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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The fierce old man said nothing, but still glared at my companion.With his savage eyes and bristling moustache he was wonderfully like atiger himself.
2.  Holmes withdrew, picking up his violin from the corner as he passed.A few moments later the long-drawn, wailing notes of that mosthaunting of tunes came faintly through the closed door of the bedroom."What is it, then?" asked Merton anxiously as his companion turnedto him. "Does he know about the stone?"
3.  "No, sir, but she gave hard cash, and plenty of it. A quarter's rentright down on the table in advance and no arguing about terms. Inthese times a poor woman like me can't afford to turn down a chancelike that."
4.  "'Yes, I promise.'
5.  Holmes shook his head gravely. "It would cease to be a danger ifwe could define it," said he. "But at any time, day or night, atelegram would bring me down to your help."
6.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


1.  "Indeed, it seemed unnecessary to put so nice a bell-pull there. Youwill excuse me for a few minutes while I satisy myself as to thisfloor." He threw himself down upon his face with his lens in hishand and crawled swiftly backward and forward, examining minutelythe cracks between the boards. Then he did the same with the wood-workwith which the chamber was panelled. Finally he walked over to the bedand spent some time in staring at it and in running his eye up anddown the wall. Finally he took the bell-rope in his hand and gave it abrisk tug.
2.  "What have you against him?"
3.  "But the assaults take different forms, do they not? She hasbeaten your son."
4.  "I expect the old gentleman has been putting two and twotogether," said Holmes as we walked hotelward. "He struck me as havinga particularly clear and logical brain from the little I saw of him.Explosive, no doubt, but then from his point of view he hassomething to explode about if detectives are put on his track and hesuspects his own household of doing it. I rather fancy that friendBennett is in for an uncomfortable time."
5.  "What of Mr. McPherson's dog?"
6.  Holmes turned away wearily.


1.  "Come- come, do what I ask."
2.  "On the contrary. I have noticed that when he is off the trail hegenerally says so. It is when he is on a scent and is not quiteabsolutely sure yet that it is the right one that he is most taciturn.Now, my dear fellow, we can't help matters by making ourselves nervousabout them, so let me implore you to go to bed and so be fresh forwhatever may await us to-morrow."
3.  "Sometimes I have thought that it was merely the wild talk ofdelirium, sometimes that it may have referred to some band ofpeople, perhaps to these very gypsies in the plantation. I do not knowwhether the spotted handkerchiefs which so many of them wear overtheir heads might have suggested the strange adjective which sheused."
4.  The chamber into which we were shown was on the same floor as thedrawing-room. It was furnished partly as a sitting and partly as abedroom, with flowers arranged daintily in every nook and corner. Ayoung man, very pale and worn was lying upon a sofa near the openwindow, through which came the rich scent of the garden and thebalmy summer air. A woman was sitting beside him, who rose as weentered.
5.   Sherlock Holmes was not very communicative during the longdrive and lay back in the cab humming the tunes which he had heardin the afternoon. We rattled through an endless labyrinth ofgas-lit streets until we emerged into Farrington Street."We are close there now," my friend remarked. "This fellowMerryweather is a bank director, and personally interested in thematter. I thought it as well to have Jones with us also. He isnot a bad fellow, though an absolute imbecile in his profession.He has one positive virtue. He is as brave as a bulldog and astenacious as a lobster if he gets his claws upon anyone. Here weare, and they are waiting for us."
6.  "'"Just walk on a little way, dear," said Mrs. Barclay, "I want tohave a word with this man. There is nothing to be afraid of." Shetried to speak boldly, but she was still deadly pale and couldhardly get her words out for the trembling of her lips."'I did as she asked me, and they talked together for a few minutes.Then she came down the street with her eyes blazing, and I saw thecrippled wretch standing by the lamp-post and shaking his clenchedfists in the air as if he were mad with rage. She never said a worduntil we were at the door here, when she took me by the hand andbegged me to tell no one what had happened.


1.  "And what is that, Holmes?"
2.  "But if he is never found, eh? Answer me that!"
3.  Our visitor sank into an armchair and looked from one to the otherof us with questioning eyes.
4、  "By all means, so long as it is understood that I commit myself tonothing."
5、  "Well, from that time Sarah hated me with her whole heart andsoul, and she is a woman who can hate, too. I was a fool to let her goon biding with us- a besotted fool- but I never said a word to Mary,for I knew it would grieve her. Things went on much as before, butafter a time I began to find that there was a bit of a change inMary herself. She had always been so trusting and so innocent, but nowshe became queer and suspicious, wanting to know where I had beenand what I had been doing, and whom my letters were from, and what Ihad in my pockets, and a thousand such follies. Day by day she grewqueerer and more irritable, and we had ceaseless rows about nothing. Iwas fairly puzzled by it all. Sarah avoided me now, but she and Marywere just inseparable. I can see now how she was plotting and schemingand poisoning my wife's mind against me, but I was such a blind beetlethat I could not understand it at the time. Then I broke my blueribbon and began to drink again, but I think I should not have done itif Mary had been the same as ever. She had some reason to be disgustedwith me now, and the gap between us began to be wider and wider. Andthen this Alec Fairbairn chipped in, and things became a thousandtimes blacker.




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      Shortly after my marriage I had bought a connection in thePaddington district. Old Mr. Farquhar, from whom I purchased it, hadat one time an excellent general practice; but his age, and anaffliction of the nature of St. Vitus's dance from which hesuffered, had very much thinned it. The public not unnaturally goes onthe principle that he who would heal others must himself be whole, andlooks askance at the curative powers of the man whose own case isbeyond the reach of his drugs. Thus as my predecessor weakened hispractice declined, until when I purchased it from him it had sunk fromtwelve hundred to little more than three hundred a year. I hadconfidence, however, in my own youth and energy and was convinced thatin a very few years the concern would be as flourishing as ever.For three months after taking over the practice I was kept veryclosely at work and saw little of my friend Sherlock Holmes, for I wastoo busy to visit Baker Street and he seldom went anywhere himselfsave upon professional business. I was surprised, therefore, when, onemorning in June, as I sat reading the British Medical Journal afterbreakfast, I heard a ring at the bell, followed by the high,somewhat strident tones of my old companion's voice.

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      "Well, the immediate question, my dear Watson, happens to be, whatwill you do?- if you will be good enough to understudy me. You knowthat I am preoccupied with this case of the two Coptic Patriarchs,which should come to a head to-day. I really have not time to go outto Lewisham, and yet evidence taken on the spot has a special value.The old fellow was quite insistent that I should go, but I explainedmy difficulty. He is prepared to meet a representative.""By all means," I answered. "I confess I don't see that I can beof much service, but I am willing to do my best." And so it was thaton a summer afternoon I set forth to Lewisham, little dreaming thatwithin a week the affair in which I was engaging would be the eagerdebate of all England.

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       He was not disappointed, for presently the old fellow arrived with avery worried and puzzled expression upon his austere face."I've had a telegram, Mr. Holmes. I can make nothing of it." Hehanded it over, and Holmes read it aloud.

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      "I do not know what to think. It is all dark to me."

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    {  "Yes, about it."

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      "Well, I don't think that is very hard to explain. A very deep,malicious, vindictive person is the gentleman who is now waiting usdownstairs. You know that he was once refused by McFarlane's mother?You don't! I told you that you should go to Blackheath first andNorwood afterwards. Well, this injury, as he would consider it, hasrankled in his wicked, scheming brain, and all his life he haslonged for vengeance, but never seen his chance. During the lastyear or two, things have gone against him- secret speculation, Ithink- and he finds himself in a bad way. He determines to swindle hiscreditors, and for this purpose he pays large checks to a certainMr. Cornelius, who is, I imagine, himself under another name. I havenot traced these checks yet, but I have no doubt that they were bankedunder that name at some provincial town where Oldacre from time totime led a double existence. He intended to change his namealtogether, draw this money, and vanish, starting life againelsewhere."}

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      My friend threw out the information in a very offhand way, but I sawthat he cocked his eye at me to see if I had followed his reasoning."You think a man must be well-to-do if he smokes a seven-shillingpipe?" said I.

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      "Every precaution is still necessary," he whispered. "I havereason to think that they are hot upon our trail. Ah, there isMoriarty himself."

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       "Thank you, Miss Turner. You have been of material assistance tome."

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    {  "Yes, I will while away the morning at Godolphin Street with ourfriends of the regular establishment. With Eduardo Lucas lies thesolution of our problem, though I must admit that I have not aninkling as to what form it may take. It is a capital mistake totheorize in advance of the facts. Do you stay on guard, my goodWatson, and receive any fresh visitors. I'll join you at lunch if I amable."

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      "I would rather not answer that question. It has really nothing todo with the matter which you are investigating. But anything whichbears upon that I will most freely answer."