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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But not mine, mother," replied Albert. "I am young andstrong; I believe I am courageous, and since yesterday Ihave learned the power of will. Alas, my dear mother, somehave suffered so much, and yet live, and have raised a newfortune on the ruin of all the promises of happiness whichheaven had made them -- on the fragments of all the hopewhich God had given them! I have seen that, mother; I knowthat from the gulf in which their enemies have plunged themthey have risen with so much vigor and glory that in theirturn they have ruled their former conquerors, and havepunished them. No. mother; from this moment I have done withthe past, and accept nothing from it -- not even a name,because you can understand that your son cannot bear thename of a man who ought to blush for it before another."
2.  "Just this. I will so advantageously bestow 2,000 piastres,that the person receiving them shall obtain a respite tillnext year for Peppino; and during that year, anotherskilfully placed 1,000 piastres will afford him the means ofescaping from his prison."
3.  "Why so? In life, our greatest preoccupation is death; is itnot then, curious to study the different ways by which thesoul and body can part; and how, according to theirdifferent characters, temperaments, and even the differentcustoms of their countries, different persons bear thetransition from life to death, from existence toannihilation? As for myself, I can assure you of one thing,-- the more men you see die, the easier it becomes to dieyourself; and in my opinion, death may be a torture, but itis not an expiation."
4.  The count's first idea was that this was an artifice -- agross deception, to draw his attention from a minor dangerin order to expose him to a greater. He was on the point ofsending the letter to the commissary of police,notwithstanding the advice of his anonymous friend, orperhaps because of that advice, when suddenly the ideaoccurred to him that it might be some personal enemy, whomhe alone should recognize and over whom, if such were thecase, he alone would gain any advantage, as Fiesco* had doneover the Moor who would have killed him. We know the Count'svigorous and daring mind, denying anything to be impossible,with that energy which marks the great man. From his pastlife, from his resolution to shrink from nothing, the counthad acquired an inconceivable relish for the contests inwhich he had engaged, sometimes against nature, that is tosay, against God, and sometimes against the world, that is,against the devil.
5.  "On the contrary, it is a matter of the utmost importance,Edmond!" replied the old man. "Who knows if to-morrow, orthe next day after, the third attack may not come on? andthen must not all be over? Yes, indeed, I have often thoughtwith a bitter joy that these riches, which would make thewealth of a dozen families, will be forever lost to thosemen who persecute me. This idea was one of vengeance to me,and I tasted it slowly in the night of my dungeon and thedespair of my captivity. But now I have forgiven the worldfor the love of you; now that I see you, young and with apromising future, -- now that I think of all that may resultto you in the good fortune of such a disclosure, I shudderat any delay, and tremble lest I should not assure to one asworthy as yourself the possession of so vast an amount ofhidden wealth." Edmond turned away his head with a sigh.
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Because there is a little secret, a precaution I thought itdesirable to take, one of Huret & Fitchet's locks, revisedand improved by Gaspard Caderousse; I will manufacture you asimilar one when you are a capitalist."
2.  "`Have you any idea what became of them?' -- `Yes, sir; Iheard they had fallen victims to their sorrow, and, perhaps,to their poverty. I was not rich; my life was in constantdanger; I could not seek them, to my great regret.' Thepresident frowned imperceptibly. `Gentlemen,' said he, `youhave heard the Comte de Morcerf's defence. Can you, sir,produce any witnesses to the truth of what you haveasserted?' -- `Alas, no, monsieur,' replied the count; `allthose who surrounded the vizier, or who knew me at hiscourt, are either dead or gone away, I know not where. Ibelieve that I alone, of all my countrymen, survived thatdreadful war. I have only the letters of Ali Tepelini, whichI have placed before you; the ring, a token of hisgood-will, which is here; and, lastly, the most convincingproof I can offer, after an anonymous attack, and that isthe absence of any witness against my veracity and thepurity of my military life.' A murmur of approbation ranthrough the assembly; and at this moment, Albert, hadnothing more transpired, your father's cause had beengained. It only remained to put it to the vote, when thepresident resumed: `Gentlemen and you, monsieur, -- you willnot be displeased, I presume, to listen to one who callshimself a very important witness, and who has just presentedhimself. He is, doubtless, come to prove the perfectinnocence of our colleague. Here is a letter I have justreceived on the subject; shall it be read, or shall it bepassed over? and shall we take no notice of this incident?'M. de Morcerf turned pale, and clinched his hands on thepapers he held. The committee decided to hear the letter;the count was thoughtful and silent. The president read: --
3.  "The king himself."
4.  "Why?"
5.  "You?"
6.  "A little."


1.  "You are right; but you have made my mouth water. I mustabsolutely see it; I shall find a way."
2.  Probably the baroness thought this unexpected visitsignified a desire to make up for the sharp words he haduttered during the day. Assuming a dignified air, she turnedround to Debray, without answering her husband. "Read mesomething, M. Debray," she said. Debray, who was slightlydisturbed at this visit, recovered himself when he saw thecalmness of the baroness, and took up a book marked by amother-of-pearl knife inlaid with gold. "Excuse me," saidthe banker, "but you will tire yourself, baroness, by suchlate hours, and M. Debray lives some distance from here."
3.  "I have them."
4.  "No," said Monte Cristo; "I told you I did not wish to bebehind my time; I dressed myself in the carriage, anddescended at the viscount's door." The young men looked ateach other; they did not know if it was a comedy MonteCristo was playing, but every word he uttered had such anair of simplicity, that it was impossible to suppose what hesaid was false -- besides, why should he tell a falsehood?"We must content ourselves, then," said Beauchamp, "withrendering the count all the little services in our power. I,in my quality of journalist, open all the theatres to him."
5.   "The punishment?" exclaimed Madame de Villefort, "thepunishment, monsieur? Twice you have pronounced that word!"
6.  "But how could he have done so without your knowledge,Danglars, since you are the ship's supercargo?"


1.  "And it is not yours?"
2.  "Child," replied the count, "not to know the value of aman's word! I have told you twenty times that if you wish todie on that day, I will assist you. Morrel, farewell!"
3.  "Still, consider that although I may not be, strictlyspeaking, what is termed an illustrious match for you, I am,for many reasons, not altogether so much beneath youralliance. The days when such distinctions were so nicelyweighed and considered no longer exist in France, and thefirst families of the monarchy have intermarried with thoseof the empire. The aristocracy of the lance has allieditself with the nobility of the cannon. Now I belong to thislast-named class; and certainly my prospects of militarypreferment are most encouraging as well as certain. Myfortune, though small, is free and unfettered, and thememory of my late father is respected in our country,Valentine, as that of the most upright and honorablemerchant of the city; I say our country, because you wereborn not far from Marseilles."
4、  "Yes, certainly."
5、  "And did his conduct change at all in the course of yourexamination?"




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      "Albert," said the journalist, "these are questions which itis difficult to answer."

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      "And the steamboat?"

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       "A doctor?" said she, shrugging her shoulders, "I am notill; I am thirsty -- that is all."

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      He had entered Villefort's office expecting that themagistrate would tremble at the sight of him; on thecontrary, he felt a cold shudder all over him when he sawVillefort sitting there with his elbow on his desk, and hishead leaning on his hand. He stopped at the door; Villefortgazed at him as if he had some difficulty in recognizinghim; then, after a brief interval, during which the honestshipowner turned his hat in his hands, --

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    {  "You are not exactly right, M. Procureur; you must gofarther back."

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      "Sir," said M. Beauchamp, "Albert was wrong, I acknowledge,to betray so much anger, and I come, on my own account, toapologize for him. And having done so, entirely on my ownaccount, be it understood, I would add that I believe youtoo gentlemanly to refuse giving him some explanationconcerning your connection with Yanina. Then I will add twowords about the young Greek girl." Monte Cristo motioned himto be silent. "Come," said he, laughing, "there are all myhopes about to be destroyed."}

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      "Yes, yes," repeated the major, "yes -- there -- is -- a --postscript."

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      "To the fearful noises that had awakened me had succeededthe most perfect silence -- unbroken, save by the footstepsof a man walking about in the chamber above. The staircasecreaked, he descended into the room below, approached thefire and lit a candle. The man was Caderousse -- he was paleand his shirt was all blood. Having obtained the light, hehurried up-stairs again, and once more I heard his rapid anduneasy footsteps. A moment later he came down again, holdingin his hand the small shagreen case, which he opened, toassure himself it contained the diamond, -- seemed tohesitate as to which pocket he should put it in, then, as ifdissatisfied with the security of either pocket, hedeposited it in his red handkerchief, which he carefullyrolled round his head. After this he took from his cupboardthe bank-notes and gold he had put there, thrust the oneinto the pocket of his trousers, and the other into that ofhis waistcoat, hastily tied up a small bundle of linen, andrushing towards the door, disappeared in the darkness of thenight.

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       "It is possible such may be the master's intention."

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    {  "Because you remain eternally encircled in a round ofgeneral conditions, and have never dared to raise your wingsinto those upper spheres which God has peopled withinvisible or exceptional beings."

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      "Baron Danglars."