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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Grief has stunned him," replied d'Avrigny; and they bothreturned thoughtfully to the procureur's study.
2.  "I dance?"
3.  "It is the declaration of Cardinal Spada, and the will solong sought for," replied Edmond, still incredulous.
4.  "I have an engagement with a pretty little girl for thisevening, and do not wish to be known; lend me your liverytill to-morrow. I may sleep, perhaps, at an inn." Pierreobeyed. Five minutes after, Andrea left the hotel,completely disguised, took a cabriolet, and ordered thedriver to take him to the Cheval Rouge, at Picpus. The nextmorning he left that inn as he had left the Hotel desPrinces, without being noticed, walked down the Faubourg St.Antoine, along the boulevard to Rue Menilmontant, andstopping at the door of the third house on the left lookedfor some one of whom to make inquiry in the porter'sabsence. "For whom are you looking, my fine fellow?" askedthe fruiteress on the opposite side.
5.  "Go on, my dear duke, go on -- I listen."
6.  "I will prevent you."


1.  There was a cry of "Shut up!" from the audience. Thismanifestation on the part of the spectators of their wish tobe allowed to hear the music, produced not the slightesteffect on the two young men, who continued theirconversation. "The countess was present at the races in theChamp-de-Mars," said Chateau-Renaud.
2.  "Yes, that I have suffered; but the culprit?"
3.  "Go on," said the count in the Romaic language.
4.  * Pierre Puget, the sculptor-architect, was born atMarseilles in 1622.
5.  "My first sentiment was horror, the second indifference, thethird curiosity."
6.  "Morcerf!" repeated Debray. Then noticing in the dim lightthe still youthful and veiled figure of Madame de Morcerf:-- "Pardon me," he added with a smile, "I leave you,Albert." Albert understood his thoughts. "Mother," he said,turning towards Mercedes, "this is M. Debray, secretary ofthe minister for the interior, once a friend of mine."


1.  "That is unfortunate," returned Monte Cristo.
2.  The servant, instead of answering, pointed to the garden.Monte Cristo ran down the steps, and advancing towards thespot designated beheld Villefort, encircled by his servants,with a spade in his hand, and digging the earth with fury."It is not here!" he cried. "It is not here!" And then hemoved farther on, and began again to dig.
3.  "And has he found consolation?"
4.  Then turning to Faria -- "I inquired if you are well fed?"said he.
5.   "Eh, dear friend," said Caderousse, "are wills ever madewithout codicils? But you first came to breakfast, did younot? Well, sit down, and let us begin with these pilchards,and this fresh butter; which I have put on some vine-leavesto please you, wicked one. Ah, yes; you look at my room, myfour straw chairs, my images, three francs each. But what doyou expect? This is not the Hotel des Princes."
6.  Then turning to Faria -- "I inquired if you are well fed?"said he.


1.  "In what a tone you speak!" cried Valentine.
2.  "No, he is a countryman of yours, if a Corsican is acountryman of any one's. But you know him, M. de Morcerf."
3.  "You do not know Mercedes; what she threatens she will do."
4、  Chapter 80The Accusation.
5、  "The story sent you from Yanina."




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      "Yes, I passed the evening at the Cardinal Rospigliosi's,and there mention was made of something like a pardon forone of the two men."

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      "Are on either side of the gate, which you see there." AndAndrea continued his plan.

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       Saying these words, the Transteverin disappeared down thestaircase, while his companion, muffling his features moreclosely than before in the folds of his mantle, passedalmost close to Franz, and descended to the arena by anoutward flight of steps. The next minute Franz heard himselfcalled by Albert, who made the lofty building re-echo withthe sound of his friend's name. Franz, however, did not obeythe summons till he had satisfied himself that the two menwhose conversation he had overheard were at a sufficientdistance to prevent his encountering them in his descent. Inten minutes after the strangers had departed, Franz was onthe road to the Piazza de Spagni, listening with studiedindifference to the learned dissertation delivered byAlbert, after the manner of Pliny and Calpurnius, touchingthe iron-pointed nets used to prevent the ferocious beastsfrom springing on the spectators. Franz let him proceedwithout interruption, and, in fact, did not hear what wassaid; he longed to be alone, and free to ponder over allthat had occurred. One of the two men, whose mysteriousmeeting in the Colosseum he had so unintentionallywitnessed, was an entire stranger to him, but not so theother; and though Franz had been unable to distinguish hisfeatures, from his being either wrapped in his mantle orobscured by the shadow, the tones of his voice had made toopowerful an impression on him the first time he had heardthem for him ever again to forget them, hear them when orwhere he might. It was more especially when this man wasspeaking in a manner half jesting, half bitter, that Franz'sear recalled most vividly the deep sonorous, yetwell-pitched voice that had addressed him in the grotto ofMonte Cristo, and which he heard for the second time amidthe darkness and ruined grandeur of the Colosseum. And themore he thought, the more entire was his conviction, thatthe person who wore the mantle was no other than his formerhost and entertainer, "Sinbad the Sailor."

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      "Your fingers are stained with ink."

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    {  "My master will go to dinner."

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      The two young men looked at Morcerf as if to say, -- "Areyou mad, or are you laughing at us?"}

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      After having passed with tolerable ease through thesubterranean passage, which, however, did not admit of theirholding themselves erect, the two friends reached thefurther end of the corridor, into which the abbe's cellopened; from that point the passage became much narrower,and barely permitted one to creep through on hands andknees. The floor of the abbe's cell was paved, and it hadbeen by raising one of the stones in the most obscure cornerthat Faria had to been able to commence the laborious taskof which Dantes had witnessed the completion.

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      "I am Edmond Dantes!"

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       "Thomson & French are perfectly solvent," replied Danglars,with an almost mocking smile: "but the word unlimited, infinancial affairs, is so extremely vague."

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    {  "Madame," replied Villefort, with a mournful smile, "I havealready had the honor to observe that my father has -- atleast, I hope so -- abjured his past errors, and that he is,at the present moment, a firm and zealous friend to religionand order -- a better royalist, possibly, than his son; forhe has to atone for past dereliction, while I have no otherimpulse than warm, decided preference and conviction."Having made this well-turned speech, Villefort lookedcarefully around to mark the effect of his oratory, much ashe would have done had he been addressing the bench in opencourt.

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      Danglars reflected for a moment. "Then, M. Morrel, I beg ofyou," said he, "not to say a word to Dantes on the subject.I may have been mistaken."