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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I said you called twice," she wrote. "He didn't seem to mind.I will try and be at Throop Street if nothing interferes. I seemto be getting very bad. It's wrong to act as I do, I know."
2.  She was pushing at his knees, but he only pulled her back. Noone saw this little altercation, for very few persons were in thecar, and they were attempting to doze.
3.  "'Trying to steal,' said the child.
4.  "Carrie wants us to go to the theatre," she said, looking in uponher husband. Hanson looked up from his paper, and they exchangeda mild look, which said as plainly as anything: "This isn't whatwe expected."
5.  "Sixteen dollars," he replied.
6.  "Think," he said, "what I've given up. I can't go back toChicago any more. I've got to stay away and live alone now, ifyou don't come with me. You won't go back on me entirely, willyou, Carrie?"


1.  "Here you are," he said, repressedly, feeling a spring in hislimbs and an elation which was tragic in itself.
2.  "Won't you eat now?" she asked.
3.  Her need of clothes--to say nothing of her desire for ornaments--grew rapidly as the fact developed that for all her work she wasnot to have them. The sympathy she felt for Hurstwood, at thetime he asked her to tide him over, vanished with these newerurgings of decency. He was not always renewing his request, butthis love of good appearance was. It insisted, and Carrie wishedto satisfy it, wished more and more that Hurstwood was not in theway.
4.  "At the Waldorf," she answered, mentioning the fashionablehostelry then but newly erected.
5.  There was a look of confusion and pain in her face. She waswondering why that miserable thought must be brought in. She wasstruck as by a blade with the miserable provision which wasoutside the pale of marriage.
6.  "All right, now. Hurry right back."


1.  "Couldn't help it," said the drummer, "I've been busy."
2.  "Oh, I do want to see Nat Goodwin," said Mrs. Vance. "I do thinkhe is the jolliest actor. The papers say this is such a goodplay."
3.  She was extremely happy now that she understood. She loved himthe more for thinking that he would rescue her so. As for him,the marriage clause did not dwell in his mind. He was thinkingthat with such affection there could be no bar to his eventualhappiness.
4.  Hurstwood shifted by curious means through a long summer andfall. A small job as janitor of a dance hall helped him for amonth. Begging, sometimes going hungry, sometimes sleeping inthe park, carried him over more days. Resorting to thosepeculiar charities, several of which, in the press of hungrysearch, he accidentally stumbled upon, did the rest. Toward thedead of winter, Carrie came back, appearing on Broadway in a newplay; but he was not aware of it. For weeks he wandered aboutthe city, begging, while the fire sign, announcing herengagement, blazed nightly upon the crowded street of amusements.Drouet saw it, but did not venture in.
5.   "Looks as though it might rain."
6.  "Thanks, old man," said his friend, "I'll see what the girl saysand let you know."


1.  "We are coming down town this afternoon," she remarked, a fewdays later. "I want you to come over to Kinsley's and meet Mr.Phillips and his wife. They're stopping at the Tremont, andwe're going to show them around a little."
2.  "No, sir."
3.  "Why, hello, Harry!" he said, addressing a lounger in one of thecomfortable lobby chairs. "How are you?"
4、  He watched her walk from him with tender solicitation. Suchyouth and prettiness reacted upon him more subtly than wine.
5、  In his sober senses, he could scarcely realise that the thing hadbeen done. He could not begin to feel that he was a fugitivefrom justice. He had often read of such things, and had thoughtthey must be terrible, but now that the thing was upon him, heonly sat and looked into the past. The future was a thing whichconcerned the Canadian line. He wanted to reach that. As forthe rest he surveyed his actions for the evening, and countedthem parts of a great mistake.




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      "I can't wait any longer," urged Hurstwood. "If that is toosoon, come Saturday."

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      Drouet was glad to do anything for relief. He fairly hustledaround to the side entrance, and was let in by the friendly door-keeper. Carrie was standing in the wings, weakly waiting hernext cue, all the snap and nerve gone out of her.

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       "Well, I wouldn't put up fifty on that basis," said Hurstwood, asif he were deciding, money in hand.

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      "How did you come out?" asked Minnie, referring to the day.

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    {  "I suppose you have to have some friends before you can get in,"she added, disconsolately.

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      He stirred again and went on to another subject. At last he feltas if his good-humour must find some outlet. Julia was probablystill out of humour over that affair of this morning, but thatcould easily be straightened. As a matter of fact, she was inthe wrong, but he didn't care. She could go to Waukesha rightaway if she wanted to. The sooner the better. He would tell herthat as soon as he got a chance, and the whole thing would blowover.}

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      "I don't know," said Minnie.

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      "Suits me," said Hurstwood.

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       "I don't know," she snapped.

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    {  "No--yes; that is, we always have. Our social barometers alwaysstand at 'cloudy' and 'overcast.'"

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      "Maybe it ain't winter, nuther!"