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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Brander
2.  Many a gay wherry glides along; And see, deep sinking in the tide, Pushes thelast boat now away. E'en from yon far hill's path - worn side, Flash the brighthues of garments gay. Hark! Sounds of village mirth arise; This is the people'sparadise. Both great and small send up a cheer; Here am I man, I feel it here.Wagner
3.  I tell thee, from vain tears abstain! 'Twas thy dishonour pierced my heart, Thyfall the fatal death - stab gave. Through the death - sleep I now depart ToGod, a soldier true and brave. (dies.)
4.  The First
5.  This once I must admit your plea; For truly I must own that we Each otherhave not seen for many a day. The culture, too, that shapes the world, at lastHath e'en the devil in its sphere embraced; The northern phantom from thescene hath pass'd, Tail, talons, horns, are nowhere to be traced! As for thefoot, with which I can't dispense, 'Twould injure me in company, and hence,Like many a youthful cavalier, False calves I now have worn for many a year.The Witch (dancing)
6.  Beggar (sings)


1.  Faust
2.  If e'er upon my couch, stretched at my ease, I'm found, Then may my life thatinstant cease! Me canst thou cheat with glozing wile Till self - reproach away Icast, Me with joy's lure canst thou beguile; Let that day be for me the last! Bethis our wager!
3.  You've hit upon the very place.
4.  Your are upon the proper track, I find; Take heed, let nothing dissipate yourmind.
5.  Ho! ho!
6.  Spider's foot and midge's wing, A toad in form and feature; Together verses itcan string, Though scarce a living creature.


1.  To - night, I see, I shall in naught succeed; But I'm prepar'd my travels topursue, And hope, before my final step indeed, To triumph over bards anddevils too.
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  You double beast!
4.  This displeases you? "For shame!" You are forsooth entitled to exclaim; Weto chaste ears it seems must not pronounce What, nathless, the chaste heartcannot renounce. Well, to be brief, the joy as fit occasions rise, I grudge younot, of specious lies. But long this mood thou'lt not retain. Already thou'rtagain outworn, And should this last, thou wilt be torn By frenzy or remorseand pain. Enough of this! Thy true love dwells apart, And all to her seems flatand tame; Alone thine image fills her heart, She loves thee with an all -devouring flame. First came thy passion with o'erpowering rush, Likemountain torrent, swollen by the melted snow; Full in her heart didst pour thesudden gush, Now has thy brooklet ceased to flow. Instead of sitting thronedmidst forests wild, It would become so great a lord To comfort the enamour'dchild, And the young monkey for her love reward. To her the hours seemmiserably long; She from the window sees the clouds float by As o'er the loftycity - walls they fly, "If I a birdie were!" so runs her song, Half through thenight and all day long. Cheerful sometimes, more oft at heart full sore; Fairlyoutwept seem now her tears, Anon she tranquil is, or so appears, And love -sick evermore.
5.   Alas! it long hath sorely troubled me, To see thee in such odious company.Faust
6.  Master, forgive this rude salute! But I perceive no cloven foot. And your tworavens, where are they?


1.  Faust
2.  But 'tis my will!
3.  Then thou dost not believe?
4、  It need hardly be said that Goethe's "Faust" does not derive its greatness fromits conformity to the traditional standards of what a tragedy should be. Hehimself was accustomed to refer to it cynically as a monstrosity, and yet heput himself into it as intensely as Dante put himself into "The Divine Comedy."A partial explanation of this apparent contradiction in the author's attitude is tobe found in what has been said of its manner of composition. Goethe began itin his romantic youth, and availed himself recklessly of the supernaturalelements in the legend, with the disregard of reason and plausibilitycharacteristic of the romantic mood. When he returned to it in the beginning ofthe new century his artistic standards has changed, and the supernaturalismcould now be tolerated only by being made symbolic. Thus he makes thecareer of Faust as a whole emblematic of the triumph of the persistent strivingfor the ideal over the temptation to find complete satisfaction in the sense, andprepares the reader for this interpretation by prefixing the "Prologue inHeaven." The elaboration of this symbolic element is responsible for suchscenes as the Walpurgis - Night and the Intermezzo scenes full of power andinfinitely suggestive, but destructive of the unity of the play as a tragedy ofhuman life. Yet there remains in this First Part even in its final form much thatis realistic in the best sense, the carousal in Auerbach's cellar, the portrait ofMartha, the Easter - morning walk, the character and fate of Margaret. It issuch elements as these that have appealed to the larger reading public and thathave naturally been emphasized by performance on the stage, and by virtue ofthese alone "Faust" may rank as a great drama; but it is the result of Goethe'sbroodings on the mystery of human life, shadowed forth in the symbolic partsand elaborated with still greater complexity and still more far - reachingsuggestiveness - and, it must be added, with deepening obscurity - in theSecond Part, that have given the work its place with "Job," with the"Prometheus Bound," with "The Divine Comedy," and with "Hamlet."The Tragedy Of Faust - Dedication
5、  Wagner




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      What feelings, great man, must thy breast inspire, At homage paid thee by thiscrowd! Thrice blest Who from the gifts by him possessed Such benefit candraw! The sire Thee to his boy with reverence shows; They press around,inquire, advance, Hush'd is the fiddle, check'd the dance. Where thou dostpass they stand in rows, And each aloft his bonnet throws, But little fails andthey to thee, As though the Host came by, would bend the knee.Faust

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      And Gretchen!

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      Cease here to teaze us any more, I pray.

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    {  Margaret

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      These fellows would not scent the devil out, E'en though he had them by thevery throat!

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       (She puts them on and steps before the glass.)Were but the ear - rings only mine! Thus one has quite another air. Whatboots it to be young and fair? It doubtless may be very fine; But then, alas,none cares for you, And praise sounds half like pity too. Gold all doth lure,Gold doth secure All things. Alas, we poor!

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    {  Faust walking thoughtfully up and down. To him MephistophelesMephistopheles

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      Our landlord's tool - basket behind doth yonder stand.Mephistopheles (takes the gimlet)