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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"I won't," said Sara, and she did not utter another word, but stood quite still, and stared at her steadily as she saw her take Jessie's arm and turn away.
2.Then Miss Amelia began to wring her fat hands and cry.
3.But Sara gave him leave at once.
4."Comme elle est drole!" Mariette said to herself, and when she went downstairs she told the head housemaid about it. But she had already begun to like this odd little girl who had such an intelligent small face and such perfect manners. She had taken care of children before who were not so polite. Sara was a very fine little person, and had a gentle, appreciative way of saying, "If you please, Mariette," "Thank you, Mariette," which was very charming. Mariette told the head housemaid that she thanked her as if she was thanking a lady.
5."Silence, young ladies!" said Miss Minchin, at the murmur which arose. "James, place the box on the table and remove the lid. Emma, put yours upon a chair. Becky!" suddenly and severely.
6.In a moment she did.


1."Do you like it?" fluttered Ermengarde. "I--I like yours."
2.Sara's cheeks felt warm. She went back to her seat and opened the book. She looked at the first page with a grave face. She knew it would be rude to smile, and she was very determined not to be rude. But it was very odd to find herself expected to study a page which told her that "le pere" meant "the father," and "la mere" meant "the mother."
3."Not exactly," he said.
4.Ermengarde looked from her to the doll and back again.
5.The beggar girl was still huddled up in the corner of the step. She looked frightful in her wet and dirty rags. She was staring straight before her with a stupid look of suffering, and Sara saw her suddenly draw the back of her roughened black hand across her eyes to rub away the tears which seemed to have surprised her by forcing their way from under her lids. She was muttering to herself.
6."See," she said, putting the bun in the ragged lap, "this is nice and hot. Eat it, and you will not feel so hungry."


1."Sara," said Miss Minchin in her schoolroom manner, "come here to me."
3."These are the plates," she said. "They are golden plates. These are the richly embroidered napkins. Nuns worked them in convents in Spain."
4.Ermengarde could only gaze at her, but she felt that she was beginning to adore her. She was so wonderful and different from anyone else.
5. Miss Minchin dropped into her chair again. The words he had spoken filled her with alarm.
6."I'll throw in two for makeweight," said the woman with her good-natured look. "I dare say you can eat them sometime. Aren't you hungry?"


1."Can I work?" she said. "If I can work it will not matter so much. What can I do?"
2.Sara flew across the room and, kneeling down, put her arms round her.
3."Go back to your work, Becky," Miss Amelia had said; but she had stopped to pick up reverently first a muff and then a coat, and while she stood looking at them adoringly, she heard Miss Minchin upon the threshold, and, being smitten with terror at the thought of being accused of taking liberties, she rashly darted under the table, which hid her by its tablecloth.
4、"I promised him I would bear it," she said. "And I will. You have to bear things. Think what soldiers bear! Papa is a soldier. If there was a war he would have to bear marching and thirstiness and, perhaps, deep wounds. And he would never say a word--not one word."
5、When she reached the other side of the street she looked back. The child had a bun in each hand and had stopped in the middle of a bite to watch her. Sara gave her a little nod, and the child, after another stare--a curious lingering stare--jerked her shaggy head in response, and until Sara was out of sight she did not take another bite or even finish the one she had begun.




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    "I was wondering," answered Sara, as she had answered that notable day in the schoolroom.

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    "Stop this minute, you cry-baby! Stop this minute!" Lavinia commanded.

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     She suddenly felt so tired--perhaps through want of food--that she sat down on the edge of the bed quite weakly.

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    Suddenly it seemed almost as if she lost all fear of the awful lady before her. She burst into fresh tears.

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    {Ermengarde quite beamed with delight.

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    If her Aunt Eliza had been slow to learn and quick to forget a thing entirely when she had learned it, Ermengarde was strikingly like her. She was the monumental dunce of the school, and it could not be denied.}

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    "He wants you to know what is in them," said Sara. "And if I can tell it to you in an easy way and make you remember it, I should think he would like that."

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    "What next, now?" said Sara, and she stood still and put her hands over her eyes. "Something will come if I think and wait a little"-- in a soft, expectant voice. "The Magic will tell me."

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     Miss Minchin's large, fishy smile became very flattering indeed.

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    {Miss Amelia stumbled up from her knees with a heavy sigh, and Lottie's fat little legs kicked as hard as ever.

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    It was very seldom that Miss Minchin mounted the last flight of stairs. Sara could only remember that she had done it once before. But now she was angry enough to be coming at least part of the way up, and it sounded as if she was driving Becky before her.