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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Eugenie! Mademoiselle Danglars!" exclaimed Andrea,stupefied.
2.  "And now," he said, "may I inquire what are the orders withwhich your majesty deigns to honor me?"
3.  "I think I can assist your researches," said Maximilian."Monte Cristo is a little island I have often heard spokenof by the old sailors my father employed -- a grain of sandin the centre of the Mediterranean, an atom in theinfinite."
4.  "No." said Villefort; "fetch the nearest."
5.  "Yes; we have an instance here; it was by always offering amillion of francs to the governor for his liberty that anabbe became mad, who was in this chamber before you."
6.  "I am Edmond Dantes!"


1.  "Yes; those who have died of hunger."
2.  "But beneath my fingers, as if by magic, in proportion asthe fire ascended, I saw yellowish characters appear on thepaper. I grasped it in my hand, put out the flame as quicklyas I could, lighted my taper in the fire itself, and openedthe crumpled paper with inexpressible emotion, recognizing,when I had done so, that these characters had been traced inmysterious and sympathetic ink, only appearing when exposedto the fire; nearly one-third of the paper had been consumedby the flame. It was that paper you read this morning; readit again, Dantes, and then I will complete for you theincomplete words and unconnected sense."
3.  "And Dauphine, sir?" inquired the king, of Villefort. "Doyou think it possible to rouse that as well as Provence?"
4.  "I say, sire, that the minister of police is greatlydeceived or I am; and as it is impossible it can be theminister of police as he has the guardianship of the safetyand honor of your majesty, it is probable that I am inerror. However, sire, if I might advise, your majesty willinterrogate the person of whom I spoke to you, and I willurge your majesty to do him this honor."
5.  "You had never spoken of them yourself to any one?"
6.  "One instant, my dear friend," replied the abbe; "it isclear you do not understand the nature of the courage withwhich I am endowed, and what use I intend making of mystrength. As for patience, I consider that I have abundantlyexercised that in beginning every morning the task of thenight before, and every night renewing the task of the day.But then, young man (and I pray of you to give me your fullattention), then I thought I could not be doing anythingdispleasing to the Almighty in trying to set an innocentbeing at liberty -- one who had committed no offence, andmerited not condemnation."


1.  The two young men looked at Morcerf as if to say, -- "Areyou mad, or are you laughing at us?"
2.  The stranger might have numbered sixty or sixty-five years;but a certain briskness and appearance of vigor in hismovements made it probable that he was aged more fromcaptivity than the course of time. He received theenthusiastic greeting of his young acquaintance with evidentpleasure, as though his chilled affections were rekindledand invigorated by his contact with one so warm and ardent.He thanked him with grateful cordiality for his kindlywelcome, although he must at that moment have been sufferingbitterly to find another dungeon where he had fondlyreckoned on discovering a means of regaining his liberty.
3.  "I do not deny it," returned the count; "but why are youthus agitated. It is a bad sign; a quiet conscience does notoccasion such paleness in the cheeks, and such fever in thehands of a man."
4.  "Not for the countess, or for Albert," said Monte Cristo; "adead father or husband is better than a dishonored one, --blood washes out shame."
5.   He was finishing the last line when a cry behind him madehim start, and the pen fell from his hand. "Haidee," saidhe. "did you read it?"
6.  "But, at least, tell me where he is, that I may know whetherhe is alive or dead," said she.


1.  "And have you them yet?"
2.  "Oh, yes," was the ready answer.
3.  "I am seeking the Count of Monte Cristo" said the young man.
4、  Morrel examined the ledgers, opened the portfolio, andcounted the money. All his funds amounted to 6,000, or 8,000francs, his bills receivable up to the 5th to 4,000 or5,000, which, making the best of everything, gave him 14,000francs to meet debts amounting to 287,500 francs. He had noteven the means for making a possible settlement on account.However, when Morrel went down to his dinner, he appearedvery calm. This calmness was more alarming to the two womenthan the deepest dejection would have been. After dinnerMorrel usually went out and used to take his coffee at thePhocaean club, and read the Semaphore; this day he did notleave the house, but returned to his office.
5、  "Yes."




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      "He is calling you," said the count; "he to whom you haveconfided your destiny -- he from whom death would haveseparated you, calls you to him. Happily, I vanquisheddeath. Henceforth, Valentine, you will never again beseparated on earth, since he has rushed into death to findyou. Without me, you would both have died. May God accept myatonement in the preservation of these two existences!"

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      "Excessively; only imagine -- but do tell me, viscount,whether you really are acquainted with it or no?"

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       "As long as I have known her -- always."

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      "It is, indeed, said Danglars.

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    {  Chapter 13The Hundred Days.

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      "Nothing of the kind, sir," replied Danglars: "if such hadbeen the case, I only should have been to blame, inasmuch asI was aware of all these things when I made the engagement.No, do not seek any longer to discover the reason. I reallyam quite ashamed to have been the cause of your undergoingsuch severe self-examination; let us drop the subject, andadopt the middle course of delay, which implies neither arupture nor an engagement. Ma foi, there is no hurry. Mydaughter is only seventeen years old, and your sontwenty-one. While we wait, time will be progressing, eventswill succeed each other; things which in the evening lookdark and obscure, appear but too clearly in the light ofmorning, and sometimes the utterance of one word, or thelapse of a single day, will reveal the most cruelcalumnies."}

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      "But could I do with a million?" retorted the count. "Mydear sir, if a trifle like that could suffice me, I shouldnever have given myself the trouble of opening an account. Amillion? Excuse my smiling when you speak of a sum I am inthe habit of carrying in my pocket-book or dressing-case."And with these words Monte Cristo took from his pocket asmall case containing his visiting-cards, and drew forth twoorders on the treasury for 500,000 francs each, payable atsight to the bearer. A man like Danglars was whollyinaccessible to any gentler method of correction. The effectof the present revelation was stunning; he trembled and wason the verge of apoplexy. The pupils of his eyes, as hegazed at Monte Cristo dilated horribly.

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      "As a punishment for the crime I had committed," answeredBertuccio. "Oh, those Villeforts are an accursed race!"

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       "Then," said Mercedes, "I will lead the way." Turningtowards Monte Cristo, she added, "count, will you oblige mewith your arm?" The count almost staggered at these simplewords; then he fixed his eyes on Mercedes. It was only amomentary glance, but it seemed to the countess to havelasted for a century, so much was expressed in that onelook. He offered his arm to the countess; she took it, orrather just touched it with her little hand, and theytogether descended the steps, lined with rhododendrons andcamellias. Behind them, by another outlet, a group of abouttwenty persons rushed into the garden with loud exclamationsof delight.

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    {  "Oliva Corsinari."

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      "That the owner of the horse was Lord Ruthven himself."