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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'My dear, dear son, now that approaching disgrace begins todarken the closing years of my life, I can write with all truth andhonesty that it is not the terror of the law, it is not the loss of myposition in the county, nor is it my fall in the eyes of all whohave known me, which cuts me to the heart; but it is the thoughtthat you should come to blush for me-you who love me and who haveseldom, I hope, had reason to do other than respect me. But if theblow falls which is forever hanging over me, then I should wish you toread this, that you may know straight from me how far I have been toblame. On the other hand, if all should go well (which may kind GodAlmighty grant!), then, if by any chance this paper should be stillundestroyed and should fall into your hands, I conjure you, by all youhold sacred, by the memory of your dear mother, and by the lovewhich has been between us, to hurl it into the fire and to nevergive one thought to it again.
2.  "Well, he must take it as it is and chance it. There's not amoment to lose." Again, with the sense of danger which becomes aninstinct with the sportsman, he paused and looked hard at thewindow. Yes, it was surely from the street that the faint sound hadcome.
3.  "I do think," said Holmes with emphasis, and so we were launchedupon our journey. Holmes took me aside before we left the room andgave me one word of counsel, which showed that he considered thematter to be of importance. "Whatever you do, see that he reallydoes go," said he. "Should he break away or return, get to the nearesttelephone exchange and send the single word 'Bolted.' I will arrangehere that it shall reach me wherever I am."
4.  "This is Grosvenor mixture at eightpence an ounce," Holmes answered,knocking a little out on his palm. "As he might get an excellent smokefor half the price, he has no need to practise economy.""And the other points?"
5.  SIR [it ran]:
6.  "Well, well, I must not be selfish," said he, with a smile, as bepushed back his chair from the breakfast-table. "The community iscertainly the gainer, and no one the loser, save the poorout-of-work specialist, whose occupation has gone. With that man inthe field, one's morning paper presented infinite possibilities. Oftenit was only the smallest trace, Watson, the faintest indication, andyet it was enough to tell me that the great malignant brain was there,as the gentlest tremors of the edges of the web remind one of the foulspider which lurks in the centre. Petty thefts, wanton assaults,purposeless outrage- to the man who held the clue all could beworked into one connected whole. To the scientific student of thehigher criminal world, no capital in Europe offered the advantageswhich London then possessed. But now-" He shrugged his shoulders inhumorous deprecation of the state of things which he had himselfdone so much to produce.


1.  "What is it, then?' I asked, for his manner suggested that it wassome strange creature which he had caged up in my room."It's a new patient," he whispered. "I thought I'd bring him roundmyself; then he couldn't slip away. There he is, all safe and sound. Imust go now, Doctor; I have my duties, just the same as you." Andoff he went, this trusty tout, without even giving me time to thankhim.
2.  "Not too busy to listen to you."
3.  "Then I think we can disregard him altogether."
4.  "Pray let us have it, for all that."
5.  "The other most obvious explanation is that the child has beenkidnapped for the purpose of levying ransom. You have not had anydemand of the sort?"
6.  "What is the flaw, Holmes?"


1.  "Who is he?"
2.  "That's what I'm asking you. You're in her dog-cart. You ought toknow where she is."
3.  "I should be prepared to swear that it was you."
4.  "Oh, no, not now. I shall have to tell my tale to the police; but,between ourselves, if it were not for the convincing evidence ofthis wound of mine, I should be surprised if they believed mystatement; for it is a very extraordinary one, and I have not muchin the way of proof with which to back it up; and, even if they,believe me, the clues which I can give them are so vague that it isa question whether justice will be done."
5.   "We examined the room also. There is no possibility of a secretdoor, and the windows are quite thirty feet from the ground. Both ofthem were fastened on the inside. The carpet prevents anypossibility of a trapdoor, and the ceiling is of the ordinarywhitewashed kind. I will pledge my life that whoever stole my paperscould only have come through the door."
6.  "So that three days have been wasted. The affair has been mostdeplorably handled."


1.  "Ah, you look on these things from another standpoint.""I fail to see that anyone is to blame. I can hardly see how thelady could have acted otherwise, though her abrupt method of doingit was undoubtedly to be regretted. Having no mother, she had no oneto advise her at such a crisis."
2.  cross-purposes," said my friend, with dignity. "If you could stepdownstairs with us, we may each be able to give some light to theother upon this miserable affair."
3.  "In the country, I presume, from your complexion."
4、  "Here?"
5、  "This was not all. I have a new writing-table with a fine surface ofred leather. I am prepared to swear, and so is Bannister, that itwas smooth and unstained. Now I found a clean cut in it about threeinches long- not a mere scratch, but a positive cut. Not only this,but on the table I found a small ball of black dough or clay, withspecks of something which looks like sawdust in it. I am convincedthat these marks were left by the man who rifled the papers. Therewere no footmarks and no other evidence as to his identity. I was atmy wit's end, when suddenly the happy thought occurred to me thatyou were in the town, and I came straight round to put the matter intoyour hands. Do help me, Mr. Holmes. You see my dilemma. Either Imust find the man or else the examination must be postponed untilfresh papers are prepared, and since this cannot be done withoutexplanation, there will ensue a hideous scandal, which will throw acloud not only on the college, but on the university. Above allthings, I desire to settle the matter quietly and discreetly.""I shall be happy to look into it and to give you such advice as Ican," said Holmes, rising and putting on his overcoat. "The case isnot entirely devoid of interest. Had anyone visited you in your roomafter the papers came to you?"




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      "Yes, yes," cried the Duke, impatiently. "If you do your workwell, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, you will have no reason to complain ofniggardly treatment."

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      We waited in silence for a minute- one of those minutes which onecan never forget. Then the door opened and the man stepped in. In aninstant Holmes clapped a pistol to his head, and Martin slipped thehandcuffs over his wrists. It was all done so swiftly and deftlythat the fellow was helpless before he knew that he was attacked. Heglared from one to the other of us with a pair of blazing blackeyes. Then he burst into a bitter laugh.

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       "How was she dressed?"

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      "'"What was that, then?"

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    {  "Have you a clue?" I asked, at last.

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      "Do not go asleep, your very life may depend upon it. Have yourpistol ready in case we should need it. I will sit on the side ofthe bed, and you in that chair."}

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      "Come, come, Bannister!"

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      But it was only for a moment that we were at fault. At one corner,the corner nearest the room which we had left, there was a seconddoor. Holmes sprang to it and pulled it open. A coat and waistcoatwere lying on the floor, and from a hook behind the door, with his ownbraces round his neck, was hanging the managing director of theFranco-Midland Hardware Company. His knees were drawn up, his headhung at a dreadful angle to his body, and the clatter of his heelsagainst the door made the noise which had broken in upon ourconversation. In an instant I had caught him round the waist andheld him up while Holmes and Pycroft untied the elastic bands whichhad disappeared between the livid creases of skin. Then we carried himinto the other room, where he lay with a clay-coloured face, puffinghis purple lips in and out with every breath-a dreadful wreck of allthat he had been but five minutes before.

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       "Nothing of the sort, sir!" screamed the little man. "Don't lookto me for a penny- not a penny! You understand that, Mr. Detective!I am all the family that this young man has got, and I tell you that Iam not responsible. If he has any expectations it is due to the factthat I have never wasted money, and I do not propose to begin to do sonow. As to those papers with which you are making so free, I maytell you that in case there should be anything of any value amongthem, you will be held strictly to account for what you do with them.""Very good, sir," said Sherlock Holmes. "May I ask, in themeanwhile, whether you have yourself any theory to account for thisyoung man's disappearance?"

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    {  "'Then it must be nothing,' said I. And there the matter was left,but the whole thing seemed to me to be so unusual that I thought-"Here we had a very extraordinary interruption.

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      "And that is-"