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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then I shall certainly come."
2.  "In an instant." I scribbled a note to my neighbour, rushed upstairsto explain the matter to my wife, and joined Holmes upon the doorstep."Your neighbour is a doctor," said he, nodding at the brass plate."Yes, he bought a practice as I did."
3.  "Let us hear about it," said he.
4.  "My directions for Mr. Culverton Smith."
5.  "I knew you would not shrink at the last," said he, and for a momentI saw something in his eyes which was nearer to tenderness than Ihad ever seen. The next instant he was his masterful, practical selfonce more.
6.  "What steps will you take?" I asked.


1.  "Have the carriages been examined for any sign of violence?""There are no such signs, and no ticket has been found.""No record of a door being found open?"
2.  "We are on the outskirts of Lee," said my companion. "We havetouched on three English counties in our short drive, starting inMiddlesex, passing over an angle of Surrey, and ending in Kent. Seethat light among the trees? That is The Cedars, and beside that lampsits a woman whose anxious ears have already, I have little doubt,caught the clink of our horse's feet."
3.  "Well, this gets me!" cried the inspector. "What was it, Mr. Holmes?I'm born and bred in these parts, but I never saw such a thing. Itdon't belong to Sussex."
4.  "One day a gold convoy came down from Ballust to Melbourne, and welay in wait for it and attacked it. There were six troopers and six ofus, so it was a close thing, but we emptied four of their saddles atthe first volley. Three of our boys were killed, however, before wegot the swag. I put my pistol to the head of the wagon-driver, who wasthis very man McCarthy. I wish to the Lord that I had though himshot him then, but I spared him, though I saw his wicked little eyesfixed on my face, as though to remember every feature. We got awaywith the gold, became wealthy men, and made our way over to Englandwithout being suspected. There I parted from my old pals anddetermined to settle down to a quiet and respectable life. I boughtthis estate, which chanced to be in the market, and I set myself to doa little with my money, to make up for the way in which I had earnedit. I married, too, and though my wife died young she left me mydear little Alice. Even when she was just a baby her wee hand seemedto lead me down the right path as nothing else had ever done. In aword, I turned over a new leaf and did my best to make up for thepast. All was going well when McCarthy laid his grip upon me."I had gone up to town about an investment, and I met him inRegent Street with hardly a coat to his back or a boot to his foot."'Here we are, Jack,' says he, touching me on the arm; 'we'll beas good as a family to you. There's two of us, me and my son, andyou can have the keeping of us. If you don't-it's a fine,law-abiding country is England, and there's always a policemanwithin hail.'
5.  It was only nine o'clock, and we were off full cry upon the trail atonce. First we drove to Brixton Workhouse Infirmary, where we foundthat it was indeed the truth that a charitable couple had calledsome days before, that they had claimed an imbecile old woman as aformer servant, and that they had obtained permission to take her awaywith them. No surprise was expressed at the news that she had sincedied.
6.  "Yes, sir."


1.  "On entering the house, however, I examined, as you remember, thesill and framework of the hall window with my lens, and I could atonce see that someone had passed out. I could distinguish theoutline of an instep where the wet foot had been placed in comingin. I was then beginning to be able to form an opinion as to whathad occurred. A man had waited outside the window; someone had broughtthe gems; the deed had been overseen by your son; he had pursued thethief, had struggled with him; they had each tugged at the coronet,their united strength causing injuries which neither alone couldhave effected. He had returned with the prize, but had left a fragmentin the grasp of his opponent. So far I was clear. The question nowwas, who was the man and who was it brought him the coronet?"It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded theimpossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.Now, I knew that it was not you who had brought it down, so there onlyremained your niece and the maids. But if it were the maids, whyshould your son allow himself to be accused in their place? Therecould be no possible reason. As he loved his cousin, however, therewas an excellent explanation why he should retain her secret-themore so as the secret was a disgraceful one. When I remembered thatyou had seen her at that window, and how she had fainted on seeing thecoronet again, my conjecture became a certainty.
2.  "The family of Lord Robert St. Simon has been thrown into thegreatest consternation by the strange and painful episodes whichhave taken place in connection with his wedding. The ceremony, asshortly announced in the papers of yesterday, occurred on the previousmorning; but it is only now that it has been possible to confirm thestrange rumours which have been so persistently floating about. Inspite of the attempts of the friends to hush the matter up, so muchpublic attention has now been drawn to it that no good purpose canbe served by affecting to disregard what is a common subject forconversation.
3.  "I was walking on the cliff when I heard his cry. He was at the edgeof the water, reeling about like a drunken man. I ran down, threw someclothes about him, and brought him up. For heaven's sake, Holmes,use all the powers you have and spare no pains to lift the cursefrom this place, for life is becoming unendurable. Can you, with allyour world-wide reputation, do nothing for us?"
4.  "`Whatever were you doing with that bird, Jem?' says she."`Well,' said I, `you said you'd give me one for Christmas,and I was feeling which was the fattest.'
5.   "Madam," said Holmes, "I am sure that it is the truth. I fear thatyou are far from well."
6.  The Crooked Man.


1.  "If you can call upon me at my Baker Street rooms to-morrowmorning between nine and ten I shall be happy to do what I can to makeit clearer. I understand that you give me carte blanche to act foryou, provided only that I get back the gems, and that you place nolimit on the sum I may draw."
2.  The brother scribbled a note upon a leaf of his pocket-book, and,ringing the bell, he handed it to the waiter.
3.  "No, I had a feeling something was there."
4、  "Why? The sport- the excitement- the danger!"
5、  "I am sure that I shall say nothing of the kind."




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      "'We shall know if you speak of this,' said he. 'We have our ownmeans of information. Now you will find the carriage waiting, and myfriend will see you on your way.'

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      "`Well, it is a little awkward, for I have a business

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       "I confess that this is entirely new to me, your Grace. I must begyou to be more explicit."

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      "It is a little cold for the time of the year," said Holmes."What has she been saying to you?" screamed the old man furiously."But I have heard that the crocuses promise well," continued mycompanion imperturbably.

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    {  "'"Gone! Gone where?"

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      I confess that I was filled with curiosity, but I was aware thatHolmes liked to make his disclosures at his own time and in his ownway, so I waited until it should suit him to take me into hisconfidence.}

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      "Oh, the fellows evidently grabbed hold of everything they couldget."

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      "Well, can you give me no further indications?"

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       "Your cipher was not difficult, madam. Your presence here wasdesirable. I knew that I had only to flash "Vieni" and you wouldsurely come."

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    {  "Ralph," he said, "telephone down to the county police and ask theinspector to send up two constables. Tell him there are burglars inthe house."

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      "Anything else?"