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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "If your Eminence would quote to me some one of these eventsin history," said Milady, "perhaps I should partake of yourconfidence as to the future."
2.  At that moment the violins sounded the signal for the ballet.The king advanced toward Madame the President, with whom he wasto dance, and his Highness Monsieur with the queen. They tooktheir places, and the ballet began.
3.  "Yes; but at that period we were not at war. At that periodBuckingham was an ally, and not an enemy. What you wouldnow do amounts to treason."
4.  "Oh, no, your Excellency, he is not the devil," replied the host,with a grin of contempt; "for during his fainting we rummaged hisvalise and found nothing but a clean shirt and eleven crowns--which however, did not prevent his saying, as he was fainting,that if such a thing had happened in Paris, you should have causeto repent of it at a later period."
5.  Athos raised his eyes and his finger toward heaven.Grimaud put his basket on the ground and sat down with ashake of the head.
6.  Et qui trainez des jours infortunes,


1.  "Go, sir, I command you!"
2.  "Without doubt," replied the Jesuit. "In the examination whichprecedes ordination, a thesis is always a requisite.""Ordination!" cried D'Artagnan, who could not believe what thehostess and Bazin had successively told him; and he gazed, halfstupefied, upon the three persons before him.
3.  "You will bring lights, and relieve the sentinel," continuedFelton.
4.  "I have paid you five hundred of them."
5.  "Then," said Treville, "it was also for your Majesty's servicethat one of my Musketeers, who was innocent, has been seized,that he has been placed between two guards like a malefactor, andthat this gallant man, who has ten times shed his blood in yourMajesty's service and is ready to shed it again, has been paradedthrough the midst of an insolent populace?"
6.  "Oh, no," said Porthos, "it does not exceed two thousandfive hundred livres! I even think that with economy I couldmanage it with two thousand livres."


1.  "What must be done?"
2.  "Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,"excuse me, but I am in a hurry."
3.  D'Artagnan grew pale, and a convulsive trembling shook allhis limbs.
4.  D'Artagnan passed the day in exhibiting his Musketeer'suniform in every street of the camp.
5.   "Whom do you suspect? Come, answer freely."
6.  "Brave Athos!" murmured D'Artagnan, "and to think that we arecompelled to leave him; maybe the same fate awaits us two paceshence. Forward, Planchet, forward! You are a brave fellow.""As I told you, monsieur," replied Planchet, "Picards are foundout by being used. Besides, I am here in my own country, andthat excites me."


1.  "Do you know him personally?" asked the governor."Whom?"
2.  The Jesuit and the curate quite started from their chairs."This is the point of departure; it is a syllogism. The world isnot wanting in attractions. I quit the world; then I make asacrifice. Now, the Scripture says positively, 'Make a sacrificeunto the Lord.'"
3.  She turned toward the wall to smile--for there was in this smilesuch an expression of triumph that this smile alone would havebetrayed her.
4、  Milady uttered a cry of joy; this man was the Comte de Rochefort--thedemoniacal tool of his Eminence.
5、  "Why has she not written to me, then?"




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      "The complexion of our fortune has changed very much since I sawyou, Madam Bonacieux, and I should not be astonished if in thecourse of a few months it were to excite the envy of many folks.""Yes, particularly if you follow the instructions I am about togive you."

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      "That is best," said the king. "Send the case before the judges;it is their business to judge, and they shall judge.""Only," replied Treville, "it is a sad thing that in theunfortunate times in which we live, the purest life, the mostincontestable virtue, cannot exempt a man from infamy andpersecution. The army, I will answer for it, will be but littlepleased at being exposed to rigorous treatment on account ofpolice affairs."

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       "I don't think they can be in need of any. We left Paris, eachwith seventy-five pistoles in his pocket."

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      "Ah, you gentlemen of policy!" replied the cardinal, knitting hisbrow in his turn, "the secret of many unknown things mightperhaps be found in your brains, if we could read them as youread that letter which you concealed as soon as you saw mecoming."

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    {  He found Treville in a joyful mood. He had thought the king andqueen charming at the ball. It is true the cardinal had beenparticularly ill-tempered. He had retired at one o'clock underthe pretense of being indisposed. As to their Majesties, theydid not return to the Louvre till six o'clock in the morning."Now," said Treville, lowering his voice, and looking into everycorner of the apartment to see if they were alone, "now let ustalk about yourself, my young friend; for it is evident that yourhappy return has something to do with the joy of the king, thetriumph of the queen, and the humiliation of his Eminence. Youmust look out for yourself."

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      "Oh, I know this country marvelously!"}

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      If a repast were on foot, Athos presided over it better than anyother, placing every guest exactly in the rank which hisancestors had earned for him or that he had made for himself. Ifa question in heraldry were started, Athos knew all the noblefamilies of the kingdom, their genealogy, their alliances, theircoats of arms, and the origin of them. Etiquette had no minutiaeunknown to him. He knew what were the rights of the great landowners. He was profoundly versed in hunting and falconry, andhad one day when conversing on this great art astonished evenLouis XIII himself, who took a pride in being considered a pastmaster therein.

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      "Is your secret of enough importance to me to spare yourlife for it?" asked the young man, withholding his arm."Yes; if you think existence worth anything to a man oftwenty, as you are, and who may hope for everything, beinghandsome and brave, as you are."

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       D'Artagnan breathed as if the whole hostelry had been removedfrom his breast.

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    {  "Some wine!" cried the stupefied host, "some wine? Why you havedrunk more than a hundred pistoles' worth! I am a ruined man,lost, destroyed!"

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      "Not so; I speak frankly to you. No object affects me; and Ieven feel here, at the bottom of my heart, something which speaksfor you. But in fifteen days, as you know, or as you do notknow, this fatal campaign is to open. I shall be fearfullypreoccupied with my outfit. Then I must make a journey to see myfamily, in the lower part of Brittany, to obtain the sumnecessary for my departure."