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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Listen," he said; "to-day is the 5th of September, is itnot?"
2.  "I see," returned the Englishman, "that a fresh andunmerited misfortune his overwhelmed you, and this onlyincreases my desire to serve you."
3.  "What think you, Danglars," said one of the party, turningtowards him, "of this event?"
4.  "Alas!"
5.  "Do you think so, M. Bossuet? And you -- what will youbecome? A peer of France?"
6.  "Ah, father," said Albert with a smile, "it is evident youdo not know the Count of Monte Cristo; he despises allhonors, and contents himself with those written on hispassport."


1.  "Madame, these are my orders; excuse me. Your name?"
2.  "Yes, but where?"
3.  "Down-stairs in the decanter."
4.  "I pledge you my honor," returned the count, "that I mean todo as I have said; both inclination and positive necessitycompel me to visit Paris."
5.  "The apparent reason, at least," said Madame de Villefort.
6.  "Come," said Danglars, "you appear to me a good sort offellow, and hang me, I should like to help you, but" --


1.  "How dare you tear out the drawings?"
2.  "I assure you, madame," replied the woman, "it is as I havesaid." Turning impatiently towards her husband, MadameDanglars demanded, "Is this true?"
3.  "Hold, sir," said Villefort, "do not prolong this dreadfulscene. The names have been purposely concealed; my fatherhimself does not know who this president was, and if heknows, he cannot tell you; proper names are not in thedictionary."
4.  "And how long shall we be in accomplishing the necessarywork?"
5.   "It is very natural; this island is a mass of rocks, anddoes not contain an acre of land capable of cultivation."
6.  Monte Cristo gave the pen to Caderousse, who collected allhis strength, signed it, and fell back on his bed, saying:"You will relate all the rest, reverend sir; you will say hecalls himself Andrea Cavalcanti. He lodges at the Hotel desPrinces. Oh, I am dying!" He again fainted. The abbe madehim smell the contents of the phial, and he again opened hiseyes. His desire for revenge had not forsaken him.


1.  "No; that his style of writing is very good."
2.  "No," said Monte Cristo; "I told you I did not wish to bebehind my time; I dressed myself in the carriage, anddescended at the viscount's door." The young men looked ateach other; they did not know if it was a comedy MonteCristo was playing, but every word he uttered had such anair of simplicity, that it was impossible to suppose what hesaid was false -- besides, why should he tell a falsehood?"We must content ourselves, then," said Beauchamp, "withrendering the count all the little services in our power. I,in my quality of journalist, open all the theatres to him."
3.  "But he knows it all now," interrupted Caderousse; "they saythe dead know everything." There was a brief silence; theabbe rose and paced up and down pensively, and then resumedhis seat. "You have two or three times mentioned a M.Morrel," he said; "who was he?"
4、  He thought a moment, cut a branch of a resinous tree,lighted it at the fire at which the smugglers had preparedtheir breakfast, and descended with this torch. He wished tosee everything. He approached the hole he had dug. and now,with the aid of the torch, saw that his pickaxe had inreality struck against iron and wood. He planted his torchin the ground and resumed his labor. In an instant a spacethree feet long by two feet broad was cleared, and Dantescould see an oaken coffer, bound with cut steel; in themiddle of the lid he saw engraved on a silver plate, whichwas still untarnished, the arms of the Spada family -- viz.,a sword, pale, on an oval shield, like all the Italianarmorial bearings, and surmounted by a cardinal's hat;Dantes easily recognized them, Faria had so often drawn themfor him. There was no longer any doubt: the treasure wasthere -- no one would have been at such pains to conceal anempty casket. In an instant he had cleared every obstacleaway, and he saw successively the lock, placed between twopadlocks, and the two handles at each end, all carved asthings were carved at that epoch, when art rendered thecommonest metals precious. Dantes seized the handles, andstrove to lift the coffer; it was impossible. He sought toopen it; lock and padlock were fastened; these faithfulguardians seemed unwilling to surrender their trust. Dantesinserted the sharp end of the pickaxe between the coffer andthe lid, and pressing with all his force on the handle,burst open the fastenings. The hinges yielded in their turnand fell, still holding in their grasp fragments of thewood, and the chest was open.
5、  "You speak as if you were already her husband."




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      "Sir," said Valentine, at the height of her terror, "you sayyou endured tortures when you saw the deadly poison pouredinto my glass; but if you saw this, you must also have seenthe person who poured it?"

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      "And where does he reside?"

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       ...ried in a place he knows

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      "I will say," continued the count, "that he followed andwatched you the whole time, and when he saw you leave thehouse, ran to the angle of the wall to conceal himself."

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    {  Caderousse was choking; he looked around for some corner tohide in, some way of escape.

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      "Well, in one of your late conversations with him, you saidthat I appeared to be forgetful and irresolute concerningthis marriage, did you not?"}

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      The count had just opened a door. Immediately a brilliantlight from the next room, or rather from the palaceadjoining, shone upon the room in which he was gentlygliding into his last sleep. Then he saw a woman ofmarvellous beauty appear on the threshold of the doorseparating the two rooms. Pale, and sweetly smiling, shelooked like an angel of mercy conjuring the angel ofvengeance. "Is it heaven that opens before me?" thought thedying man; "that angel resembles the one I have lost." MonteCristo pointed out Morrel to the young woman, who advancedtowards him with clasped hands and a smile upon her lips.

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      "Was it not his betrothal feast?"

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       "Yes, a chief."

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    {  "I do not know."

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      He moved his bed, drew up the stone, rushed into thepassage, and reached the opposite extremity; the secretentrance was open. By the light of the wretched and waveringlamp, of which we have spoken, Dantes saw the old man, pale,but yet erect, clinging to the bedstead. His features werewrithing with those horrible symptoms which he already knew,and which had so seriously alarmed him when he saw them forthe first time.