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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The four or five remaining hours before nine o'clockarrived, Andrea employed in riding, paying visits, --designed to induce those of whom he had spoken to appear atthe banker's in their gayest equipages, -- dazzling them bypromises of shares in schemes which have since turned everybrain, and in which Danglars was just taking the initiative.In fact, at half-past eight in the evening the grand salon,the gallery adjoining, and the three other drawing-rooms onthe same floor, were filled with a perfumed crowd, whosympathized but little in the event, but who allparticipated in that love of being present wherever there isanything fresh to be seen. An Academician would say that theentertainments of the fashionable world are collections offlowers which attract inconstant butterflies, famished bees,and buzzing drones.
2.  "My adored Valentine, words cannot express one half of mysatisfaction." Valentine had approached, or rather, hadplaced her lips so near the fence, that they nearly touchedthose of Morrel, which were pressed against the other sideof the cold and inexorable barrier. "Adieu, then, till wemeet again," said Valentine, tearing herself away. "I shallhear from you?"
3.  "What?"
4.  "Well, then," said Edmond, "if you do not, I shall die ofhunger -- that is all."
5.  "Come," said he to the abbe, "I am anxious to see yourtreasures."
6.  "And what may a myth be?" inquired Pastrini.


1.  "Monsieur, I implore you do not stay there!"
2.  "They said she had left."
3.  "Sir," said M. Beauchamp, "Albert was wrong, I acknowledge,to betray so much anger, and I come, on my own account, toapologize for him. And having done so, entirely on my ownaccount, be it understood, I would add that I believe youtoo gentlemanly to refuse giving him some explanationconcerning your connection with Yanina. Then I will add twowords about the young Greek girl." Monte Cristo motioned himto be silent. "Come," said he, laughing, "there are all myhopes about to be destroyed."
4.  Andrea had spoken very little during dinner; he was anintelligent lad, and he feared to utter some absurditybefore so many grand people, amongst whom, with dilatingeyes, he saw the king's attorney. Then he had been seizedupon by Danglars, who, with a rapid glance at thestiff-necked old major and his modest son, and taking intoconsideration the hospitality of the count, made up his mindthat he was in the society of some nabob come to Paris tofinish the worldly education of his heir. He contemplatedwith unspeakable delight the large diamond which shone onthe major's little finger; for the major, like a prudentman, in case of any accident happening to his bank-notes,had immediately converted them into an available asset.Then, after dinner, on the pretext of business, hequestioned the father and son upon their mode of living; andthe father and son, previously informed that it was throughDanglars the one was to receive his 48,000 francs and theother 50,000 livres annually, were so full of affabilitythat they would have shaken hands even with the banker'sservants, so much did their gratitude need an object toexpend itself upon. One thing above all the rest heightenedthe respect, nay almost the veneration, of Danglars forCavalcanti. The latter, faithful to the principle of Horace,nil admirari, had contented himself with showing hisknowledge by declaring in what lake the best lampreys werecaught. Then he had eaten some without saying a word more;Danglars, therefore, concluded that such luxuries werecommon at the table of the illustrious descendant of theCavalcanti, who most likely in Lucca fed upon trout broughtfrom Switzerland, and lobsters sent from England, by thesame means used by the count to bring the lampreys from LakeFusaro, and the sterlet from the Volga. Thus it was withmuch politeness of manner that he heard Cavalcanti pronouncethese words, "To-morrow, sir, I shall have the honor ofwaiting upon you on business."
5.  "Yes; I had been told that I should see you to-day at seveno'clock."
6.  "M. Noirtier," resumed M. d'Avrigny in the same pitilesstone, -- "M. Noirtier had once made a will against you --against your family -- in favor of the poor, in fact; M.Noirtier is spared, because nothing is expected from him.But he has no sooner destroyed his first will and made asecond, than, for fear he should make a third, he is struckdown. The will was made the day before yesterday, I believe;you see there has been no time lost."


1.  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo.
2.  "Doubtless, and we are not now inquiring into his creed, buthis actions; in the name of the prefect of police, I ask youwhat you know of him.
3.  "That is altogether a different and more serious matter,"responded the abbe. "The ways of justice are frequently toodark and mysterious to be easily penetrated. All we havehitherto done in the matter has been child's play. If youwish me to enter upon the more difficult part of thebusiness, you must assist me by the most minute informationon every point."
4.  "Your declaration?" said Villefort.
5.   "Whom does this belong to?" he inquired.
6.  "No," said Valentine, "you might meet some one; stay."


1.  "My dear count," said Morcerf, "I beg of you not to applythat title so prematurely."
2.  The soldiers interposed their bayonets, for they thoughtthat he was about to attack the inspector, and the latterrecoiled two or three steps. Dantes saw that he was lookedupon as dangerous. Then, infusing all the humility hepossessed into his eyes and voice, he addressed theinspector, and sought to inspire him with pity.
3.  "Edmond Dantes. It appears, sir, that this Edmond Dantes hadprocured tools, or made them, for they found a tunnelthrough which the prisoners held communication with oneanother."
4、  "It was I," said a sailor of a frank and manly appearance;"and it was time, for you were sinking."
5、  "But," asked Franz, who lay wrapped in his cloak at thebottom of the boat, "why do not those who have beenplundered complain to the French, Sardinian, or Tuscangovernments?"




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      "Two or three thousand."

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      "It is, nevertheless, conclusive to my mind. My ten years ofservice have also confirmed my ideas on the subject ofsudden inspirations, for I have several times owed my lifeto a mysterious impulse which directed me to move at onceeither to the right or to the left, in order to escape theball which killed the comrade fighting by my side, while itleft me unharmed."

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       "Yes, miserable wretch!" cried Morcerf, "it is your fault."Danglars retreated a few steps. "My fault?" said he; "youmust be mad! What do I know of the Grecian affair? Have Itravelled in that country? Did I advise your father to sellthe castle of Yanina -- to betray" --

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      "My dear father," said Villefort, "I am, on the contrary,delighted; but I so little expected your visit, that it hassomewhat overcome me."

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    {  "Read again," said the old man. Franz continued: --

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      "Ah," said the captain, "we can agree very well, if you arereasonable."}

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      "And what is the news?"

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      "Valentine," replied the young man, deeply affected, "I willnot say you are all I love in the world, for I dearly prizemy sister and brother-in-law; but my affection for them iscalm and tranquil, in no manner resembling what I feel foryou. When I think of you my heart beats fast, the bloodburns in my veins, and I can hardly breathe; but I solemnlypromise you to restrain all this ardor, this fervor andintensity of feeling, until you yourself shall require me torender them available in serving or assisting you. M. Franzis not expected to return home for a year to come, I amtold; in that time many favorable and unforeseen chances maybefriend us. Let us, then, hope for the best; hope is sosweet a comforter. Meanwhile, Valentine, while reproachingme with selfishness, think a little what you have been to me-- the beautiful but cold resemblance of a marble Venus.What promise of future reward have you made me for all thesubmission and obedience I have evinced? -- none whatever.What granted me? -- scarcely more. You tell me of M. Franzd'Epinay, your betrothed lover, and you shrink from the ideaof being his wife; but tell me, Valentine, is there no othersorrow in your heart? You see me devoted to you, body andsoul, my life and each warm drop that circles round my heartare consecrated to your service; you know full well that myexistence is bound up in yours -- that were I to lose you Iwould not outlive the hour of such crushing misery; yet youspeak with calmness of the prospect of your being the wifeof another! Oh, Valentine, were I in your place, and did Ifeel conscious, as you do, of being worshipped, adored, withsuch a love as mine, a hundred times at least should I havepassed my hand between these iron bars, and said, `Take thishand, dearest Maximilian, and believe that, living or dead,I am yours -- yours only, and forever!'" The poor girl madeno reply, but her lover could plainly hear her sobs andtears. A rapid change took place in the young man'sfeelings. "Dearest, dearest Valentine," exclaimed he,"forgive me if I have offended you, and forget the words Ispoke if they have unwittingly caused you pain."

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       Dantes was tossed about on these doubts and wishes, when thepatron, who had great confidence in him, and was verydesirous of retaining him in his service, took him by thearm one evening and led him to a tavern on the Via del'Oglio, where the leading smugglers of Leghorn used tocongregate and discuss affairs connected with their trade.Already Dantes had visited this maritime Bourse two or threetimes, and seeing all these hardy free-traders, who suppliedthe whole coast for nearly two hundred leagues in extent, hehad asked himself what power might not that man attain whoshould give the impulse of his will to all these contraryand diverging minds. This time it was a great matter thatwas under discussion, connected with a vessel laden withTurkey carpets, stuffs of the Levant, and cashmeres. It wasnecessary to find some neutral ground on which an exchangecould be made, and then to try and land these goods on thecoast of France. If the venture was successful the profitwould be enormous, there would be a gain of fifty or sixtypiastres each for the crew.

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    {  "To me, to you, to us! Take it; buy some provisions; behappy, and to-morrow we shall have more."

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      "Thank you," said Edmond with a friendly nod, and the twolovers continued on their way, as calm and joyous as if theywere the very elect of heaven.