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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "`That would suit me very well,' said I. `And the pay?'"`Is 4 pound a week.'
2.  "That means a case, I suppose?"
3.  "I anticipated it. I came in the hope of preventing it.""Then you must have important evidence, of which we are ignorant,for they were said to be a most united couple."
4.  "It is very kind of you."
5.  "It has been done. Thanks to the telephone and the help of the Yard,I can usually get my essentials without leaving this room. As a matterof fact, my information confirms the man's story. He has the localrepute of being a miser as well as a harsh and exacting husband.That he had a large sum of money in that strongroom of his is certain.So also is it that young Dr. Ernest, an unmarried man, played chesswith Amberley, and probably played the fool with his wife. All thisseems plain sailing, and one would think that there was no more tobe said- and yet!- and yet!"
6.  "Well, sir?" asked Holmes sternly.


1.  "Now for Mr. Breckinridge," he continued, buttoning up hiscoat as we came out into the frosty air. "Remember, Watson, thatthough we have so homely a thing as a goose at one end of thischain, we have at the other a man who will certainly get sevenyears' penal servitude unless we can establish his innocence. Itis possible that our inquiry may but confirm his guilt; but, inany case, we have a line of investigation which has been missed bythe police, and which a singular chance has placed in our hands.Let us follow it out to the bitter end. Faces to the south, then,and quick march!"
2.  "This is the gentleman who forced my hand." He unfolded the scrap ofpaper on which I had written the word "Leprosy." "It seemed to me thatif he knew so much as that it was safer that he should know all.""And so it was," said I. "Who knows but good may come of it? Iunderstand that only Mr. Kent has seen the patient. May I ask, sir, ifyou are an authority on such complaints, which are, I understand,tropical or semi-tropical in their nature?"
3.  "'Fritz! Fritz!' she cried in English, 'remember your promiseafter the last time. You said it should not be again. He will besilent! Oh, he will be silent!'
4.  "It would have been an easier task a week ago," said he. "But evennow my visit may not be entirely fruitless. Watson, if you can sparethe time, I should be very glad of your company. If you will call afour-wheeler, Hopkins, we shall be ready to start for Forest Row ina quarter of an hour."
5.  "'Well, that's true enough,' said he. 'You know, Victor,' turning tohis son, 'when we broke up that poaching gang they swore to knifeus, and Sir Edward Holly has actually been attacked. I've alwaysbeen on my guard since then, though I have no idea how you know it.'"'You have a very handsome stick,' I answered. 'By the inscription Iobserved that you had not had it more than a year. But you havetaken some pains to bore the head of it and pour melted lead intothe hole so as to make it a formidable weapon. I argued that you wouldnot take such precautions unless you had some danger to fear.'"'Anything else?' he asked, smiling.
6.  "She died just two years ago, and it is of her death that I wishto speak to you. You can understand that, living the life which I havedescribed, we were little likely to see anyone of our own age andposition. We had, however, an aunt, my mother's maiden sister, MissHonoria Westphail, who lives near Harrow, and we were occasionallyallowed to pay short visits at this lady's house. Julia went thereat Christmas two years ago, and met there a half-pay major of marines,to whom she became engaged. My stepfather learned of the engagementwhen my sister returned and offered no objection to the marriage;but within a fortnight of the day which had been fixed for thewedding, the terrible event occurred which has deprived me of myonly companion."


1.  "These are samples of the questions and answers which made up ourstrange half-spoken, half-written conversation. Again and again Ihad to ask him whether he would give in and sign the documents.Again and again I had the same indignant reply. But soon a happythought came to me. I took to adding on little sentences of my ownto each question, innocent ones at first, to test whether either ofour companions knew anything of the matter, and then, as I foundthat they showed no sign I played a more dangerous game. Ourconversation ran something like this:
2.  "By Jove, the doctor is coming back!" cried Holmes. "That settlesit. We are bound to see what it means before he comes."He opened the door, and we stepped into the hall. The droningsound swelled louder upon our ears until it became one long, deep wailof distress. It came from upstairs. Holmes darted up, and I followedhim. He pushed open a half-closed door, and we both stood appalledat the sight before us.
3.  "My dear doctor, this is a time for observation, not for talk.We are spies in an enemy's country. We know something ofSaxe-Coburg Square. Let us now explore the parts which lie behindit."
4.  Mr. Trelawney Hope dropped his head on his chest and groanedaloud. The Premier placed his hand kindly upon his shoulder."It is your misfortune, my dear fellow. No one can blame you.There is no precaution which you have neglected. Now, Mr. Holmes,you are in full possession of the facts. What course do yourecommend?"
5.   "A girl of strong character."
6.  "I was recalled to myself by a frantic plucking at my wrist, and Ifound myself lying upon the stone floor of a narrow corridor, whilea woman bent over me and tugged at me with her left hand, while sheheld a candle in her right. It was the same good friend whosewarning I had so foolishly rejected.


1.  Something like fear sprang up in the young lady's expressive blackeyes. "Why, you are like a magician," said she. "How do you knowthat?" She smiled, but there was no answering smile in Holmes'sthin, eager face.
2.  "I can think of none."
3.  "Pray continue," said he.
4、  "Surely it would not be difficult to find out. This is not such apopulous neighbourhood."
5、  "It's Sir Robert, sir. He's terrible jealous of touts. If you twostrangers were as near his training quarters as that he'd be after youas sure as fate. He ain't taking no chances, Sir Robert ain't.""I've heard he has a horse entered for the Derby."




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      From the hiding-place into which I had been so swiftly hustled Iheard the footfalls upon the stair, with the opening and the closingof the bedroom door. "Then, to my surprise, there came a long silence,broken only by the heavy breathings and gaspings of the sick man. Icould imagine that our visitor was standing by the bedside and lookingdown at the sufferer. At last that strange hush was broken."Holmes!" he cried. "Holmes!" in the insistent tone of one whoawakens a sleeper. "Can't you hear me, Holmes?" There was arustling, as if he had shaken the sick man roughly by the shoulder."Is that you, Mr. Smith?" Holmes whispered. "I hardly dared hopethat you would come."

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      "No one else in your room?"

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       "Because it is my desire. Is that not enough?"

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      I have no doubt that you can remember "Tadpole" Phelps, who was inthe fifth form when you were in the third. It is possible even thatyou may have heard that through my uncle's influence I obtained a goodappointment at the Foreign Office, and that I was in a situation oftrust and honour until a horrible misfortune came suddenly to blast mycareer.

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    {  Hopkins looked surprised.

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      "I assure you, sir, that there were none."}

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      "It was a dog-grate, Mr. Holmes, and he overpitched it. I pickedthis out unburned from the back of it."

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      "And on what day did he meet his death?"

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       "Have you been in it since your adventure?"

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    {  The other had been silent all this time, but I had observed that hismore controlled excitement was even greater than the obtrusive emotionof the clergyman. He sat with a pale, drawn face, his anxious gazefixed upon Holmes, and his thin hands clasped convulsively together.His pale lips quivered as he listened to the dreadful experience whichhad befallen his family, and his dark eyes seemed to reflect somethingof the horror of the scene.

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      "You've seen the paper, Mr. Holmes?" he asked, holding one out tous.