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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I've been talking with a wholesale liquor company," he said. "Imay go on the road."
2.  "We can buy it then," she exclaimed sharply.
3.  "She's too gay," said Hurstwood, significantly. "No one can keepup with her pace unless they've got a lot of money."
4.  "So it should," said the knowing manager. "I'm glad to see it."
5.  "Well, I'll be going, Barney," said one, breaking away and soaddressing the manager. "See you this afternoon."
6.  "Several of the boys around here have got talent. There's HarryBurbeck, he does a fine black-face turn. Mac Lewis is all rightat heavy dramatics. Did you ever hear him recite 'Over theHills'?"


1.  She was in a tremble of excitement and opposition as she spoke.
2.  "I didn't know but what she might have found a better husband,"said Hurstwood.
3.  On this account he still devoted some time to showing his wifeabout--time which would have been wearisome indeed if it had notbeen for the people he would meet and the little enjoyments whichdid not depend upon her presence or absence. He watched her withconsiderable curiosity at times, for she was still attractive ina way and men looked at her. She was affable, vain, subject toflattery, and this combination, he knew quite well, might producea tragedy in a woman of her home position. Owing to his order ofmind, his confidence in the sex was not great. His wife neverpossessed the virtues which would win the confidence andadmiration of a man of his nature. As long as she loved himvigorously he could see how confidence could be, but when thatwas no longer the binding chain--well, something might happen.
4.  "Can we get it right away?" she asked, meaning the room.
5.  "So I was," he exclaimed. "I couldn't help the interruption, butI made up for it afterward by working until two."
6.  "I'll go down for a little while," he said after breakfast, "andthen I'll look around. To-morrow I'll spend the whole daylooking about. I think I can get something, now this thing's offmy hands."


1.  "Yes," said Minnie.
2.  "As what?" he asked.
3.  Chapter IX
4.  The next afternoon he was back again, seeking amusement andprofit. This time he followed up three of a kind to his doom.There was a better hand across the table, held by a pugnaciousIrish youth, who was a political hanger-on of the Tammanydistrict in which they were located. Hurstwood was surprised atthe persistence of this individual, whose bets came with a sang-froid which, if a bluff, was excellent art. Hurstwood began todoubt, but kept, or thought to keep, at least, the cool demeanourwith which, in olden times, he deceived those psychic students ofthe gaming table, who seem to read thoughts and moods, ratherthan exterior evidences, however subtle. He could not down thecowardly thought that this man had something better and wouldstay to the end, drawing his last dollar into the pot, should hechoose to go so far. Still, he hoped to win much--his hand wasexcellent. Why not raise it five more?
5.   "I don't know," said Carrie. "I feel real bad."
6.  "All right," said Hurstwood. "What time does that get toDetroit?"


1.  "Don't go 'way," he said, as she started back into the kitchen."Eat your dinner."
2.  "All right. They're going to fit things up out of the proceeds."
3.  "Say," he said, "how would you like to take the part?"
4、  "Can we get it right away?" she asked, meaning the room.
5、  Sunday passed with equal doubts, worries, assurances, and heavenknows what vagaries of mind and spirit. Every half-hour in theday the thought would come to her most sharply, like the tail ofa swishing whip, that action--immediate action--was imperative.At other times she would look about her and assure herself thatthings were not so bad--that certainly she would come out safeand sound. At such times she would think of Drouet's adviceabout going on the stage, and saw some chance for herself in thatquarter. She decided to take up that opportunity on the morrow.




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      "No; frown," he said. "Frown as you did before."

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      Now, however, this feeling had changed to one of opposition,which rose feebly. It mastered her for a moment, and then, heldclose as she was, began to wane. Something else in her spoke.This man, to whose bosom she was being pressed, was strong; hewas passionate, he loved her, and she was alone. If she did notturn to him--accept of his love--where else might she go? Herresistance half dissolved in the flood of his strong feeling.

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       When Carrie saw how they looked upon her proposition, she gaineda still clearer feeling of their way of life. It weighed on her,but took no definite form of opposition.

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      At her room, the wording of this missive occupied her for sometime, for she fell to the task at once. It was most difficult.

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    {  "When will we be married?" she asked, diffidently, forgetting inher difficult situation that she had hoped he took her to beDrouet's wife.

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      Carrie went on, leading much this same life for six monthsthereafter or more. She did not see Ames any more. He calledonce upon the Vances, but she only heard about it through theyoung wife. Then he went West, and there was a gradualsubsidence of whatever personal attraction had existed. Themental effect of the thing had not gone, however, and never wouldentirely. She had an ideal to contrast men by--particularly menclose to her.}

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      "Away from here," shouted an officer, hastening to the rescue,and adding, of course, the usual oaths.

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      Carrie was very indifferent to the suggestion. These were thingswhich she did not like at all.

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       The life of the streets continued for a long time to interestCarrie. She never wearied of wondering where the people in thecars were going or what their enjoyments were. Her imaginationtrod a very narrow round, always winding up at points whichconcerned money, looks, clothes, or enjoyment. She would have afar-off thought of Columbia City now and then, or an irritatingrush of feeling concerning her experiences of the present day,but, on the whole, the little world about her enlisted her wholeattention.

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    {  He thought of the hotels, but instantly he remembered that he hadhad no experience as a clerk, and, what was more important, noacquaintances or friends in that line to whom he could go. Hedid know some hotel owners in several cities, including New York,but they knew of his dealings with Fitzgerald and Moy. He couldnot apply to them. He thought of other lines suggested by largebuildings or businesses which he knew of--wholesale groceries,hardware, insurance concerns, and the like--but he had had noexperience.

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      "I didn't know but what she might have found a better husband,"said Hurstwood.