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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How is Monsieur Bernajoux, your esquire's relative?""Why, monsieur, very ill indeed! In addition to the sword thrustin his arm, which is not dangerous, he has received another rightthrough his lungs, of which the doctor says bad things.""But has the wounded man retained his senses?"
2.  "I say that love is a lottery in which he who wins, wins death!You are very fortunate to have lost, believe me, my dearD'Artagnan. And if I have any counsel to give, it is, alwayslose!"
3.  "Poor dear Monsieur D'Artagnan," said Kitty, in a voice fullof compassion, and pressing anew the young man's hand."You pity me, little one?" said D'Artagnan.
5.  "Is it my equipment?"
6.  "But where are you going?"


1.  That was the very evening when the abduction of Mme.Bonacieux took place. D'Artagnan trembled; and he likewiserecollected that during the past half hour the poor womanhad passed close to him, without doubt carried away by thesame power that had caused her disappearance.
2.  D'Artagnan did not know London; he did not know a word ofEnglish; but he wrote the name of Buckingham on a piece of paper,and everyone pointed out to him the way to the duke's hotel.The duke was at Windsor hunting with the king. D'Artagnaninquired for the confidential valet of the duke, who, havingaccompanied him in all his voyages, spoke French perfectly well;he told him that he came from Paris on an affair of life anddeath, and that he must speak with his master instantly.The confidence with which D'Artagnan spoke convinced Patrick,which was the name of this minister of the minister. He orderedtwo horses to be saddled, and himself went as guide to the youngGuardsman. As for Planchet, he had been lifted from his horse asstiff as a rush; the poor lad's strength was almost exhausted.D'Artagnan seemed iron.
3.  "Eh, eh!" said Bonacieux, slapping a plump, round bag, whichreturned a sound a money; "what do you think of this, MadamePreacher?"
4.  As soon as the escort arrived in a city, when they had conducted theking to his quarters the four friends either retired to their own or tosome secluded cabaret, where they neither drank nor played; they onlyconversed in a low voice, looking around attentively to see that no oneoverheard them.
5.  The answer was terrible. Anne of Austria believed that LouisXIII knew all, and that the cardinal had persuaded him to employthis long dissimulation of seven or eight days, which, likewise,was characteristic. She became excessively pale, leaned herbeautiful hand upon a CONSOLE, which hand appeared then like oneof wax, and looking at the king with terror in her eyes, she wasunable to reply by a single syllable.
6.  "I! Not at all. I am dead drunk, that's all, and never did aman more strongly set about getting so. By the Lord, my goodhost! I must at least have drunk for my part a hundred and fiftybottles."


1.  "Buckingham in Paris!" cried he, "and why does he come?""To conspire, no doubt, with your enemies, the Huguenots and theSpaniards."
2.  Anne of Austria re-entered her apartment, and came out againalmost immediately, holding a rosewood casket in her hand, withher cipher encrusted with gold.
3.  This affair made a great noise. M. de Treville scolded hisMusketeers in public, and congratulated them in private; but asno time was to be lost in gaining the king, M. de Trevillehastened to report himself at the Louvre. It was already toolate. The king was closeted with the cardinal, and M. deTreville was informed that the king was busy and could notreceive him at that moment. In the evening M. de Trevilleattended the king's gaming table. The king was winning; and ashe was very avaricious, he was in an excellent humor. PerceivingM. de Treville at a distance--
4.  "Hold! I must have lost it," said the young man maliciously,pretending to search for it. "But fortunately the world is asepulcher; the men, and consequently the women, are but shadows,and love is a sentiment to which you cry, 'Fie! Fie!'""D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan," cried Aramis, "you are killing me!""Well, here it is at last!" said D'Artagnan, as he drew theletter from his pocket.
5.   "But don't mistake," said D'Artagnan, "there is more selfishnessin my toast than perhaps you may think--for it is only inprosperous establishments that one is well received. In hotelsthat do not flourish, everything is in confusion, and thetraveler is a victim to the embarrassments of his host. Now, Itravel a great deal, particularly on this road, and I wish to seeall innkeepers making a fortune."
6.  "He is a bold fellow," said the cardinal.


1.  As for D'Artagnan, he immediately repaired to the cabaret of thePomme-de-Pin, where he found Porthos and Aramis awaiting him.Without giving them any explanation of the alarm andinconvenience he had caused them, he told them that he hadterminated the affair alone in which he had for a moment believedhe should need their assistance.
2.  "At the noise I raised myself up on one hand.
3.  On their side, from time to time, the besiegers took themessengers which the Rochellais sent to Buckingham, or the spieswhich Buckingham sent to the Rochellais. In one case or theother, the trial was soon over. The cardinal pronounced thesingle word, "Hanged!" The king was invited to come and see thehanging. He came languidly, placing himself in a good situationto see all the details. This amused him sometimes a little, andmade him endure the siege with patience; but it did not preventhis getting very tired, or from talking at every moment ofreturning to Paris--so that if the messengers and the spies hadfailed, his Eminence, notwithstanding all his inventiveness,would have found himself much embarrassed.
4、  The cardinal being left alone, reflected for an instant and thenrang the bell a third time. The same officer appeared."Bring the prisoner in again," said the cardinal.M. Bonacieux was introduced afresh, and upon a sign from thecardinal, the officer retired.
5、  "Well, my dear Aramis, you may enjoy that pleasure, for one ofthose three horses is yours."




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      "Search, then, monsieur! I am a criminal, as it appears.Estafania, give up the keys of my drawers and my desks."For form's sake the chancellor paid a visit to the pieces offurniture named; but he well knew that it was not in a piece offurniture that the queen would place the important letter she hadwritten that day.

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      "What would you? The cardinal has a weakness for these men which Icannot comprehend."

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       "So far, well," said Athos, "I perceive you know me.""The Comte de la Fere!" murmured Milady, becomingexceedingly pale, and drawing back till the wall preventedher from going any farther.

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      "I ask no better," said Aramis, with that ingenious air ofconfidence which every poet has in himself; "but let me beproperly acquainted with the subject. I have heard here andthere that this sister-in-law was a hussy. I have obtainedproof of it by listening to her conversation with thecardinal."

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    {  "Monsieur the Duke," said M. de Treville, "I was so confident ofyour loyalty that I required no other defender before his Majestythan yourself. I find that I have not been mistaken, and I thankyou that there is still one man in France of whom may be said,without disappointment, what I have said of you.""That's well said," cried the king, who had heard all thesecompliments through the open door; "only tell him, Treville,since he wishes to be considered your friend, that I also wish tobe one of his, but he neglects me; that it is nearly three yearssince I have seen him, and that I never do see him unless I sendfor him. Tell him all this for me, for these are things which aking cannot say for himself."

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      Second, Porthos stretched his upon the grass with a woundthrough his thigh, As the Englishman, without making anyfurther resistance, then surrendered his sword, Porthos tookhim up in his arms and bore him to his carriage.}

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      "My faith," said Aramis, "I must confess I feel a greatrepugnance to fire on these poor devils of civilians.""He is a bad priest," said Porthos, "who has pity forheretics."

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      "If it is for the purpose of rejoining Milady," said Athos, coolly, "itis useless; you will not find her."

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       "My turn," said Athos, himself trembling as the lion trembles at thesight of the serpent--"my turn. I married that woman when she was ayoung girl; I married her in opposition to the wishes of all my family;I gave her my wealth, I gave her my name; and one day I discovered thatthis woman was branded--this woman was marked with a FLEUR-DE-LIS on herleft shoulder."

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    {  "I know myself, Father; my resolution is irrevocable.""Then you persist in continuing that thesis?"

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      "Yes, but to yield!" said Porthos.