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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He left the box and dice where they fell, threw the purse tothe wounded man, and eagerly opened the pocketbook.Among some unimportant papers he found the following letter,that which he had sought at the risk of his life:
2.  "Yes. Monsieur does not postpone an interview through prudence?""Prudence, monsieur, is a virtue sufficiently useless toMusketeers, I know, but indispensable to churchmen; and as I amonly a Musketeer provisionally, I hold it good to be prudent. Attwo o'clock I shall have the honor of expecting you at the hotelof Monsieur de Treville. There I will indicate to you the bestplace and time."
3.  "That will do; I will be there."
4.  "You are welcome, monsieur," said Milady, in a voice whosesingular sweetness contrasted with the symptoms of ill-humorwhich D'Artagnan had just remarked; "you have today acquiredeternal rights to my gratitude."
5.  Athos killed his adversary first. He hit him but once, butas he had foretold, that hit was a mortal one; the swordpierced his heart.
6.  Louis XIII stopped, terrified at what he was about to say, whileRichelieu, stretching out his neck, waited uselessly for the wordwhich had died on the lips of the king.


1.  "If you could see my heart," said D'Artagnan, "you would thereread so much curiosity that you would pity me and so much lovethat you would instantly satisfy my curiosity. We have nothingto fear from those who love us."
2.  "Without doubt. And you will tell him I will publish thereport of Bois-Robert and the Marquis de Beautru, upon theinterview which the duke had at the residence of Madame theConstable with the queen on the evening Madame the Constablegave a masquerade. You will tell him, in order that he maynot doubt, that he came there in the costume of the GreatMogul, which the Chevalier de Guise was to have worn, andthat he purchased this exchange for the sum of threethousand pistoles."
3.  "I shall," replied D'Artagnan, "and instantly."
4.  "You will observe, gentlemen," said Athos, "that Porthos has madethe best bargain of any of us."
5.  "Should you know those doors again?"
6.  D'Artagnan became very pale; he was wounded in his SELF-love: he thought that it was in his LOVE.


1.  "That is, whether you really love me?"
2.  She tried to give her countenance an appearance of perfect candor."Alas," said Milady, "I know it is so. It is said that we must nottrust to the face; but in what, then, shall we place confidence, if notin the most beautiful work of the Lord? As for me, I shall be deceivedall my life perhaps, but I shall always have faith in a person whosecountenance inspires me with sympathy."
3.  "But, gentlemen, in all this," said D'Artagnan, "we do notthink of the queen. Let us take some heed of the welfare ofher dear Buckingham. That is the least we owe her.""That's true," said Athos; "but that concerns Aramis.""Well," replied the latter, blushing, "what must I say?""Oh, that's simple enough!" replied Athos. "Write a secondletter for that clever personage who lives at Tours."Aramis resumed his pen, reflected a little, and wrote thefollowing lines, which he immediately submitted to theapprobation of his friends.
4.  The young men filled up their third of a glass with water;then, when they had drunk half the glass, they filled it upagain, and continued to do so. This brought them, by theend of the repast, to swallowing a drink which from thecolor of the ruby had passed to that of a pale topaz.Porthos ate his wing of the fowl timidly, and shuddered whenhe felt the knee of the procurator's wife under the table,as it came in search of his. He also drank half a glass ofthis sparingly served wine, and found it to be nothing butthat horrible Montreuil--the terror of all expert palates.M. Coquenard saw him swallowing this wine undiluted, andsighed deeply.
5.   They made a halt for an hour to refresh their horses. Aramisdischarged his bill, placed Bazin in the cart with his comrades,and they set forward to join Porthos.
6.  D'Artagnan employed himself in arranging a little plan, ofwhich we shall hereafter see the execution, and whichpromised him some agreeable adventure, as might be seen bythe smiles which from time to time passed over hiscountenance, whose thoughtfulness they animated.


1.  "Rather say that you have a new love."
2.  The opinion of Athos was that D'Artagnan had lost his letter inthe skirmish. A gentleman, in his opinion--and according toD'Artagnan's portrait of him, the stranger must be a gentleman--would be incapable of the baseness of stealing a letter.Porthos saw nothing in all this but a love meeting, given by alady to a cavalier, or by a cavalier to a lady, which had beendisturbed by the presence of D'Artagnan and his yellow horse.Aramis said that as these sorts of affairs were mysterious, itwas better not to fathom them.
3.  Meanwhile, the cardinal looked anxiously for news from England;but no news arrived that was not annoying and threatening.Although La Rochelle was invested, however certain success mightappear--thanks to the precautions taken, and above all to thedyke, which prevented the entrance of any vessel into thebesieged city--the blockade might last a long time yet. This wasa great affront to the king's army, and a great inconvenience tothe cardinal, who had no longer, it is true, to embroil LouisXIII with Anne of Austria--for that affair was over--but he hadto adjust matters for M. de Bassompierre, who was embroiled withthe Duc d'Angouleme.
4、  "Capital!" cried Athos; "you are the king of poets, my dearAramis. You speak like the Apocalypse, and you are as trueas the Gospel. There is nothing now to do but to put theaddress to this letter."
5、  "Is yours."




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      The attendant confirmed to the cardinal what the twoMusketeers had already said with respect to Athos. Thecardinal made an approving gesture, and retraced his routewith the same precautions he had used incoming.

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      "Oh, you render me the happiest of men! Do not forget thisevening--do not forget that promise."

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       "Well?" demanded D'Artagnan.

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      And yet he reckoned, and with reason, on Milady. He had divinedin the past of this woman terrible things which his red mantlealone could cover; and he felt, from one cause or another, thatthis woman was his own, as she could look to no other but himselffor a support superior to the danger which threatened her.He resolved, then, to carry on the war alone, and to look for nosuccess foreign to himself, but as we look for a fortunatechance. He continued to press the raising of the famous dykewhich was to starve La Rochelle. Meanwhile, he cast his eyesover that unfortunate city, which contained so much deep miseryand so many heroic virtues, and recalling the saying of Louis XI,his political predecessor, as he himself was the predecessor ofRobespierre, he repeated this maxim of Tristan's gossip: "Dividein order to reign."

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    {  "The snare is rather MALADROIT for the cardinal," replied theyoung man, smiling.

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      "You terrify me, Athos!" cried D'Artagnan. "My God! what do youfear?"}

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      "Saved!" replied the young officer.

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      "With those studs?"

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       "Has returned to the Louvre."

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    {  "And where did they live?"

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      "Fortunately, she is far off," said Porthos, "for I confessshe would worry me if she were here."