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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; they were talking about it when we left Paris," saidM. de Saint-Meran; "and where is it decided to transferhim?"
2.  "Well, then, lend him the twenty francs," said the keeper,leaning on the other shoulder; "surely you will not refuse acomrade!"
3.  "Well, I am charged with the commission of endeavoring toinduce the Comte de Morcerf to make some definitearrangement with the baron."
4.  Chapter 15Number 34 and Number 27.
5.  "Oh, doctor," cried Barrois, "the fit is coming on again.Oh, do something for me." The doctor flew to his patient."That emetic, Villefort -- see if it is coming." Villefortsprang into the passage, exclaiming, "The emetic! theemetic! -- is it come yet?" No one answered. The mostprofound terror reigned throughout the house. "If I hadanything by means of which I could inflate the lungs," saidd'Avrigny, looking around him, "perhaps I might preventsuffocation. But there is nothing which would do --nothing!" "Oh, sir," cried Barrois, "are you going to let medie without help? Oh, I am dying! Oh, save me!"
6.  "Yes," said Morrel, smiling, "it was the 5th of September,the anniversary of the day on which my father wasmiraculously preserved; therefore, as far as it lies in mypower, I endeavor to celebrate it by some" --


1.  "Then I saw that they took me for the assassin. I recoveredforce and energy enough to free myself from the hands ofthose who held me, while I managed to stammer forth -- `Idid not do it! Indeed, indeed I did not!' A couple ofgendarmes held the muzzles of their carbines against mybreast. -- `Stir but a step,' said they, `and you are a deadman.' -- `Why should you threaten me with death,' cried I,`when I have already declared my innocence?' -- `Tush,tush,' cried the men; `keep your innocent stories to tell tothe judge at Nimes. Meanwhile, come along with us; and thebest advice we can give you is to do so unresistingly.'Alas, resistance was far from my thoughts. I was utterlyoverpowered by surprise and terror; and without a word Isuffered myself to be handcuffed and tied to a horse's tail,and thus they took me to Nimes.
2.  "But what is it?"
3.  "Exceedingly," replied Franz.
4.  "Yes, and a sincere friend; I love him devotedly. But now weare alone, -- although it is immaterial to me, -- where arewe going?"
5.  "I tell you what I have been told."
6.  "Bah," said Cavalcanti, crossing his arms, "one hasfriends."


1.  "No." said Villefort; "fetch the nearest."
2.  "But who, then, is this assassin, this murderer?"
3.  "Yes, that is true, reverend sir."
4.  "M. de Chateau-Renaud -- M. Maximilian Morrel," said theservant, announcing two fresh guests.
5.   "To me?"
6.  "His excellency waits for you," said a voice, which herecognized as that of the sentinel. He was accompanied bytwo of the yacht's crew. Franz drew his handkerchief fromhis pocket, and presented it to the man who had spoken tohim. Without uttering a word, they bandaged his eyes with acare that showed their apprehensions of his committing someindiscretion. Afterwards he was made to promise that hewould not make the least attempt to raise the bandage. Hepromised. Then his two guides took his arms, and he went on,guided by them, and preceded by the sentinel. After goingabout thirty paces, he smelt the appetizing odor of the kidthat was roasting, and knew thus that he was passing thebivouac; they then led him on about fifty paces farther,evidently advancing towards that part of the shore wherethey would not allow Gaetano to go -- a refusal he could nowcomprehend. Presently, by a change in the atmosphere, heknew that they were entering a cave; after going on for afew seconds more he heard a crackling, and it seemed to himas though the atmosphere again changed, and became balmy andperfumed. At length his feet touched on a thick and softcarpet, and his guides let go their hold of him. There was amoment's silence, and then a voice, in excellent French,although, with a foreign accent, said, "Welcome, sir. I begyou will remove your bandage." It may be supposed, then,Franz did not wait for a repetition of this permission, buttook off the handkerchief, and found himself in the presenceof a man from thirty-eight to forty years of age, dressed ina Tunisian costume -- that is to say, a red cap with a longblue silk tassel, a vest of black cloth embroidered withgold, pantaloons of deep red, large and full gaiters of thesame color, embroidered with gold like the vest, and yellowslippers; he had a splendid cashmere round his waist, and asmall sharp and crooked cangiar was passed through hisgirdle. Although of a paleness that was almost livid, thisman had a remarkably handsome face; his eyes werepenetrating and sparkling; his nose, quite straight, andprojecting direct from the brow, was of the pure Greek type,while his teeth, as white as pearls, were set off toadmiration by the black mustache that encircled them.


1.  "That is different," replied Monte Cristo; "but if youintend to tell an untruth, reflect it were better not tospeak at all."
2.  "Well, we must put up with that," said the countess, who washerself from one of the oldest Venetian families. "What sortof a man is he?"
3.  "But Franz did come with the four thousand crowns," saidChateau-Renaud. "A man whose name is Franz d'Epinay orAlbert de Morcerf has not much difficulty in procuringthem."
4、  "Yes."
5、  "Now what are we to do with you?" said the captain.




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      "And you ate in your carriage?" asked Morcerf.

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      "How much may it amount to?"

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       "Once, sir, when I was grafting a rose-tree."

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    {  "And God has poured balm into your wounds, as he does intothose of all who are in affliction?" said Monte Cristoinquiringly.

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      "Is it possible," said Monte Cristo to himself, "that I canhave met with a man that has no ambition? That would spoilmy plans."}

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      "How long has he left it?"

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      The major passed his hand across his brow. "Ah, per Bacco,indispensable, were they?"

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       "Do not think so, Bertuccio," replied the count; "for thewicked are not so easily disposed of, for God seems to havethem under his special watch-care to make of theminstruments of his vengeance."

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    {  "By circumstances?"

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      Pere Pamphile had seen Dantes pass not ten minutes before;and assured that he was at the Catalans, they sat down underthe budding foliage of the planes and sycamores, in thebranches of which the birds were singing their welcome toone of the first days of spring.