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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; do you not know that this is a young man whom thecount is introducing?" said Morcerf.
2.  "Oh, sire, what a dreadful misfortune! I am, indeed, to bepitied. I can never forgive myself!"
3.  "Shall I tell you plainly one thing, sir? I dread almost asmuch to receive any tidings of my vessel as to remain indoubt. uncertainty is still hope." Then in a low voiceMorrel added, -- "This delay is not natural. The Pharaonleft Calcutta the 5th February; she ought to have been herea month ago."
4.  Any one who had quitted Marseilles a few years previously,well acquainted with the interior of Morrel's warehouse, andhad returned at this date, would have found a great change.Instead of that air of life, of comfort, and of happinessthat permeates a flourishing and prosperous businessestablishment -- instead of merry faces at the windows, busyclerks hurrying to and fro in the long corridors -- insteadof the court filled with bales of goods, re-echoing with thecries and the jokes of porters, one would have immediatelyperceived all aspect of sadness and gloom. Out of all thenumerous clerks that used to fill the deserted corridor andthe empty office, but two remained. One was a young man ofthree or four and twenty, who was in love with M. Morrel'sdaughter, and had remained with him in spite of the effortsof his friends to induce him to withdraw; the other was anold one-eyed cashier, called "Cocles," or "Cock-eye," anickname given him by the young men who used to throng thisvast now almost deserted bee-hive, and which had socompletely replaced his real name that he would not, in allprobability, have replied to any one who addressed him byit.
5.  "None at all."
6.  "No, you will not forget it, because you are a man of honor,Morrel, because you have taken an oath, and are about to doso again."


1.  "And don't you know where he is?"
2.  "Is it possible you were so kind?"
3.  "Sir," said the valet de chambre, entering the room, "adragoon has brought this despatch from the minister of theinterior." Villefort seized the letter, and hastily brokethe seal. Madame Danglars trembled with fear; Villefortstarted with joy. "Arrested!" he exclaimed; "he was taken atCompiegne, and all is over." Madame Danglars rose from herseat, pale and cold. "Adieu, sir," she said. "Adieu,madame," replied the king's attorney, as in an almost joyfulmanner he conducted her to the door. Then, turning to hisdesk, he said, striking the letter with the back of hisright hand, "Come, I had a forgery, three robberies, and twocases of arson, I only wanted a murder, and here it is. Itwill be a splendid session!"
4.  "What was his name?" asked Monte Cristo.
5.  The day after Monte Cristo had called upon Danglars, themysterious lodger entered at ten o'clock in the morninginstead of four in the afternoon. Almost directlyafterwards, without the usual interval of time, a cabarrived, and the veiled lady ran hastily up-stairs. The dooropened, but before it could be closed, the lady exclaimed:"Oh, Lucien -- oh, my friend!" The concierge therefore heardfor the first time that the lodger's name was Lucien; still,as he was the very perfection of a door-keeper, he made uphis mind not to tell his wife. "Well, what is the matter, mydear?" asked the gentleman whose name the lady's agitationrevealed; "tell me what is the matter."
6.  "From an apoplectic stroke."


1.  "Well?"
2.  "Well, my husband would never live in it."
3.  "I am going to her." And Villefort, with his papers underhis arm and hat in hand, directed his steps toward theapartment of his wife. At the door he paused for a moment towipe his damp, pale brow. He then entered the room. Madamede Villefort was sitting on an ottoman and impatientlyturning over the leaves of some newspapers and pamphletswhich young Edward, by way of amusing himself, was tearingto pieces before his mother could finish reading them. Shewas dressed to go out, her bonnet was placed beside her on achair, and her gloves were on her hands.
4.  "A galley-slave, escaped from confinement at Toulon."
5.   Thus the terrible secret, which Beauchamp had so generouslydestroyed, appeared again like an armed phantom; and anotherpaper, deriving its information from some malicious source,had published two days after Albert's departure for Normandythe few lines which had rendered the unfortunate young manalmost crazy.
6.  The young girl uttered a joyful cry, raised her eyes, lookedround to question the messenger, but he had disappeared. Shecast her eyes again over the note to peruse it a secondtime, and saw there was a postscript. She read: --


1.  `Foul deeds will rise,Tho, all the earth o'erwhelm them to men's eyes;'
2.  "What do you think of the count?" inquired Debray; "he isnot much amiss, according to my ideas of good looks."
3.  "You are a native of Marseilles, and a sailor, and yet youdo not know where you are going?"
4、  "Valentine reposes within the walls of Paris, and to leaveParis is like losing her a second time."
5、  "Indeed," said Louise, "I admire you, and I could almost sayrespect you." The laundress looked on in astonishment, butas she had been promised twenty louis, she made no remark.




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      "He is speculating in railways," said Lord Wilmore, "and ashe is an expert chemist and physicist, he has invented a newsystem of telegraphy, which he is seeking to bring toperfection."

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      "That is what all the French say," returned Signor Pastrini,somewhat piqued; "for that reason, I do not understand whythey travel."

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       "Hem," said Danglars.

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      "And you have lost it; how stupid!"

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    {  "Dear, good Renee," whispered Villefort, as he gazed withunutterable tenderness on the lovely speaker.

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      "Suffer me, also, madame," replied Villefort, "to add myearnest request to Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran's, that youwill kindly allow the veil of oblivion to cover and concealthe past. What avails recrimination over matters wholly pastrecall? For my own part, I have laid aside even the name ofmy father, and altogether disown his political principles.He was -- nay, probably may still be -- a Bonapartist, andis called Noirtier; I, on the contrary, am a stanchroyalist, and style myself de Villefort. Let what may remainof revolutionary sap exhaust itself and die away with theold trunk, and condescend only to regard the young shootwhich has started up at a distance from the parent tree,without having the power, any more than the wish, toseparate entirely from the stock from which it sprung."}

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      "In the entire political world, of which you are one of theleaders."

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      The carriage entered by the Porto del Popolo, turned to theleft, and stopped at the Hotel d'Espagne. Old Pastrini, ourformer acquaintance, received the traveller at the door, hatin hand. The traveller alighted, ordered a good dinner, andinquired the address of the house of Thomson & French, whichwas immediately given to him, as it was one of the mostcelebrated in Rome. It was situated in the Via dei Banchi,near St. Peter's. In Rome, as everywhere else, the arrivalof a post-chaise is an event. Ten young descendants ofMarius and the Gracchi, barefooted and out at elbows, withone hand resting on the hip and the other gracefully curvedabove the head, stared at the traveller, the post-chaise,and the horses; to these were added about fifty littlevagabonds from the Papal States, who earned a pittance bydiving into the Tiber at high water from the bridge of St.Angelo. Now, as these street Arabs of Rome, more fortunatethan those of Paris, understand every language, moreespecially the French, they heard the traveller order anapartment, a dinner, and finally inquire the way to thehouse of Thomson & French. The result was that when thenew-comer left the hotel with the cicerone, a man detachedhimself from the rest of the idlers, and without having beenseen by the traveller, and appearing to excite no attentionfrom the guide, followed the stranger with as much skill asa Parisian police agent would have used.

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       "What do they do?"

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    {  "I said a million," replied Danglars, with the confidence ofignorance.

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      "Albert," repeated Danglars, shrugging his shoulders; "ah,well; he would care very little about it, I think."