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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1HOUSE OF CARDS (Netflix, Feb. 27) Netflix’s political grand guignol gets a 13-episode third season. Kim Dickens of “Treme” joins Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the cast, and two members of Pussy Riot will make a guest appearance.
2.Other notable custom course performances include Harvard Business School, which recorded one of the year’s biggest rises, jumping nine places to fifth. The Massachusetts school was ranked 18th two years ago.
3.他参照美国脱口秀节目主持人的话说:“我一直想和Jay Leno见面,”说这话之前他自己就笑了起来。达拉斯买家俱乐部明星Jared不以为然回应道:“对不起,你又叫什么名字?但观众们似乎意识到了两人之间尴尬的气氛,一位观众开玩笑说:“认为Jared Leto妄想Grinder看着他。”
5.*Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Margo Martindale, “The Americans”


2.Rachel Bloom burst into tears as she won best lead in a comedy or musical TV show while Amazon show Mozart In The Jungle was another surprise victor at the awards show when it was named best TV comedy.
6.Among the top 50 richest women in the world, entrepreneurs from the Chinese mainland account for 56%.


2.About 9.8 percent of the graduates are opting for "slow employment", meaning they will spend some time traveling, staying with their parents or waiting for opportunities to start up a business before figuring out their future plans, according to the survey.
4.For the students interested in comparing school options around the world, US News released the fourth edition of its annual Best Global Universities rankings.
5. No. Football punditry is a mug’s game. Better to have the benefit of hindsight. There have been 20 previous World Cups. Of those, Brazil (five titles) and Germany (four), are regular contenders. Home advantage helps, with host nations winning the trophy six times. But next year’s festival of football is being held in Russia, which has the lowest-ranked team in the tournament.
6.Against: Although it picked up a best editing prize from the LA Film Critics Association, it was ignored by their New York counterparts. Could its momentum be waning


2.马丁沃尔夫(Martin Wolf)
3.Maybe not a supernova player, but a good one who could get them right back on solid footing more quickly than these other teams we're discussing. Play out the season, pay off your debt, and move forward without that hanging over your head.




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    Ashley Graham, 30, is the first ever curve model to make the highest-paid list, coming in at 10th place after banking .5 million from her lingerie and swimsuit lines contracts.

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    American brands such as Chipotle, Texas Instruments and General Dynamics are on the list for the first time.

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    {France’s HEC Paris and Essec Business School remained second and third, respectively, for the third year running.

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    A report by human resources website Zhaopin released recently found that only 3.1 percent of students expecting to graduate in July said they will start their own business, down from 6.3 percent in 2015.}

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    The fruit is placed into the mold when it's young and undeveloped.