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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But why should he think that this disease which he has contractedis Eastern?"
2.  "There was no servant, then, in the detached house?"
3.  "But of what society?"
4.  "What! You were after Henderson?"
5.  "Before you return I may have just time enough to find out where thestone is." He touched the bell. "I think we will go out through thebedroom. This second exit is exceedingly useful. I rather want tosee my shark without his seeing me, and I have, as you willremember, my own way of doing it."
6.  "'And New Zealand consolidated?'


1.  "I'll show you first how it was done, and then I will give theexplanation which is due to you, and even more to my long-sufferingfriend here, who has been invaluable throughout. But, first, I wouldgive you an insight into this man's mentality. It is a very unusualone- so much so that I think his destination is more likely to beBroadmoor than the scaffold. He has, to a high degree, the sort ofmind which one associates with the mediaeval Italian nature ratherthan with the modern Briton. He was a miserable miser who made hiswife so wretched by his niggardly ways that she was a ready prey forany adventurer. Such a one came upon the scene in the person of thischess-playing doctor. Amberley excelled at chess- one mark, Watson, ofa scheming mind. Like all misers, he was a jealous man, and hisjealousy became a frantic mania. Rightly or wrongly, he suspected anintrigue. He determined to have his revenge, and he planned it withdiabolical cleverness. Come here!"
2.  "That is your name for the evening, Watson. You will call upon BaronGruner. I know something of his habits, and at half-past eight hewould probably be disengaged. A note will tell him in advance that youare about to call, and you will say that you are bringing him aspecimen of an absolutely unique set of Ming china. You may as well bea medical man, since that is a part which you can play withoutduplicity. You are a collector, this set has come your way, you haveheard of the Baron's interest in the subject, and you are not averseto selling at a price."
3.  "Lestrade has got him all right," said Holmes, glancing up at me."Perhaps it would interest you to hear what he says.
4.  Holmes's cross-examination was interrupted by an imperative knockingat the door. No sooner had our client unlatched it than the Americanlawyer burst excitedly into the room.
5.  On referring to my notes I see that it was upon the fourteenth ofApril that I received a telegram from Lyons which informed me thatHolmes was lying ill in the Hotel Dulong. Within twenty-four hours Iwas in his sick-room and was relieved to find that there was nothingformidable in his symptoms. Even his iron constitution, however, hadbroken down under the strain of an investigation which had extendedover two months, during which period he had never worked less thanfifteen hours a day and had more than once, as he assured me, keptto his task for five days at a stretch. Even the triumphant issue ofhis labours could not save him from reaction after so terrible anexertion, and at a time when Europe was ringing with his name and whenhis room was literally ankle-deep with congratulatory telegrams Ifound him a prey to the blackest depression. Even the knowledge thathe had succeeded where the police of three countries had failed, andthat he had outmaneuvered at every point the most accomplishedswindler in Europe, was insufficient to rouse him from his nervousprostration.
6.  Again a swift change passed over the heavy, unshaven face. Hismanner was suddenly genial.


1.  "I see. Near this little table. You can come in now. I have finishedwith the carpet. Let us take the little table first. Of course, whathas happened is very clear. The man entered and took the papers, sheetby sheet, from the central table. He carried them over to the windowtable, because from there he could see if you came across thecourtyard, and so could effect an escape."
2.  "Well, perhaps it might. I followed him to old Straubenzee'sworkshop in the Minories. Straubenzee made the air-gun- a verypretty bit of work, as I understand, and I rather fancy it is in theopposite window at the present moment. Have you seen the dummy? Ofcourse, Billy showed it to you. Well, it may get a bullet throughits beautiful head at any moment. Ah, Billy, what is it?"The boy had reappeared in the room with a card upon a tray. Holmesglanced at it with raised eyebrows and an amused smile."The man himself. I had hardly expected this. Grasp the nettle,Watson! A man of nerve. Possibly you have heard of his reputation as ashooter of big game. It would indeed be a triumphant ending to hisexcellent sporting record if he added me to his bag. This is a proofthat he feels my toe very close behind his heel."
3.  Sherlock Holmes leaned back in his chair and laughed heartily."Have you dragged the basin of Trafalgar Square fountain?" he asked."Why? What do you mean?"
4.  "But now came the real difficulty of the inquiry. The order of theEnglish letters after E is by no means well marked, and anypreponderance which may be shown in an average of a printed sheetmay be reversed in a single short sentence. Speaking roughly, T, A, O,I, N, S, H, R, D, and L are the numerical order in which lettersoccur, but T, A, O, and I are very nearly abreast of each other, andit would be an endless task to try each combination until a meaningwas arrived at I therefore waited for fresh material. In my secondinterview with Mr. Hilton Cubitt he was able to give me two othershort sentences and one message, which appeared- since there was noflag- to be a single word. Here are the symbols. Now, in the singleword I have already got the two E's coming second and fourth in a wordof five letters. It might be `sever,' or `lever,' or `never.' Therecan be no question that the latter as a reply to an appeal is farthe most probable, and the circumstances pointed to its being areply written by the lady. Accepting it as correct, we are now able tosay that the symbols [of the stickman with right hand on his hip, leftarm raised and knees bent, stickman with leg extended to the left, andstickman with both arms raised in the air and left leg extended.]stand respectively for N, V, and R.
5.   The day was just breaking when I woke to find the long, thin form ofHolmes by my bedside. He was fully dressed, and had apparently alreadybeen out.
6.  "How's that, then?"


1.  A stone-flagged passage, with the kitchens branching away from it,led by a wooden staircase directly to the first floor of the house. Itcame out upon the landing opposite to a second more ornamental stairwhich came up from the front hall. Out of this landing opened thedrawing-room and several bedrooms, including those of Mr. Cunninghamand his son. Holmes walked slowly, taking keen note of thearchitecture of the house. I could tell from his expression that hewas on a hot scent and yet I could not in the least imagine in whatdirection his inferences were leading him.
2.  "'Are you Mr. Hall Pycroft?' he asked.
3.  "Well, what happened then?"
4、  "Important!" Our visitor threw up his hands. "Have you heard nothingof the abduction of the only son of the Duke of Holdernesse?""What! the late Cabinet Minister?"
5、  "Yes, stand by the door. If you hear anyone come, bolt it on theinside, and we can get away as we came. If they come the other way, wecan get through the door if our job is done, or hide behind thesewindow curtains if it is not. Do you understand?"




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       "There is nothing in that. Many men do it when they are trying tolearn anything by heart."

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      "Did you see anyone?"

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    {  "'A hundred and four.'

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      "It means that I can make neither head nor tail of it. So far as Ican see, it is just as tangled a business as ever I handled, and yetat first it seemed so simple that one couldn't go wrong. There's nomotive, Mr. Holmes. That's what bothers me- I can't put my hand on amotive. Here's a man dead- there's no denying that- but, so far as Ican see, no reason on earth why anyone should wish him harm."Holmes lit his cigar and leaned back in his chair.}

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      "I was too startled and horrified for the moment. Then I pursuedhim, as I have told you, but without result."

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      "I cannot promise to reciprocate, madame. I am not the law, but Irepresent justice so far as my feeble powers go. I am ready to listen,and then I will tell you how I will act."

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       My companion gave a sudden chuckle of comprehension. "And not a veryobscure cipher, Watson," said he. "Why, of course, it is Italian!The A means that it is addressed to a woman. 'Beware! Beware! Beware!'How's that, Watson?"

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    {  "Well, I don't think there is anything of value missing, I am surethere was nothing in my son's trunks."

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      "Yes, it is very short, but I made a copy of it, and here it is."Again he produced a paper. The new dance was in this form:(See illustration.)