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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Not yet; wait a little! This evening, you said.""Well, this evening will come, thank God! And perhaps you lookfor it with as much impatience as I do; perhaps this eveningMadame Bonacieux will visit the conjugal domicile.""Madame Bonacieux is not at liberty this evening," replied thehusband, seriously; "she is detained at the Louvre this eveningby her duties."
2.  Each Musketeer was accustomed to leave at the general hotel, asat a barrack, his own horse and that of his lackey. Planchet,Grimaud, Mousqueton, and Bazin set off at full speed."Now let us lay down the plan of campaign," said Porthos. "Wheredo we go first?"
3.  Great criminals bear bout them a kind of predestination which makes themsurmount all obstacles, which makes them escape all dangers, up to themoment which a wearied Providence has marked as the rock of theirimpious fortunes.
4.  To delay it a single day would be in my eyes now to commit afresh offense.
5.  "The queen and the duke?" cried Richelieu.
6.  "Oh, is this true what you say?"


1.  "That's Porthos all over," murmured D'Artagnan.
2.  "Yes; but in certain circumstances five minutes are five ages.""When one loves."
3.  "There, now! Didn't I say so?" cried Planchet. "I was sure ofit--the cursed letter!"
4.  Whatever command she had over herself, Milady could not helpstarting; and as in pronouncing the last words Lord de Winterplaced his hand upon the arm of his sister, this start did notescape him.
5.  "Alas, yes," said Milady.
6.  The two friends began to dance around the venerable St.Chrysostom, kicking about famously the sheets of the thesis,which had fallen on the floor.


1.  The king looked at the cardinal.
2.  "Then you would employ for me your arm which has alreadyacquired so much renown?"
3.  "So that now it is no longer hatred, but vengeance.""Indeed!"
4.  "He furnishes it, it is true, but he does not know that he hasthat honor."
5.   D'Artagnan blushed.
6.  He could not distinguish her countenance, but a sinister smile passedover the lips of Athos. He was not deceived; it was she whom he sought.At this moment a horse neighed. Milady raised her head, saw close tothe panes the pale face of Athos, and screamed.


1.  "Here are forty double pistoles, my dear friend," saidD'Artagnan, taking the sum from his pocket; "I know that isthe coin in which you were paid for your poems."
2.  At the door of the chapel D'Artagnan felt his courage fall anew, andreturned to look for Athos; but Athos had disappeared.Faithful to his mission of vengeance, Athos had requested to beconducted to the garden; and there upon the sand following the lightsteps of this woman, who left sharp tracks wherever she went, headvanced toward the gate which led into the wood, and causing it to beopened, he went out into the forest.
3.  "Yes, but I thought perhaps you had worn out all your courage thefirst time."
4、  "Oh, Porthos's duchess is dressed by her husband's clerks,"said D'Artagnan, laughing. "Besides, Kitty would not liketo live in the Rue aux Ours. Isn't it so, Kitty?""I do not care where I live," said Kitty, "provided I amwell concealed, and nobody knows where I am."
5、  There was an instant of profound silence between the twointerlocutors. It was evident that the cardinal wasweighing beforehand the terms in which he was about tospeak, and that Milady was collecting all her intellectualfaculties to comprehend the things he was about to say, andto engrave them in her memory when they should be spoken.Athos took advantage of this moment to tell his twocompanions to fasten the door inside, and to make them asign to come and listen with him.




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      "Leave us, Patrick," said Buckingham; "but remain within sound of thebell. I shall call you presently."

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      "No. 25 in the Rue de Vaugirard; 75 in the Rue de la Harpe.""That's well," said the cardinal.

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       Porthos was in bed, and was playing a game at LANSQUENET withMousqueton, to keep his hand in; while a spit loaded withpartridges was turning before the fire, and on each side of alarge chimneypiece, over two chafing dishes, were boiling twostewpans, from which exhaled a double odor of rabbit and fishstews, rejoicing to the smell. In addition to this he perceivedthat the top of a wardrobe and the marble of a commode werecovered with empty bottles.

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      The day on which D'Artagnan presented himself the assemblage wasimposing, particularly for a provincial just arriving from hisprovince. It is true that this provincial was a Gascon; andthat, particularly at this period, the compatriots of D'Artagnanhad the reputation of not being easily intimidated. When he hadonce passed the massive door covered with long square-headednails, he fell into the midst of a troop of swordsmen, whocrossed one another in their passage, calling out, quarreling,and playing tricks one with another. In order to make one's wayamid these turbulent and conflicting waves, it was necessary tobe an officer, a great noble, or a pretty woman.

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    {  Then he placed her in the boat, and as he was going to set foot in ithimself, Athos handed him a sum of silver.

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      This affirmation appeared to dispel all doubts with regard to thebaldric. They continued to admire it, but said no more about it;and with a rapid change of thought, the conversation passedsuddenly to another subject.}

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      "Why, you killed him! They are the spoils of victory.""I, the heir of an enemy!" said Athos; "for whom, then, doyou take me?"

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      "'I swear it before the God who hears me. I will take the wholeworld as a witness of your crime, and that until I have found anavenger.'

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       "That's true," replied D'Artagnan; "I have not the uniform, but Ihave the spirit. My heart is that of a Musketeer; I feel it,monsieur, and that impels me on."

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    {  "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "it appears there's something freshhere."

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      But at the moment Mousqueton came to announce that the horseswere ready, and they were arising from table, the strangerproposed to Porthos to drink the health of the cardinal. Porthosreplied that he asked no better if the stranger, in his turn,would drink the health of the king. The stranger cried that heacknowledged no other king but his Eminence. Porthos called himdrunk, and the stranger drew his sword.