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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Be satisfied; you are not guilty toward me, and I havealready pardoned you."
2.  "Well?"
3.  "Pay him, booby!" cried the stranger to his servant, withoutchecking the speed of his horse; and the man, after throwing twoor three silver pieces at the foot of mine host, galloped afterhis master.
4.  "I am sure of it."
5.  He grew deadly pale, placed his hand upon his heart, which was breaking,and at once perceived all the treachery.
6.  "And that is but just," said Athos, and he took aside theone of the four Englishmen with whom he was to fight, andcommunicated his name in a low voice.


1.  "Yes."
2.  Athos, Porthos, and Aramis instantly drew near one another, whileJussac drew up his soldiers.
3.  "You arrive in good time, dear D'Artagnan," said Aramis, "and bytaking part in our discussion may assist us with yourintelligence. Monsieur the Principal of Amiens, Monsieur theCurate of Montdidier, and I are arguing certain theologicalquestions in which we have been much interested; I shall bedelighted to have your opinion."
4.  Rochefort had scarcely departed when Mme. Bonacieux re-entered. Shefound Milady with a smiling countenance.
5.  The officers were full of thanks, and took away their prey. Asthey were going down D'Artagnan laid his hand on the shoulder oftheir leader.
6.  "Gentlemen," said Athos, "my opinion is that it is not proper toallow lackeys to have anything to do in such an affair. A secretmay, by chance, be betrayed by gentlemen; but it is almostalways sold by lackeys."


1.  "Wait a minute, then," said Aramis.
2.  "Speak lower, Aramis," said Athos.
3.  "Ah!" said Milady, listening in her turn to the noise of Felton'ssteps, which withdrew in a direction opposite to those of Lord deWinter; "at length you are mine!"
4.  "You will ask for the host, and will repeat to him the word'Forward!'"
5.   In the evening, at the appointed hour, the four friends met.There only remained three things to decide--what theyshould write to Milady's brother; what they should write tothe clever person at Tours; and which should be the lackeysto carry the letters.
6.  "So it is!" said D'Artagnan; "I know him now. Do you thinkhe would recollect you?"


1.  "I take back the ring, after it has passed through the handsof that infamous creature Never; that ring is defiled,D'Artagnan.
2.  "More intrigues! Nothing but intrigues! Thank you, madame, I amaware of them now; Monsieur Cardinal has enlightened me on thathead."
3.  "Well," cried his auditors; "at the moment you left his house?"Aramis appeared to make a strong inward effort, like a man who,in the full relation of a falsehood, finds himself stopped bysome unforeseen obstacle; but the eyes of his three companionswere fixed upon him, their ears were wide open, and there were nomeans of retreat.
4、  "So far, well," said Athos, "I perceive you know me.""The Comte de la Fere!" murmured Milady, becomingexceedingly pale, and drawing back till the wall preventedher from going any farther.
5、  It may be supposed that his desire to hear the conversation wasaugmented by this discovery. His eyes took a strange expression,and with the step of a tiger-cat he advanced toward the hedge;but he had not been able to catch more than a few vague syllableswithout any positive sense, when a sonorous and short cry madehim start, and attracted the attention of the Musketeers."Officer!" cried Grimaud.




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      "The devil!" cried Aramis, "you have a magnificent horsethere, Porthos."

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      "Monsieur, he carried on a trade which I have always thoughtsatisfactory."

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       D'Artagnan explained the sword wound of his companion by asortie which he improvised. He described the death of theother soldier, and the perils they had encountered. Thisrecital was for him the occasion of veritable triumph. Thewhole army talked of this expedition for a day, and Monsieurpaid him his compliments upon it. Besides this, as everygreat action bears its recompense with it, the brave exploitof D'Artagnan resulted in the restoration of the tranquilityhe had lost. In fact, D'Artagnan believed that he might betranquil, as one of his two enemies was killed and the otherdevoted to his interests.

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      "My dear Athos, I admire you, but nevertheless we were in thewrong, after all."

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    {  After the soup the maid brought a boiled fowl--a piece ofmagnificence which caused the eyes of the diners to dilatein such a manner that they seemed ready to burst."One may see that you love your family, Madame Coquenard,"said the procurator, with a smile that was almost tragic."You are certainly treating your cousin very handsomely!"The poor fowl was thin, and covered with one of those thick,bristly skins through which the teeth cannot penetrate withall their efforts. The fowl must have been sought for along time on the perch, to which it had retired to die ofold age.

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      "The captain of the cardinal's Guards?"}

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      Felton obeyed; this woman was now his whole thought, his wholesoul.

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      "At times the state into which I had fallen appeared so strangethat I believed myself dreaming. I arose trembling. My clotheswere near me on a chair; I neither remembered having undressedmyself nor going to bed. Then by degrees the reality broke uponme, full of chaste terrors. I was no longer in the house where Ihad dwelt. As well as I could judge by the light of the sun, theday was already two-thirds gone. It was the evening before whenI had fallen asleep; my sleep, then, must have lasted twenty-fourhours! What had taken place during this long sleep?"I dressed myself as quickly as possible; my slow and stiffmotions all attested that the effects of the narcotic were notyet entirely dissipated. The chamber was evidently furnished forthe reception of a woman; and the most finished coquette couldnot have formed a wish, but on casting her eyes about theapartment, she would have found that wish accomplished."Certainly I was not the first captive that had been shut up inthis splendid prison; but you may easily comprehend, Felton, thatthe more superb the prison, the greater was my terror."Yes, it was a prison, for I tried in vain to get out of it. Isounded all the walls, in the hopes of discovering a door, buteverywhere the walls returned a full and flat sound."I made the tour of the room at least twenty times, in search ofan outlet of some kind; but there was none. I sank exhaustedwith fatigue and terror into an armchair.

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       "A mendicant."

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    {  Buckingham gave D'Artagnan a chamber adjoining his own. Hewished to have the young man at hand--not that he at allmistrusted him, but for the sake of having someone to whom hecould constantly talk of the queen.

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      "Planchet!" cried D'Artagnan, beside himself with joy."Planchet!" repeated Aramis and Porthos.