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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My faith!" replied D'Artagnan, "you are well named, gentlemen;and my adventure, if it should make any noise, will prove atleast that your union is not founded upon contrasts."In the meantime, Porthos had come up, waved his hand to Athos,and then turning toward D'Artagnan, stood quite astonished.Let us say in passing that he had changed his baldric andrelinquished his cloak.
2.  He left the box and dice where they fell, threw the purse tothe wounded man, and eagerly opened the pocketbook.Among some unimportant papers he found the following letter,that which he had sought at the risk of his life:
3.  All the city was agitated by an extraordinary movement. Fourlarge vessels, recently built, had just been launched. At theend of the jetty, his clothes richly laced with gold, glittering,as was customary with him, with diamonds and precious stones, hishat ornamented with a white feather which drooped upon hisshoulder, Buckingham was seen surrounded by a staff almost asbrilliant as himself.
4.  The cardinal being left alone, reflected for an instant and thenrang the bell a third time. The same officer appeared."Bring the prisoner in again," said the cardinal.M. Bonacieux was introduced afresh, and upon a sign from thecardinal, the officer retired.
5.  "Let us talk a little," said she.
6.  "To his Eminence Monseigneur the Cardinal Richelieu, in his camp beforeLa Rochelle.


1.  "Sign, my Lord; sign the liberation of Milady de Winter," said Felton,holding out paper to the duke.
2.  "To take the hundred pistoles, D'Artagnan. With the hundredpistoles we can live well to the end of the month. We haveundergone a great deal of fatigue, remember, and a little restwill do no harm."
3.  "That's true. How much do you want?"
4.  Athos divided them into three groups, assumed the command ofone, gave the second to Aramis, and the third to Porthos;and then each group went and took their watch near anentrance.
5.  "It's the same thing," cried the young woman. "Who callsRichelieu calls Satan."
6.  "Then you comprehend it would be only a question of time, a sort ofrace, which should arrive first. If your friends are the more speedy,you are to be saved; if the satellites of the cardinal, you are lost.""Oh, yes, yes; lost beyond redemption! What, then, to do? What to do?""There would be a very simple means, very natural--""Tell me what!"


1.  D'Artagnan could not get over the surprise created in him by thisminister, who thus open-handed, sported with men and millions.As to the goldsmith, he wrote to his wife, sending her the orderfor the thousand pistoles, and charging her to send him, inexchange, his most skillful apprentice, an assortment ofdiamonds, of which he gave the names and the weight, and thenecessary tools.
2.  "AU REVOIR; then; that is all I have to say today. Tomorrow Iwill see you again, to take my leave." With these words thebaron went out. Milady had listened to all this menacing tiradewith a smile of disdain on her lips, but rage in her heart.Supper was served. Milady felt that she stood in need of all herstrength. She did not know what might take place during thisnight which approached so menacingly--for large masses of cloudrolled over the face of the sky, and distant lightning announceda storm.
3.  "Name a few of those whom you know, and you will see if they are myfriends."
4.  "D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "where art thou? Donot leave me! You see I am dying!"
5.   "Yes, but I thought perhaps you had worn out all your courage thefirst time."
6.  "And you say you will wait for me at Armentieres?""At Armentieres."


1.  She passed an hour without breathing, panting, with a cold sweatupon her brow, and her heart oppressed by frightful agony atevery movement she heard in the corridor.
2.  Unfortunately, the hour was badly chosen for a privateconference. The morning drum had just been beaten; everyoneshook off the drowsiness of night, and to dispel the humidmorning air, came to take a drop at the inn. Dragoons,Swiss, Guardsmen, Musketeers, light-horsemen, succeeded oneanother with a rapidity which might answer the purpose ofthe host very well, but agreed badly with the views of thefour friends. Thus they applied very curtly to thesalutations, healths, and jokes of their companions."I see how it will be," said Athos: "we shall get into somepretty quarrel or other, and we have no need of one justnow. D'Artagnan, tell us what sort of a night you have had,and we will describe ours afterward."
3.  "That will do; I will be there."
4、  Meantime the young woman continued to advance, counting thehouses and windows. This was neither long nor difficult. Therewere but three hotels in this part of the street; and only twowindows looking toward the road, one of which was in a pavilionparallel to that which Aramis occupied, the other belonging toAramis himself.
5、  "I must be able to present these proofs for his




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      "Why, you see plainly enough we are going to the bastion.""But what are we going to do there?"

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      "To me, to a brother?" said Felton.

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       Milady asked some questions about the carriage. It was a chaise drawnby three horses, driven by a postillion; Rochefort's lackey wouldprecede it, as courier.

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      The ballet lasted an hour, and had sixteen ENTREES. The balletended amid the applause of the whole assemblage, and everyonereconducted his lady to her place; but the king took advantage ofthe privilege he had of leaving his lady, to advance eagerlytoward the queen.

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    {  The attendant confirmed to the cardinal what the twoMusketeers had already said with respect to Athos. Thecardinal made an approving gesture, and retraced his routewith the same precautions he had used incoming.

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      "Yes, that's it, no doubt!" said Milady, returning the letter to Mme.Bonacieux, and letting her head sink pensively upon her bosom.At that moment they heard the gallop of a horse.}

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      "Thank you," said the cardinal, biting his lips with anger."Athos, then, went to pay a visit to one of his friends absent atthe time," continued Treville, "to a young Bearnais, a cadet inhis Majesty's Guards, the company of Monsieur Dessessart, butscarcely had he arrived at his friend's and taken up a book,while waiting his return, when a mixed crowd of bailiffs andsoldiers came and laid siege to the house, broke open severaldoors--"

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       D'Artagnan sighed deeply, for this voice responded to asecret voice of his soul, which told him that greatmisfortunes awaited him.

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    {  Planchet and Grimaud appeared in their turn, leading theirmasters' steeds. D'Artagnan and Athos put themselves intosaddle with their companions, and all four set forward;Athos upon a horse he owed to a woman, Aramis on a horse heowed to his mistress, Porthos on a horse he owed to hisprocurator's wife, and D'Artagnan on a horse he owed to hisgood fortune--the best mistress possible.

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      "Instantly, monseigneur." And Rochefort went hastily out of theapartment.