, "I'll come and get you one of theseevenings," and then he laughed.
3.  So this was the game, was it? Shut him out and make him pay.Well, by the Lord, that did beat all!
4.  Mrs. Hurstwood was not aware of any of her husband's moraldefections, though she might readily have suspected histendencies, which she well understood. She was a woman uponwhose action under provocation you could never count. Hurstwood,for one, had not the slightest idea of what she would do undercertain circumstances. He had never seen her thoroughly aroused.In fact, she was not a woman who would fly into a passion. Shehad too little faith in mankind not to know that they wereerring. She was too calculating to jeopardize any advantage shemight gain in the way of information by fruitless clamour. Herwrath would never wreak itself in one fell blow. She would waitand brood, studying the details and adding to them until herpower might be commensurate with her desire for revenge. At thesame time, she would not delay to inflict any injury, big orlittle, which would wound the object of her revenge and stillleave him uncertain as to the source of the evil. She was acold, self-centred woman, with many a thought of her own whichnever found expression, not even by so much as the glint of aneye.
5.  "I told him I called on you, dearest, when he was away. I didnot say how often, but he probably thought once. Let me know ofanything you may have said. Answer by special messenger when youget this, and, darling, I must see you. Let me know if you can'tmeet me at Jackson and Throop Streets Wednesday afternoon at twoo'clock. I want to speak with you before we meet at thetheatre."
6.  "It is comfortable," said Carrie, who was lifting a lace curtainand looking down into crowded Broadway.


1.  "I have my mind he'll get his fill," returned the latter,quietly. They had been in strikes before.
2.  A lovely home atmosphere is one of the flowers of the world, thanwhich there is nothing more tender, nothing more delicate,nothing more calculated to make strong and just the naturescradled and nourished within it. Those who have never experiencedsuch a beneficent influence will not understand wherefore thetear springs glistening to the eyelids at some strange breath inlovely music. The mystic chords which bind and thrill the heartof the nation, they will never know.
3.  "No," he said, in his sanest moments, "I can't do it. I'll getsomething else and save up."
4.  "I'm not hungry," she answered.
5.  "Well," he said, "there's no use talking about it now. If you'llcome in Saturday, I'll pay you something on it."
6.  After Drouet and Hurstwood, there was the least touch of cynicismin her attitude toward young men--especially of the gay andfrivolous sort. She felt a little older than they. Some oftheir pretty compliments seemed silly. Still, she was young inheart and body and youth appealed to her.


1.  "Yes, look up Shanahan. He was just asking for you a momentago."
2.  "Did you see Harry last night?" said the girl at her left,addressing her neighbour.
3.  Carrie felt this to contain, in some way, an aspersion upon herability.
4.  "Hello," he exclaimed, "you've been crying."
5.   "Well," she said, "I think I'll look around tomorrow. I've gotFriday and Saturday, and it won't be any trouble. Which way isthe business part?"
6.  "She said she was going down to the foot of the stairs," answeredMinnie. "I guess she just wants to look out a while."


1.  "Is there anything the matter with your ears?"
2.  "Certainly," said Carrie. "I'm glad you did. I do the samething sometimes."
3.  "Out for a little stroll, are you, this evening?"
4、  Some half dozen men, standing on the corner, flung taunts andjeers after the speeding car.
5、  She recalled, with more subtle emotions, that he did not look ather now with any of the old light of satisfaction or approval inhis eye. Evidently, along with other things, he was taking herto be getting old and uninteresting. He saw her wrinkles,perhaps. She was fading, while he was still preening himself inhis elegance and youth. He was still an interested factor in themerry-makings of the world, while she--but she did not pursue thethought. She only found the whole situation bitter, and hatedhim for it thoroughly.




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      "Yes, sir," said Carrie, who had long since learned this art.

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      In the front room Hanson was reading his paper. As usual, shehelped Minnie clear away the dishes and straighten up. Then shesaid:

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       "Oh, all right."

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      "Well," said the manager, "I hope they make a success of it.Have another?"

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    {  He was thinking of a full career of vanity and wastefulness whicha young girl might indulge in, and wondering how Carrie couldcontemplate such a course when she had so little, as yet, withwhich to do.

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      "Hashed brown potatoes."}

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      "It's hell these days, ain't it?" said the man. "A poor manain't nowhere. You could starve, by God, right in the streets,and there ain't most no one would help you."

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      To Carrie he said nothing whatsoever. She could feel that herrequest disturbed him. To pay her would soon become adistressing thing.

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       "Promise me you'll do that," he said, "and we'll quit talkingabout it. It'll be the best thing for you."

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    {  "Well, you'd better go sit down, then."

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      "Running a machine," answered Carrie.