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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I'll write you there."
2.  "That so?"
3.  To one not inclined to drink, and gifted with a more serious turnof mind, such a bubbling, chattering, glittering chamber mustever seem an anomaly, a strange commentary on nature and life.Here come the moths, in endless procession, to bask in the lightof the flame. Such conversation as one may hear would not warranta commendation of the scene upon intellectual grounds. It seemsplain that schemers would choose more sequestered quarters toarrange their plans, that politicians would not gather here incompany to discuss anything save formalities, where the sharp-eared may hear, and it would scarcely be justified on the scoreof thirst, for the majority of those who frequent these moregorgeous places have no craving for liquor. Nevertheless, thefact that here men gather, here chatter, here love to pass andrub elbows, must be explained upon some grounds. It must be thata strange bundle of passions and vague desires give rise to sucha curious social institution or it would not be.
4.  The races in question were soon to open at Washington Park, onthe South Side, and were considered quite society affairs amongthose who did not affect religious rectitude and conservatism.Mrs. Hurstwood had never asked for a whole season ticket before,but this year certain considerations decided her to get a box.For one thing, one of her neighbours, a certain Mr. and Mrs.Ramsey, who were possessors of money, made out of the coalbusiness, had done so. In the next place, her favouritephysician, Dr. Beale, a gentleman inclined to horses and betting,had talked with her concerning his intention to enter a two-year-old in the Derby. In the third place, she wished to exhibitJessica, who was gaining in maturity and beauty, and whom shehoped to marry to a man of means. Her own desire to be about insuch things and parade among her acquaintances and common throngwas as much an incentive as anything.
5.  "No," she answered, "I was not feeling very well."
6.  The same day he said:


1.  Passing Fifty-ninth Street, he took the west side of CentralPark, which he followed to Seventy-eighth Street. Then heremembered the neighbourhood and turned over to look at the massof buildings erected. It was very much improved. The great openspaces were filling up. Coming back, he kept to the Park until110th Street, and then turned into Seventh Avenue again, reachingthe pretty river by one o'clock.
2.  "Minnie! What's the matter? Here, wake up," said Hanson,disturbed, and shaking her by the shoulder.
3.  Thus passed all that was of interest concerning these twain intheir relation to her. Their influence upon her life isexplicable alone by the nature of her longings. Time was whenboth represented for her all that was most potent in earthlysuccess. They were the personal representatives of a state mostblessed to attain--the titled ambassadors of comfort and peace,aglow with their credentials. It is but natural that when theworld which they represented no longer allured her, itsambassadors should be discredited. Even had Hurstwood returnedin his original beauty and glory, he could not now have alluredher. She had learned that in his world, as in her own presentstate, was not happiness.
4.  "What have you done for me?" asked Carrie blazing, her headthrown back and her lips parted.
5.  "This is my first experience."
6.  "If we could have such a home as that," said Mrs. Hale sadly,"how delightful it would be."


1.  Not only did Carrie feel the drag of desire for all which was newand pleasing in apparel for women, but she noticed too, with atouch at the heart, the fine ladies who elbowed and ignored her,brushing past in utter disregard of her presence, themselveseagerly enlisted in the materials which the store contained.Carrie was not familiar with the appearance of her more fortunatesisters of the city. Neither had she before known the nature andappearance of the shop girls with whom she now compared poorly.They were pretty in the main, some even handsome, with an air ofindependence and indifference which added, in the case of themore favoured, a certain piquancy. Their clothes were neat, inmany instances fine, and wherever she encountered the eye of oneit was only to recognise in it a keen analysis of her ownposition--her individual shortcomings of dress and that shadow ofmanner which she thought must hang about her and make clear toall who and what she was. A flame of envy lighted in her heart.She realised in a dim way how much the city held--wealth,fashion, ease--every adornment for women, and she longed fordress and beauty with a whole heart.
2.  Carrie imagined that he would marry her at once, though he hadnot directly said so, and her spirits rose. She proposed to makethe best of the situation until Drouet left again.
3.  Hurstwood went to get it, starting for a can of tomatoes. Carriescarcely noticed that this was the beginning of the new order.He took out fifteen cents and bought the can with it. Thereafterit was dribs and drabs of this sort, until one morning Carriesuddenly remembered that she would not be back until close todinner time.
4.  "I feel funny," he answered.They looked at one another for a moment, and then Drouet plungeddesperately into his subject.
5.   "No, I can't," said Carrie weakly, very much drawn toward theproposition and yet fearful.
6.  She was completely restored and delighted by his consideration,but she made him promise not to come around.


1.  The music ceased and he arose, taking a standing position beforeher, as if to rest himself.
2.  She could not help sharing in Lola's love for a good time. Therewere days when they went carriage riding, nights when after theshow they dined, afternoons when they strolled along Broadway,tastefully dressed. She was getting in the metropolitan whirl ofpleasure.
3.  There it ran winding before his gaze, shining brightly in theclear light, between the undulating banks on the right and thetall, tree-covered heights on the left. The spring-likeatmosphere woke him to a sense of its loveliness, and for a fewmoments he stood looking at it, folding his hands behind hisback. Then he turned and followed it toward the east side, idlyseeking the ships he had seen. It was four o'clock before thewaning day, with its suggestion of a cooler evening, caused himto return. He was hungry and would enjoy eating in the warmroom.
4、  "Well, where are you taking me, then?" she asked, her voiceshowing the quality of fright.
5、  "I don't know," answered Carrie.




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      "Now, let me see," said Hurstwood, looking over Carrie's shouldervery deferentially. "What have you?" He studied for a moment."That's rather good," he said.

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      Not long after this Mrs. Hurstwood came with a similarproposition, only it was to a matinee this time.

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       "What's out there?" he asked, secretly irritated and chagrined tothink that he should be made to pump for information in thismanner.

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      "Because," answered Carrie, "I never did."

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    {  "Well, line up here. I'll see what I can do. I haven't a centmyself."

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      It grated upon him to see the feeling his daughter displayed.}

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      "Better, I should say so. What comes next?"

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      She passed, not answering.

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       She put it back, and proceeded to get dinner early and in goodtime. Her little bravado made her feel as if she ought to makeamends.

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    {  "This store closes at one on Saturdays," was a pleasing andsatisfactory legend to see upon doors which she felt she ought toenter and inquire for work. It gave her an excuse, and afterencountering quite a number of them, and noting that the clockregistered 12.15, she decided that it would be no use to seekfurther to-day, so she got on a car and went to Lincoln Park.There was always something to see there--the flowers, theanimals, the lake--and she flattered herself that on Monday shewould be up betimes and searching. Besides, many things mighthappen between now and Monday.

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      Unconsciously her idle hands were beginning to weary.