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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  In the meantime, the forty pistoles of King Louis XIII, like allother things of this world, after having had a beginning had anend, and after this end our four companions began to be somewhatembarrassed. At first, Athos supported the association for atime with his own means.
2.  In fact, as we have said, the whole camp was in motion.More than two thousand persons had assisted, as at aspectacle, in this fortunate but wild undertaking of thefour friends--and undertaking of which they were far fromsuspecting the real motive. Nothing was heard but cried of"Live the Musketeers! Live the Guards!" M. de Busigny wasthe first to come and shake Athos by the hand, andacknowledge that the wager was lost. The dragoon and theSwiss followed him, and all their comrades followed thedragoon and the Swiss. There was nothing but felicitations,pressures of the hand, and embraces; there was no end to theinextinguishable laughter at the Rochellais. The tumult atlength became so great that the cardinal fancied there mustbe some riot, and sent La Houdiniere, his captain of theGuards, to inquire what was going on.
3.  "Don't be afraid. I am a sailor."
4.  On leaving the convent he entered into the magistracy, becamepresident on the place of his uncle, embraced the cardinal'sparty, which did not prove want of sagacity, became chancellor,served his Eminence with zeal in his hatred against the queen-mother and his vengeance against Anne of Austria, stimulated thejudges in the affair of Calais, encouraged the attempts of M. deLaffemas, chief gamekeeper of France; then, at length, investedwith the entire confidence of the cardinal--a confidence which hehad so well earned-he received the singular commission for theexecution of which he presented himself in the queen'sapartments.
5.  "Oh, she DID love me!"
6.  "And then," continued Mme. Bonacieux, "my punishment is drawing to aclose. Tomorrow, this evening, perhaps, I shall see him again; and thenthe past will no longer exist."


1.  "You played very willingly with us without knowing ournames," said Athos, "by the same token that you won ourhorses."
2.  "Listen!" said Aramis. "Since you appear to know so many things,can you tell me what is become of that woman?"
3.  They locked the mercer in the same dungeon where he had passedthe night, and left him to himself during the day. Bonacieuxwept all day, like a true mercer, not being at all a militaryman, as he himself informed us. In the evening, about nineo'clock, at the moment he had made up his mind to go to bed, heheard steps in his corridor. These steps drew near to hisdungeon, the door was thrown open, and the guards appeared."Follow me," said an officer, who came up behind the guards."Follow you!" cried Bonacieux, "follow you at this hour! Where,my God?"
4.  Yours affectionate
5.  "I cannot take you, however, to the siege of La Rochelle,"aid D'Artagnan.
6.  The king looked at the cardinal.


1.  Great criminals bear bout them a kind of predestination which makes themsurmount all obstacles, which makes them escape all dangers, up to themoment which a wearied Providence has marked as the rock of theirimpious fortunes.
2.  "Oh, my God, my God! how I have suffered!" said Milady, in thatharmonious voice which, like that of the ancient enchantresses,charmed all whom she wished to destroy.
3.  D'Artagnan returned.
4.  "'You persist, then?'
5.   "In what way? The initials are only mine--C. B., ConstanceBonacieux."
6.  Ah! no, we were mistaken; he had discovered a purchaser forhis diamond.


1.  "Would you have given up the letter, Aramis?" said D'Artagnan."I," said Aramis, in his most flutelike tone, "I had made up mymind. If he had insisted upon the letter being given up to him,I would have presented the letter to him with one hand, and withthe other I would have run my sword through his body.""I expected as much," said Athos; "and that was why I threwmyself between you and him. Indeed, this man is very much toblame for talking thus to other men; one would say he had neverhad to do with any but women and children."
2.  The officer superintended all these details with the samecalmness Milady had constantly seen in him, never pronouncing aword himself, and making himself obeyed by a gesture of his handor a sound of his whistle.
3.  Although Milady would very willingly have gone without sleep, sustainedas she was by all the excitements which a new adventure awakened in herheart, ever thirsting for intrigues, she nevertheless accepted the offerof the superior. During the last fifteen days she had experience somany an such various emotions that if her frame of iron was stillcapable of supporting fatigue, her mind required repose.She therefore took leave of the abbess, and went to bed, softly rockedby the ideas of vengeance which the name of Kitty had naturally broughtto her thoughts. She remembered that almost unlimited promise which thecardinal had given her if she succeeded in her enterprise. She hadsucceeded; D'Artagnan was then in her power!
4、  "And you come?" asked Milady.
5、  "D'Artagnan," said Aramis, in a reproachful tone, "how couldyou believe that we had made a disturbance?"




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      "But I--where shall I go meanwhile?"

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      "A man who will not tell his name, but who comes from the cardinal.""And who wishes to speak with me?"

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       "Guilty? I?" said Milady, with a smile which might have disarmedthe angel of the last judgment. "Guilty? Oh, my God, thouknowest whether I am guilty! Say I am condemned, sir, if youplease; but you know that God, who loves martyrs, sometimespermits the innocent to be condemned."

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      "Give me then, that letter, madame; time presses."The queen ran to a little table, on which were ink, paper, andpens. She wrote two lines, sealed the letter with her privateseal, and gave it to Mme. Bonacieux.

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    {  The Englishman looked, and was seized with astonishment.D'Artagnan looked, and was seized with pleasure.

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      "Yes; but you stopped at the idea, I hope?"}

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      "But you said that your name was D'Artagnan."

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      "You have understood me, then, dear Monsieur D'Artagnan"said Milady.

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       Monsieur passed along the front of the line; then all thesuperior officers approached him to pay their compliments,M. Dessessart, captain of the Guards, as well as the others.At the expiration of a minute or two, it appeared toD'Artagnan that M. Dessessart made him a sign to approach.He waited for a fresh gesture on the part of his superior,for fear he might be mistaken; but this gesture beingrepeated, he left the ranks, and advanced to receive orders."Monsieur is about to ask for some men of good will for adangerous mission, but one which will do honor to those whoshall accomplish it; and I made you a sign in order that youmight hold yourself in readiness."

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    {  The queen remained for a short time to receive the compliments ofthe city dignitaries and to reply to the salutations of theladies. All at once the king appeared with the cardinal at oneof the doors of the hall. The cardinal was speaking to him in alow voice, and the king was very pale.

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      "No," replied the two Musketeers, after a moment's silence, "no,sir, we do not."